Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    As an evangelist and teacher, I thank the Lord for your faithfully sending Herald of His Coming to me. What a blessing God has given me through this messenger…. I thank God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for granting you zeal and faithfulness to help people like me hold on to the truth once delivered to the saints…. The Herald of His Coming is a source of biblical encouragement to me again and again….


    Words fail me to say what I have gained from God through the Herald. I thank the Lord and thank you. Please keep me on the mailing list. The bride is being prepared for the Groom. He is soon here! Yes, the coming of the Lord is at hand. We have heard, we have seen and He is coming. What is left is for the bride to say, "Come, Lord Jesus, come!" and this implies holiness. Currently I am involved in discipling students in a nearby school. I have introduced them to topical Bible study, using material developed by Kenya Students’ Christian Fellowship, and would appreciate if you could send them ten copies of the Herald…. I know the material will help them. Many people are getting saved in this region including students…. I don’t want to call it revival because drunkards still abound and nightclubs are functioning. But oh, we need your prayers! Many fellowships/congregations are springing up with pastors having no training. Pray with us so that the Lord who has started this work may raise men and women who can accurately divide the word of truth….


    I have been a recipient of the Herald of His Coming. Through it God has richly blessed my life and it has been a constant challenge to me. I appreciate greatly the revival and repentance messages, especially in a time where the Gospel is being compromised by those that should be upholding it. I have sent a request for multiple copies of Right Choice (Salvation herald) which I intend to use for evangelism. Thank God for using Herald literature for changing the lives of many people.


    I bless God for the immense spiritual nourishment that He gives through the life and soul-searching Herald messages. My prayer life especially is slowly taking shape and may our good Lord and soon-coming King bless the Herald work. Please keep my name on the mailing list….


    Dorset: Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming to us. My husband remembers reading the papers in about 1955 when he was a young man and had not long become a Christian. He found a lot of help and teaching. The fellowship he attended was very small with very young Christians. So he read every publication he could lay his hands on, the Herald of His Coming being the one he most frequently got access to. After all these years he sat wondering if the paper still existed and went online and was pleased to find that it is still being printed and distributed. We thank God for you and for His faithfulness. We pray that all your needs will be met in every way. Thank you for being there for my husband all those years ago….

    Northern Ireland: Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming these many years faithfully. My spirit gets lifted in reading all the articles relating to revival as I’m sure many of God’s people feel as I do that we are in the last days and we need a mighty move of the Spirit of God in our land, beginning with the church and then it will overflow to the communities around us. God richly bless all who serve the Lord in keeping up the good work.


    For some time I have been receiving five copies of the Spanish Herald of His Coming to give to Spanish people and Latin Americans who come to our international church. In the last copy there was a message on the power of the Holy Spirit. It was very impacting for two people that came to me yesterday. One said she was taking notes on it. The other came with questions that have been bothering her. I am happy to give this good food, and I would like to request that you increase the number of copies you send me from five to ten. I do thank you.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. It has been very useful. It is good spiritual food. Please continue to send me this paper.


    I am one of the persons who have received immeasurable blessings as a result of reading Herald of His Coming. I appreciate immensely the effort, work and love as you minister through Herald of His Coming. May you find grace and more grace in the sight of God. I use Herald of His Coming during my Bible study and for my personal intimate relationship with God. I pray for you, that the gracious, mighty hand of God our Father be upon the Herald always.


    Herald of His Coming has been a blessing since I started to be a reader. When I sometimes get out of the track, God uses the Herald to point me to the truth and helps me to understand the truth. May you please continue to send me more copies because it is a blessing not only for me but also to my sisters….


    Thank you for the Herald literature which is so appreciated by all the patients I visit in the hospitals. Please, could you send me a quantity of Salvation heralds? All literature is well used as the patients take them home to share with their families.


    I thank God for coming in contact with Herald of His Coming. I got to know about the magazine when I was in my second year in the University. That was about thirteen years ago. I found it in the room of our fellowship president. After reading it I was greatly touched by its contents. I hurriedly wrote to the Herald office in the U.S.A. to include my name in the mailing list. Since then you have been faithfully sending the Herald to me. Through the paper God fueled a passion for revival in my soul. I started using the Herald to pray for revival around the nations of the world. God has graciously allowed me to see the fruit of revival in 2005, when I was posted to a village in the northern part of Nigeria by the government to teach in a secondary school. When I got to the village, I noticed that there was only one church in the village and they didn’t even have Bible studies. They only had Sunday worship. I gathered some few students to start Bible studies on Monday evening. It grew to the extent that the whole church filled up like Sunday service. I saw God transform these students into His image before my eyes. Indeed, revival can happen anywhere if God finds a vessel to use.


    Thanks for the Herald of His Coming. From the first time when material was introduced to me by my fellow inmate, the material has been a great blessing to me. It has sharpened me, and it has helped me to grow spiritually. As a leader of prison fellowship, I use the material to prepare sermons and Bible studies in our vernacular language. May the Lord continue to bless the Herald ministry. [The following are prisoner testimonies:]

    Herald of His Coming has been uplifting my life. My faith has grown deeper from the teachings I get from the newsletter. I have found love for God’s Word and my prayer life has totally changed and I enjoy God’s presence every day…. I thank God for those who contribute cheerfully for the production of Herald of His Coming newsletter. The Herald is a source of God’s encouragement and comfort to me as an inmate…. The Lord has brought a great change in my life through the Herald. It has deepened my understanding about prayer, God’s Word and witnessing to fellow inmates…. False teachings are all over these days. The Herald of His Coming is exceptional. It has sound teachings. My life has been challenged to love God, His Word, prayer and witnessing to fellow inmates….


    I bless God for the grace He has given Herald of His Coming ministry. He has made the messages a blessing and will continue to make them a blessing to me for as long as my days on earth would last. Thank you to the entire Herald of His Coming team for making yourselves vessels of honor unto the Lord. I will be grateful to receive four extra copies of the Herald. This is for distribution to members of a team of intercessors my pastor recently created to pray for him and his wife, the ministry and the other associate pastors and missionaries under him…. May the Holy Spirit always fill the articles written on the pages of the Herald….


    I am so much excited any time I receive Herald of His Coming magazine. The messages are so comforting, building my Christian life, helping me to grow, also to teach or preach some of the messages in my local church. I wish to say that God richly bless you all….


    Thank you for sending me the ten copies of the Herald of His Coming every month. I share the copies with the leaders in my church and students in the theological school where I teach. The messages in the Herald are inspiring and life-changing. May God continue to use the work of the Herald.


    Would it be possible for me to get some copies of the August 2013 publication of Herald of His Coming, which is devoted to prayer? The Lord has burdened me for some time about the lack of prayer in our churches and we began a ladies prayer group that has been meeting for almost two years. I think the Herald would be of great enlightenment and encouragement to them all. If that is possible, would you mail me ten copies regularly? Thanks and the Lord continue to use the Herald for His kingdom.