Vision Of A Revivalist
  By Fred Jarvis

    We are seeking to make the church, asleep and silent, to be the church, revived and empowered. We are seeking to call God’s people back to the old paths, to get people to pray fervently, fast frequently, and work mightily for the Lord – and for the lost.

    We want to get people to pray before dawn and after dark – for a soul-stirring, heaven-sent, Holy Ghost-inspired revival that will turn the tide in our pleasure-loving, spiritually-slumbering age.

    God wants His children hot-hearted and not lukewarm or cold. He wants soldiers, not sleepers. He wants life service, not lip service. He wants total commitment, not token commitment.

    He wants the church to be an evangelistic center, not a social rendezvous. He wants Christians on their knees in prayer, and then on their toes for the lost!