June 2014 Issue
Ready, Looking And Longing For Our Lordís Return
By R. A. Torrey
The Glory To Come
By Rich Carmicheal
The Heavenly Rest!
Our Lordís Return Is A Practical Hope
By Arthur W. Pink
Why Has Our Lord Tarried?
By Arthur W. Pink
Jesus Ė Exalted At Godís Right Hand And Coming To Judge
By James Montgomery Boice
Israelís Past And Future
By Derek Prince
A Case For The Restoration Of National Israel
By Michael J. Vlach
A Little Piece Of Land
By Derek Prince
Preparing Our Families For Christís Return
By Kim Butts
John Hyde Ė Missionary To India (Part 1)
By Francis McGaw
Build On A Good Foundation
By Lois J. Stucky
Seek To Be A Light In The World
By J. C. Ryle
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