Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming papers. They are very helpful to me and other Christians. After reading I don’t throw the paper away. I keep them in my bookshelf so that I will read them again and again. They are very important because they contain different teachings about the kingdom of God. Through the Herald God has helped me to be a victorious Christian because I am a prayer warrior. I still need them. When I go anywhere I take the paper with me so that I will remain revived….


    I write to thank you for continuous support toward strengthening my inner man by sending me the Herald papers since 2004. I’m a youth leader in one of the hard to reach areas in eastern Uganda and these materials have been of great help to the entire body of Christ here….


    I receive the Herald papers and pass them on to younger ones to get the benefit of the messages. It is enlightening for all especially on prayer, and valuable stories of lives lived to the glory of God. Right now, remember me as I give out the tracts to the seaport and around. I am desirous of receiving about twelve Salvation heralds if possible to pass on to some folks I meet on a weekly basis all being well. Please continue to remember in prayer my hearing loss.


    I thank you and am grateful to God for providing me regularly the Herald of His Coming paper every month. It has been a great spiritual blessing for my ministerial life as well as in our family life. Every time I read I find new ideas and encouragement through this literature. We have been praying for this ministry and for the people of God who have been laboring in it. (This testimony is extracted from the Indian English edition which Brother Spurgeon publishes monthly for readers in India.)


    Thank you for keeping me on the mailing list of Herald of His Coming. I am so grateful. As a tutor in a tertiary institution I give out the paper after reading the two copies that I receive. None is kept in any pile. The feedback is that readers are blessed and are benefiting from all the copies.


    I have been so blessed by Herald of His Coming. Since I started reading these messages I have come to realize that I need to change the way I read my Bible, the way I pray and the way I talk to people about God. I have seen spiritual maturity in my life and I will continue to read the Herald messages until Jesus comes back again. Please continue to send me the paper so that I can grow to reach the target God has set for me….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming ministry which has blessed me for many years. Please never relent in sending me copies of this Spirit-breathed Herald magazine because it always encourages me to prayer and satisfies my hunger for the things of above whenever I read it. I look forward to each issue….


    We are very thankful and appreciative to you and thank God for the Herald of His Coming. We have truly been blessed with many of the articles. We will appreciate if you could send us five more copies next time. Existing three copies plus five more equals total eight copies. We would like to make an offering as a token of our appreciation for the blessed work….


    I am a pastor in Kenya. Herald magazine has been a great blessing to me and many of my friends, a tower of strength, encouragement, stirring up and a real blessing to my ministry. Please continue sending me these anointed messages….


    Thank you for keeping me on Herald of His Coming list every month with the blessed messages. Through them God soothes sorrows and heals wounds. The world needs to know who Jesus is and be reminded that His Second Coming is just at the corner! Continue to send me the Herald and may the good Lord continue to bless you all….


    The Herald means so much to me and I’m really blessed by reading it. We haven’t Bible study at our local church, and I’m growing through all the powerful studies that I receive each month in Herald of His Coming. Please keep me on the mailing list as I’m looking forward to it every month.


    I have been slack in thanking you for the great contribution you have brought to me through the inspiring magazine Herald of His Coming. My spiritual stamina has been constantly growing since I received my first copy in early 1980’s. You have been sending me packages for distribution and I have been faithful in that. Please continue this ministry. God uses the Herald to help me in my teaching and intercessory ministries. Being an evangelist, I also happily distribute the Salvation heralds.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming articles. Through them God encourages and strengthens my heart and searches my soul. Please continue to send me copies. I shall be very grateful.


    Borno State: My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation, full of joy and overflowing happiness, for the blessed messages that Herald of His Coming has been sending to me. I appreciate it so much. Last night I reread December Herald of His Coming messages, and it’s like I have not read the messages before. My spirit, soul and body are rekindled for God’s glory…. Boko Haram, a terrorist Islamic sect group, has been doing so much evil in my home area of Borno State. This contributed so much in my not sending comment in respect to what God is doing in my life and family. It is my prayer always that God will continue to use this ministry to prepare His people for the Second Coming of Jesus. As God provides, I wish to be reading every month’s magazine, to be prepared and ready for the Lord’s Second Coming.

    Rivers State: I was on Herald of His Coming mailing list sometime past. I received my mail every month, and I read them mostly at night before I go to bed. But because you did not hear from me the mails stopped. Herald of His Coming nourishes my soul and it is hard getting that kind of teaching these days. Please I would be happy if you can add my name to the mailing list once again….

    Ondo State: Words are inadequate for me to express my sincere appreciation for sending me regularly the Herald of His Coming. Through it God has drawn me and my family closer to Himself more than ever before, particularly in the matters of holiness and fervent prayer. Please, I don’t want to miss any copy of this anointed magazine….


    I thank the Lord for His establishing Herald of His Coming in 1941 in order to help the church be ready worldwide for Christ’s return. It is seventy-three years old. I have been reading Herald of His Coming for seventeen years. Through reading this anointed paper, I became strong in prayer, faith, truth and righteousness, for I don’t want to go back to the world again. The Lord has shown me what He wants me to do as His child. I am praying daily for Herald staff members….


    London: Herald of His Coming is really helping me to grow and mature in the Lord. Thanks for all the articles and Bible references. May God bless His work….

    Stockport: Thanks for the blessed Herald of His Coming which often arrives when I need a good boost, and it does just that. The front page reprint on prayer in the recent issue is "spot on."


    Please add this brother to the mailing list to receive Herald of His Coming. I have shared my copy and we pray together often – but he would like his own copy to keep and use. He is one of few here whose heart is passionate for the Lord of Hosts – and Herald of His Coming is such a powerful encouragement to us, to anyone who really wishes to take God seriously. Thank you.


    As I am praying for revival in my own life, in my home and in our country, I find the selections in the Herald so meaningful and motivating. They have been cutting me to the heart….


    Herald of His Coming is much needed in this hour of spiritual darkness. God uses it as a trumpet sound to wake God’s people up and encourage them to press in!


    I look forward each month to read the fine articles in Herald of His Coming. They provide for me a solid foundation and bring balance to my Christian walk. They never fail to build me up as truth is poured into my life. What a blessing this is to me! Thank you.


    In this age of instant information, downsized and abbreviated to make it easier to glance at on the go, Herald of His Coming stands out. It is just good, solid Biblical teaching, always inspiring, always convicting. It covers the issues that cut to the heart of the matter; makes me resolve to stay the course, try again, do better, do more, etc.

    "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts" (Zech. 4:6).