Special Notice To All Herald Readers:

No Herald Issue Next Month!

    In order to allow time to install a new computer system and to learn new computer software, and also to allow for a period of rest for the Herald staff, there will not be a separate August 2015 issue of Herald of His Coming. Therefore, you will not receive another issue until September when monthly mailings resume with the September issue. This present issue is combined into the July/August issue.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience to you, and we pray for the Lord to provide much spiritual encouragement to you throughout this summer. We hope you will remember the Herald staff in your prayers as we install and learn the new computer system, and also as we look to the Lord during this season of refreshing. Please pray for even greater anointing and effectiveness for the ministry in the days ahead, that Herald of His Coming may bear much fruit for the glory of the Lord in anticipation of Christís return!