Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for my copy of the Herald of His Coming. It is a great help for me spiritually alongside my Bible. I am going forward for the Lord in my daily life, and am prompted to speak boldly using Scripture when the opportunity presents itself, even when other Christians try to oppose me. I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to speak and He gives me the courage to go on. I enclose an offering for the Herald to be distributed so that others may be able to receive a copy. In Jesus’ precious name.


    Nairobi: I hereby apply to be considered and listed to receive the monthly copies of Herald of His Coming. I have regularly been accessing a copy of Herald monthly from church whenever you send them, and it has greatly helped me to grow spiritually – in the knowledge of the Word and also in Bible study with friends and college mates. However, I have moved a distance far from the church premises and now I am experiencing a problem in accessing the magazine regularly. The reason for this is because majority of the time I find that they have distributed all the copies you sent them before I get a copy. I have a few friends around me that I share Herald with and that have developed a hunger for the magazine and therefore I would request if possible you send me copies for three to four people. Thanking you in advance.

    Naivasha: All the Heralds you have sent me have been received. They are a blessing to us. As we prepare for the great end-time revival, teachings on prayer, holiness, repentance and revival are a great resource to us, our family and church. Please keep me on the mailing list.

    Kisii: I have been receiving Herald of His Coming articles. Since I started receiving them and reading them, I have learned how to pray effectively and how to witness to people about Christ Jesus. I have learned how to live for Christ Jesus and to trust Him alone. So please send me more articles if possible so that I can help others in my churches. This truth is needed to be known all over the world before Jesus comes back to take us home!


    I am receiving Herald of His Coming and I read all the messages. It is a blessing message. I am doing God’s work in India and in Malaysia. We have about 500 house churches in India, and 100 in Malaysia. I am a pastor and evangelist and my ministry is teaching and preaching. I am reading all the messages and they are good to my ministry here in Malaysia. Please send the free copies to me, one copy for me and one copy for the chapel library...I am praying for the Herald ministry....


    Thank you for keeping me on the mailing list of Herald of His Coming up to this far. The Herald has transformed my life a lot. I now know what it means to be a happy family. Through sharing the paper with my neighbors and workmates, I have seen many lives transformed. Some have started attending our local churches where the Gospel is being preached.


    Please continue to send me Herald of His Coming papers, which are so much appreciated by myself and others which I pass them on to. They are true scriptural writings that keep me focused on our precious Lord Jesus. Thank you.


    Enugu State: I confirm that I would like to continue to receive Herald of His Coming. It has been so interesting that I learn much from it. I use it to help me with my sermons…I am a reader, and I love the Word of God very much. I am an intercessor. My prayers and my heart are with the Herald ministry. I love the paper and would kindly ask you to continue putting me on the mailing list of the Herald of His Coming.

    Kano State: The Lord is tremendously good to me and my family! In the recent terrorist attacks in Kano, I and my family were miraculously saved. We fell into the hands of the terrorists but the holy God covered their eyes and we were not seen! The Herald of His Coming is a tremendous help to me. God has been using it greatly to strengthen me personally and for the ministry. Kindly continue to send it to me. The Lord will continue to strengthen you. I am praying for you. Thank you.


    I am a pastor in western Uganda. I have been receiving Herald of His Coming since 1998. My life and my ministry have been blessed through the Herald’s anointed messages. I am now distributing Herald of His Coming in my community. You can also send me material about Holy Spirit revivals. We are hungry for revival in our churches and our community. Please pray for us that God give to us revival!


    I received Herald of His Coming and Heraldo de Su Venida (Spanish Herald). Thank you. Each article is a blessing to many people in my church. I pray for you every day and also read the newspapers.


    Herald of His Coming magazine has been put to good use from the very start I received my first copy in 1997. Since I renewed my subscription requesting a packet of 30 copies, I made it a point to use it in my campus ministry every week. The message was gladly received as it is timely especially for the young people. Thank you, Herald of His Coming staff, for the packet. I pray that you will still have me in the mailing list.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming. It is inspiring and challenging and comforting. Enclosed is a money gift to help.


    I greet you from my heart. I want you to know that every Herald’s messages are helping me and my cells to cope with and subdue day to day the evil that tries to attack us. Thus your labor is not in vain.


    I thank the Almighty God for He has inspired you to provide us with the Herald of His Coming monthly. I found the newspaper so instructive and vital in developing one’s spiritual life. Ever since I started reading it, my spiritual life has begun flourishing so well. This spiritual newspaper really tastes pleasant to me that I often never fall asleep the whole night till I go through the entire pages...I request you kindly not to stop sending me monthly copies.


    Every edition of Herald of His Coming we, my spouse and myself, have received has challenged, enriched and strengthened our quest to be more Christ-like. We have decided that such a work should be supported.... God richly bless you.


    I am requesting for the newsletter of Herald of His Coming. I used to receive this faith-building newsletter some time back. But now since I have my own postal mail box I am glad that my Christian life once again can start being fed with His Word. When I used to study the messages in the Herald, light was really shining in my life and the same light was influencing those surrounding me as well. God richly remember those whose lives and efforts are committed to supporting God’s work.


    I enjoy receiving the Herald paper. I call it my "revival paper." It lifts and encourages me and helps in so many ways. I like to keep revived and stirred and working for the Lord….


    Please, I am writing to request that my name and address be included in the mailing list of Herald of His Coming. For some months now I have been reading the issues of the paper which I borrow from a dear friend, and I cannot say how my Christian life and my prayer life have been impacted by the articles I read in the paper. The Herald helps to brighten the lamp of the Lord at my feet and the footsteps of the Lord for me. Thank God for bringing me in contact with the Herald...I am eagerly awaiting my first copy.


    I am a born-again Christian man in prison, and I have seen many different copies of the Herald over the years.... The result of your labor for the Lord is a powerful testimony to me. The Herald never fails to set my heart on fire for revival in the church and to drive me to prayer before the throne of the living God. The teachings are timeless and anointed, and I can always go back to past Heralds and still get blessed. I find myself without any Heralds at all at this time. Things take place in prison that are beyond my control and I need to be put back on the mailing list as well.... Thank you and may God bless you and keep you in Jesus’ Holy Name.


    Herald of His Coming has been spiritual food for me for years. Also, it continually inspires me in prayer life and desire to see a great revival – awakening….


    Thank you for blessings untold from the Herald of His Coming articles. Our family members have grown more since we receive the Herald. They have gone into ministry. We are glad you are there. Keep up articles on the family, child training, etc.


    I am so grateful to God for Herald of His Coming. It keeps me more prayerful, feeds my spirit and keeps me alert. Thanks be to God! The Herald is a God-send. Whenever I finish reading it, I pass it on so it touches the lives of many here at this correctional facility for women. My sisters in Christ and myself here pray scriptural prayers and love R. A. Torrey, so I request three copies of his book, The Power of Prayer and the Prayer of Power. I not only will use my copy but share it with others as I know my sisters will also do. We are all involved in His service here for the glory of God. Thank you in advance. We are praying for you and please pray for us.