Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Truly we are living in the last days when many people’s hearts are failing them due to the surrounding circumstances, evil and wickedness all over, giving into hopelessness. But when the person reads through the Herald of His Coming paper something happens. Hope is restored. Joy comes back and assurance is received. Thanks for the good teachings concerning the Holy Spirit – teachings about suffering as a believer – teachings about the gratefulness for the Word of God, and many other teachings. For sure these teachings are like a walking stick in the hands of an old man, for it makes his walk steady and sure. Kindly continue to serve us that way…. Some of us are not able to give you any assistance, but we pray that God keeps you, protects you and provides according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Please continue to keep me on the mailing list….


    Since 1970 I was called by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to be a pastor and teacher of the Word of God…. I was raised to a position to care for some fifteen local church congregations. God blessed me and gave me the vision to use my old copies of the Herald of His Coming to give as a spiritual guide tool to all our trained pastors and the lay preachers. They have testified of rich, in-depth spiritual impact from those well-preserved materials. Praise the Lord God for His unsearchable riches in glory for His saints! I do share my English edition with some elderly Christians and teachers and some government workers in our community for their spiritual enlightenment and strengthening…. My family made up of five boys and one girl plus my wife have always enjoyed the deep spiritual truth publications and the timeless messages these pages of the Herald bring to us….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming which you’ve been sending me through the years. Please keep sending it to me as the messages in them are truly inspiring, insightful, rooted in God’s Word, and they lead you to a deeper walk with Christ. My father who passed away in 1989, almost age seventy then, was an avid reader of the Herald. He loved what he read in the copies he received from friends since the 1970’s, and you could see his eyes light up. It has been a blessing to him, to me and friends and other relatives too. Thank you for the "Praying through the 10/40 Window" sections, keeping us focused on what to pray for as best as we can. Please remember that the Herald is always in my prayer. Keep shining the light for Him and His kingdom through this ministry. All glory be unto our God now and always.


    Thanks for sending me Herald of His Coming. It is a source of joy to my spirit as I study it every day. This has encouraged me to be steadfast with my walk with the Lord in this evil age.


    Thank you for the copies of Herald of His Coming that you keep on sending to me. They are loaded with messages that are vital to my spiritual growth and those I share the Gospel with. I believe that it is an accurate and timely tool for this generation, especially in these end times.


    I have been receiving the Herald magazine since 1998. It has been a tool that God has used to transform me to become a useful instrument in His house. Articles in this magazine are timely and anointed. I have followed them and they have equipped me and I am equipping others, for God has called me as a pastor and teacher in His body. Please do not remove my name from the mailing list. May the glory of God rest on Herald of His Coming until Christ’s return.


    I am writing to report receipt of the Herald of His Coming. I am so thankful and it is useful personally to me as a pastor and for the Christian Life College and entire church membership who can read English. God bless and multiply the people who support you financially.


    I am thanking you for sending me regularly the Herald of His Coming. I would like to say that it is very useful for my ministry. Please be kind to continue sending a copy of Herald of His Coming.


    Much thanks for sending me the Herald of His Coming magazines monthly for several years now. The articles have been renewing my faith in Jesus Christ daily as I go through them. I together with my family as well as my fellow church members grow spiritually as we get spiritual teachings from the Herald of His Coming. I have managed to introduce the Herald paper address and email to my friends together with those whom I could reach, and it is my prayer that God will continue touching their lives through this spiritual magazine. I request you to continue sending me the Herald of His Coming magazine….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming every month. The sending of this newsletter has been of a great help to me and my Christian life as a whole. It has helped me in my prayers as well as my devotion to God. It has helped my friends as well as I pass on every newsletter I finish reading. I am always grateful and I hope this wonderful friendship with the Herald continues always.


    I have been blessed by Herald of His Coming. The articles are very helpful and I am able to share them. They are always welcomed by my friends. Thank you for sending them. I would be thankful to continue receiving.


    The Herald messages you have sent to me have been of immense encouragement to my spiritual life and people around me. Please continue to send it to me on a regular basis. Since I became a reader of the Herald messages some years ago I have enjoyed the messages in it and I don’t want to miss any of them. May I use this opportunity to request that you send me the Truth for You and the Right Choice for my evangelism. Join me to pray for my country Nigeria, for the activities of the Boko Haram sects to be overtaken by God’s power.


    While I was reading an issue of Herald of His Coming given to me I find it encouraging, blessed and edifying. It is truly a "word from the Lord." The emphasis on prayer, repentance, obedience and self-sacrifice is exactly what I need to hear! Please send me the monthly copy of the Herald of His Coming.


    I have been blessed to receive the monthly publication of Herald of His Coming. We have a small church here in Connecticut. I pass the articles on to people and share some of the thoughts in my teaching and preaching ministry. The Herald blesses me personally each month and challenges me in my pursuit of Christ. Please send me a total of ten copies each month so I can distribute them among my congregation….


    Thank you for the deep teaching of the Herald of His Coming. It fills the longing of my heart for the precious Word of God. I appreciate the spiritual anointing on the Herald. It brings me strength and joy to trust and obey Him and to witness and share His Word with other people.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming ministry. I read every issue cover to cover. The articles always inspire, encourage, teach and uplift. And often they convict. A sister in Christ also receives this newsletter and we talk about each issue. I have saved every issue for years. I pray that God will supply the financial needs for this ministry and that the work can continue unimpeded.


    I cannot tell you how much the Herald reaches my heart and soul. Thank you for September’s articles on prayer. My heart is drawn to these, for oftentimes our prayer life gets shuffled off to the side or is done academically. Pray that my walk with the Lord will continue to be marked by sincerity and faithfulness….


    Herald of His Coming is a daily source of teaching, encouragement and worship for me. Each morning about 6 a.m. as I read the Word, I use a column or two of the Herald in my devotional time. The selection of articles helps me focus on the Lord and learn to walk worthy of Him. Groups like the Herald willing to provide such materials to those of us in prison have an amazing and strategic ministry fulfilling Matthew 25:36: "I was in prison and you came to Me."

    Praise God there are other Christian brothers in here. We meet at tables or out-on-the-yard bleachers for Bible study. Yet in this environment, we are "locked up" 24/7 with a wide cross section of people with other religions, various cults and what I call "micro cults" – that is, the off-center teachings of one or two at a time as they receive their "own" interpretations, merge them with various books that arrive, etc. These are around us all the time – unlike the outside world where one can go away to find a place of worship, fellowship and peace. So materials such as Herald of His Coming are crucial to the ongoing, day by day strengthening of our faith and gaining victories in resisting the devil. Pray for our minds and hearts and souls to remain true and on fire, full of faith until Jesus returns. Thank you to the Herald team of workers and volunteers and prayer partners and financial supporters. Each one is being used to build up the Body of Christ….