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Praying For Children

    The ministry of Herald of His Coming is privileged to have Brother A. O. Sanu serve as Herald representative in Nigeria and as editor of three language editions there. He and Mrs. Sanu also have a special burden for children, and in 1980 established Child Evangelism Team as a ministry among children. In order to inspire and encourage prayer for children and those who minister to them, the Sanus provide Thanksgiving & Prayer Bulletins for their prayer partners. In the present bulletin they share the following encouragement to those who pray for children:

    "God is the One that gives us the grace and the willingness to pray concerning children. We bless His holy Name that our prayers for children are not in vain. God is indeed working out His way gradually in their lives. He will cause them to do His will and to fulfill the very purpose for which He has brought them into the world.

    "As you are concerned with children, God too will be concerned about you. He will perfect that which concerns you because His mercy endureth forever and He will not forsake the work of His hand (of which you are).

    "Let us commit ourselves and our children into the hands of God who is able to keep us to the uttermost. He knows all the good and the evil occurrences ahead of us. He knows all the pitfalls, trials and temptations that the devil will intend to put on our way. However, as we put our right hand into the hand of Jesus, He will lead us safely through the days ahead.

    "We say to those praying for children not to cease or relent in praying for them. The Lord will surprise you. The Bible says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

    From the recent prayer bulletin we share the following items, entreating you to take them to heart as you pray for children dear to your heart and for children throughout the world:

    Give thanks unto God for the gift of children and for His goodness and wonderful works toward them.

    Pray for parents to provide good home training and instill in their children the fear of God that will put them in good stead now and in the future. Pray that God will supply parents with all that they need to care for their children.

    Pray that children learn to be obedient to parents. Pray they will remember and live by the good training they receive at home (Prov. 1:8).

    Pray that children will love to go into the house of the Lord (Psa. 122:1). Pray that children will learn to worship God at an early age. Pray they will constantly look forward to the Lordís Day as a special day, a day of fellowshipping with other believers in their church.

    Pray that children will not allow themselves to be wrongly influenced by their peers. Pray that children who are already saved will be a good influence to others (Prov. 1:10). Pray they will walk worthy of their calling, take their stand and never compromise with evil. Pray they will always emphatically affirm that they belong to Jesus. Pray they will constantly listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit in them and do right.

    Pray for our children to cultivate the manner of loving to hear Godís Word, to listen to Godís Word and to meditate on the Word of God. Pray for grace for them to learn memory verses. Pray they will be able to store up the words of God in their hearts when they are young (Psa. 119:9, 11).

    Pray for children to depend upon Jesus so as to be able to do the extraordinary (Phil. 4:13). Pray that the children will learn to pray on issues and not easily give up.

    Pray that children will grow up to be true witnesses of our Lord Jesus both in words and in deed.

    Pray for missionary kids. Pray that the work of their parents of reaching people in other lands outside of theirs will not adversely affect their education. Pray for wisdom for their parents to make adequate arrangements that will make the education of these kids easy. Pray that these kids will develop love for the work the parents are doing and not be resentful.

    Pray for childrenís teachers in Sunday Schools and Christian ministries. Pray that those involved in childrenís ministry will not grow weary, but rather continue to press forward. Pray that more people will be moved of God to give to the work of reaching children for Christ.

    Pray for teachers to be morally upright and good role models for our children. Pray that they will not be lazy but hard working and always teach the right things to children. Pray for the salvation of teachers who do not know the Lord.

    Many children around the world are suffering because their parents follow Jesus. They are disadvantaged, displaced, and sometimes even orphaned. Threats, violence and rejection take an inevitable toll on the mind of a child traumatized by persecution. Kindly pray for children in this situation. Pray for Godís intervention especially in places Christians are in the minority.

    Pray for children in refugee camps where facilities are overstretched and inadequate. Pray that the Lord will see them through this trying time. Thank God for those who are bringing relief materials to these camps.

    Many children are in hospitals for various ailments. Kindly lift up these children unto God and pray that the Lord God will touch them with His healing hands. Pray for their parents that they will not be exasperated but rather have faith in God for the healing of these children (Isa. 53:5).

    Pray for homeless kids trying to survive on the streets. These children are at risk from abuse, disease, injury from gangs and being forced into prostitution.

    Pray for orphanages. Pray for the resources needed to care for these children physically and spiritually.

    Pray for children who have been abused that God will heal them and bring about their rehabilitation. Pray for parents for grace to monitor their children.

    Pray against acts of violence toward children. Ask that God will deal vehemently against perpetrators of such acts.

    Pray for the Lordís protection over children. Cover every member of your family with the blood of Jesus.

    Pray that our leaders will remember our children and have such policies that will give the children a good future.

    Pray that God will raise more people who will fight for the rights of children. Pray the church will get more involved in standing for the rights of children and caring for them.

    Pray for children to be diligent and hard working (Prov. 22:29). Rebuke every spirit of laziness from their lives. Pray that teachers and parents might teach the children how to be diligent.

    Pray for the Lord to deliver children from the spirit of complaint. Pray they might appreciate what their parents give them and the many blessings of God upon their lives.

    Pray for Godís intervention in the lives of children who are possessed or troubled by evil spirits. Pray that God will raise up more adults that can help these children.

    Pray that Christians in each family will not rest or feel fulfilled until every member of their family is saved (Acts 16:30-31).

    Let us rededicate our lives to Him and pray that in those areas where we and our children have failed that the Lord will forgive us and renew a right spirit with us (Psa. 51:10).