Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you very much for the monthly paper. The emphasis on prayer in Herald of His Coming is so necessary Ė only the Lord does the changing of hearts and events. The bundle of papers you send is very much appreciated by the recipients. The articles definitely speak to our hearts.


    I have received Herald of His Coming for about one year. It is encouraging and very important for my life as well as others. We some times sleep as though Jesus will not come soon, but the Herald awakens us to pray and to worship Him faithfully. I am very grateful.... Please keep me on your mailing list.


    The Lord is touching my life through Herald of His Coming. The articles are good spiritual food to the hungry soul. They give me more desire to read Godís Word and to pray. In the messages I find encouragement and strength to soldier on....


    Many thanks for regularly sending Herald of His Coming. I have been receiving the paper for a number of years and I am always helped spiritually as the items are Spirit-filled. They uplift and rejoice the heart. I am praying for the ever so wide delivery of such a spiritual paper.


    I have no words to express my gratitude for the teaching and encouragement I find in Herald of His Coming. I love the topic of revival and I have been transformed by the messages I have read in Herald of His Coming for the past 12 years. The paper is such a blessing to me and my family and our community as we share these teachings time and again in our meetings. Revival is coming and God has placed that burden upon us so that we would pray.


    It gives me great pleasure to write and thank God for the work being done to build up the body of Christ through the messages published in Herald of His Coming. Through the paper I have been taught, encouraged, uplifted and challenged to continue my walk with the Lord until He comes. Though I have no contribution to make for now, I would be very grateful if you could reinstate me on your mailing list.


    May I kindly request you to continue mailing Herald of His Coming to me. My wife especially is ever so grateful for the challenging messages found in the paper. She looks forward to the Herald every month and often makes copies for our church members. May the Lord bless you for the good work you are doing.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming paper. It has been a source of encouragement and blessing for me and my fellow Christians in our church. The paper has provided us insightful biblical teachings to continue dwelling in Godís grace.

    Another writes: The messages in Herald of His Coming are seasoned and up to todayís needs. We yearn for revival and the Herald has true messages that stir the church toward the godly goals of a Holy Spirit revival unto righteousness. Do please keep sending us ten copies each month.


    In a world where things are going wrong and people are falling away from the faith, I am encouraged to keep standing for the Truth every time I read Herald of His Coming. May God continue to open many doors for this publication.


    It gives me great pleasure to write to you and let you know how much I appreciate receiving copies of Herald of His Coming. I am sharing the copies you send me every month with my church, my pastor and other friends who are also enjoying the messages. The Herald is helping us to grow spiritually, to stand strong in the Word of God and to build our faith in God and His Word. The Womenís Group is planning to do a Bible study with the help of the paper. The messages and the testimonies are so inspiring, and with a grateful heart I say "Thank you." May God continue to pour His Spirit upon you....


    The June issue of Herald of His Coming was such a blessing to read! I am continually amazed how the Lord supplies the anointed topics and wonderful articles that expound scriptural truths so relevant to the body of Christ today. The Herald is like a voice calling in the wilderness: Prepare the way for the Lord! May the Lord bless you and strengthen you, and work mightily in the lives of Herald readers.


    Herald of His Coming has helped me search my soul for what is really important Ė following Jesus, no compromise and His grace to lead a holy life.


    I am fed by the wonderful messages in Herald of His Coming. It keeps me on track and my eyes on Jesus as darkness seems to cover the earth right now. I enjoy the letters from those that receive the Herald. I am blessed to hear how the little I am able to send to the ministry can help feed others the same messages I am blessed to read.


    Thank you for preaching the Truth in season and out of season. Jesus is coming soon! Every new issue of Herald of His Coming meets me where Iím at with encouragement and exhortation to take up my cross, remain in the faith, and run the race set before us until we finish and our Lord calls us home!