Roll Your Burdens On The Lord
  By George Müller

    Our heavenly Father knows how we are situated whilst passing through this present evil world.  All the trials, the difficulties, the perplexing circumstances, and the temptations to which we are exposed, He is intimately acquainted with; and for that very reason His Word is full of promises, so that we should be encouraged to roll our burdens on Him.  For it is not His will that we should carry them in our own strength; but speak to Him about everything, walk with Him continually, and so roll all our burdens on Him.  He not merely invites us to do this, but He advises us, He exhorts us, to do so; yea, I may say, He commands us to do so, in order that we may find ease and comfort in our trials and difficulties.  And it is because we do not make a good use of our God that we so frequently find a trying state of things in this world.  Were we habitually to roll our burdens on the Lord, our position would be a hundred times better than it is.  Are you in the habit of rolling all your burdens on the Lord?

    …Our precious Lord Jesus Christ has passed through this vale of tears, and “was in all points tempted like we are, yet without sin” (Heb. 4:15).  He was abundantly tried, difficulties befalling Him without number or measure.  And He knew how it would fare with us who would be left in this world, and thus His love led Him to make this provision for us, that by prayer we should bring the burden back to Him.