Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am a pastor doing ministry in the villages of Zambia and I have been receiving Herald magazines for over ten years. I write to register my appreciation of the revival messages that monthly come in the magazines I receive. All other leaders and I who receive these magazines you send me monthly – ten copies – are richly blessed and I can testify that we and the flocks we are leading are greatly impacted by these well-Biblically-balanced messages that are timely to the body of Christ as we wait for His second appearing. Please! Please! Do not move me out of the mailing list, and if possible I kindly ask you to increase the copies from ten to forty copies because there are a lot of fellow pastors who need them….


    I am so much pleased and appreciative to God for the tremendous work done in my life and other friends this way through Herald of His Coming, leading to a better Christian life. Through the messages in the papers, God strictly and faithfully moves a Christian from one level to another, guides him in daily living, transforms lives, corrects, shows a proper direction, changes souls, gives hope and strengthens believers and non-believers leading to the expansion of God’s work…. Sharing the Herald papers with friends has been so fruitful, encouraging, and transforming and a blessing to our lives in general…. Currently I am working in the northeastern part of Uganda which is a hard-to-reach region. Most people have resorted to drunkenness, polygamy and other social evils. When I pick up my Herald of His Coming from the post office, I give some to the friends so we can read and have something to extend to our friends within the community. I believe that through Herald of His Coming messages, God will bring changes. This will give God the glory and honour….


    Swansea, Wales: Many thanks for continuing to send Herald of His Coming paper. God always challenges and encourages me through it, and I am able to pass it on.

    Isle of Lewis, Scotland: Please add my name and address to the mailing list of Herald of His Coming. I have received two copies of the Herald of His Coming. I have been much encouraged in the reading thereof. May the Lord bless this endeavour.

    London, England: Thank you for mailing Herald of His Coming to me. It was back in the 1980’s a friend introduced me to this publication and it is so good to read the articles – sound doctrine and very encouraging….

    Cardiff, Wales: Greetings in the wonderful Name of Jesus, our soon-coming King. I can’t wait to receive the Herald of His Coming. Through it God blesses my soul and gives me strength and hope to carry on in Jesus’ name. I pray for you all every day, that the Lord will bless you.

    Hampshire, England: I say a big thank you for all the Herald of His Coming papers you have posted to me over the past years. I am so very grateful. I still love it after all these years when the postman drops the envelope on the carpet. I know I will never meet any of you on this earth, but we will be spending all eternity together with our beloved Saviour. When I read the Herald I am lost to this world. Through the messages God gives hope. They lift my soul. When I think of this world I am so sad because they are lost sheep who have no shepherd. They don’t live in the hope we have that our beloved Lord is coming back soon to take us to be with Him. My prayers go up daily for you.


    Herald of His Coming has made a tremendous spiritual impact on my Christian life. Through the articles God has revived me. I thank the Holy Spirit for the work He is doing through this paper. May the Almighty God continue to use Herald of His Coming.


    Thank you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming. It has been a great encouragement and rich source of instruction to me. I would like to request if you would continue to send it for another year….


    I am a Vietnamese Christian and a reader of Herald of His Coming for many years. I am very blessed from all the messages….


    I have just sent a small donation online as my thanks for sending me the Herald over the past year. Please continue to do so. It has had a tremendous influence on my spiritual life these last few months. May God continue to bless in the Herald ministry so that it can bless others….


    I am thankful for the Herald of His Coming magazines for the last twelve months. Six years ago I left a job as a civil servant in order to focus on proclaiming the Gospel of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t have Bible school training and yet the sovereign God called me to shepherd His people in a small town south of Lake Victoria. The articles I have received so far have been a great resource in teaching, rebuking, correcting and training me in righteous living. My heart had grown cold because of the hardships I have undergone, but now I am being stirred up once again to seek the face of the Lord more than ever before. We seriously need revival here. Thank you for encouraging me. I desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Please pray for me. I also request that you may continue to send me more of Herald of His Coming articles….


    Thank you for your continuous sending of Herald of His Coming. The longer I receive it the more I desire it. God uses it to make a great impact in my spiritual life. The messages are getting more and more challenging and encouraging. I’m always looking forward to the next issue, waiting patiently. My prayer life is enhanced as I go into praying for Herald of His Coming….


    Each time I receive the Herald paper and read it I feel so blessed and encouraged. The articles are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thank you very much.


    I can identify with Mark Bubeck’s article in an earlier Herald (January 2014), "Jesus’ Revival Words for This Hour." I can say with Mark, the Lord gave me an assignment in Ireland forty years ago to pray for revival and watch and wait. For many years I had to bear His vision silently, but increasingly He has released me to share it at His prompting. The onus is now on His people – "IF…." "If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land" (2 Chr. 7:14).


    The Herald’s enriching articles have been a blessing to me and members of my church. I read it and give to others to read. If I have more copies they will be beneficial to my church members. Interestingly, before Herald articles started reaching me, I had been teaching my members topics on revival. When I started getting copies of Herald articles, I was more encouraged that our revival studies and fervent prayers are not in vain....

    From another Nigerian letter: We have been benefiting from the Herald publications for years now. Kindly send the marked materials as the Lord provides postage. These materials are so helpful, touching hearts of readers. Many sister churches and ministries borrow these materials from our lending library….


    I am a pastor and am blessed reading Herald of His Coming. I want the Herald regularly at the following address….


    I am very grateful to you for sending me Herald of His Coming paper in the past year. Can you renew my address in the mailing list? I should gladly be blessed with the Herald this year, too. Thank you, and God bless you.


    I am very grateful for the spiritual food I am getting from Herald of His Coming. Every time I read it I thank God I am being strengthened and it is an ongoing spiritual revival in my life. God be blessed for Herald of His Coming.


    What a joy to receive Herald of His Coming papers every month! I have been blessed beyond measure. I always wait eagerly every month for God’s Words through the Herald papers. God is moving me to become a better person for His glory. Please pray for my country, Eritrea. We are going through extremely difficult times, both spiritually and economically. I believe that the prayers made in faith can accomplish much….


    Thank you for the valuable Herald of His Coming papers I get from you every month. God has used these papers as a source of encouragement and power to me. My prayers are not the same since I have started receiving Herald papers. May God bless you for the work you are doing….


    Thank you for the May Herald’s emphasis on the family. These messages are most needed now, for even as Arthur Pink pointed out, family devotions must be in place. He described it so well that I am praying multitudes will return to it. Conviction from the pulpit must awaken now. I’ve been praying the prayers for families every day….


    Please know that Herald of His Coming is distributed, read and much appreciated by the offenders here at the Treatment Center. Provision of hope and encouragement to those who sometimes feel as though they are hopeless makes a big difference in lives of incarcerated individuals. We value the Herald’s partnership with us to supply this much needed material. We ask that you continue to send them to our facility every month.