January 2014 Issue
Jesus' Revival Words For This Hour
By Mark Bubeck
Building Up The Church
By Rich Carmicheal
Doctrinal Statement
A Call To Encourage And Edify The Body Of Christ
"Thus Saith The Lord... Ask For The Old Paths, Where Is The Good Way, And Walk Therein"
By W. C. Moore
Our Resources For The Year To Come
By A. W. Tozer
The Increase In Faith
By George Müller
God's Ability
Prayer For The Holy Spirit
By Oswald J. Smith
Pray For The Impossible
A Time Of Refreshing
By Robert Murray McCheyne
God's Call To Repentance
By Oswald J. Smith
The Heart Prepared For Revival
By Arthur Wallis
Grieve Not The Spirit
By A. B. Simpson
Teaching Children To Pray: Some Basics From The Scriptures
By Kim Butts
Breathe On Me, Breath Of God
By Edwin Hatch
James O. Fraser Of Lisuland (Part 1)
By Mrs. Howard Taylor
From Dying Embers Into Flames
By Lois J. Stucky
Herald International
News And Prayer Briefs
Out Of Mail Box 279