HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Ministry in Malawi

    The Herald ministry is blessed to send a good number of copies of Herald of His Coming to Malawi each month, but the amount is small in comparison with the many requests we receive for large quantities. The following excerpts from a few of the letters we have received from Malawi help illustrate the great spiritual hunger and need there:

    "We have heard of the tremendous time, work and efforts you have invested in helping others with materials, which you send them for their use for the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. As in our churches and study groups there are such needs and problems, we thought of writing this letter and let you know that you may come to our aid by supplying such materials free of charge. We need these materials to circulate and distribute, and also to witness to many in this area."

    "Many people have nothing to read concerning Godís words. Therefore it will be so good whenever we will see and receive the Herald of His Coming publications."

    "As a citizen of heaven living in the kingdom of God, this is my time to declare the gospel word of God to the people. Therefore, what can be the better way to reach all the nations than to tell the world Godís Word and to send them gospel materials such as gospel newspapers like Herald of His ComingÖ."

    "All of the Herald of His Coming copies you send to our ministries are being read and have been used in preaching in the congregations as many of the village pastors and their people do not have Holy Bibles."

    "It will be good to send many copies to us in order that the people who do not have Christian books or Holy Bibles will have them to use in their all living areas."

    Another brother, requesting more copies for a number of pastors, writes: ÖIt is a good way to scatter the Good News to all the nations before the Judgment that is coming in heaven. Our real work then to this world must be to reach others with the Gospel words."

    Praise the Lord with us for the spiritual hunger in Malawi and the desire for good materials to help strengthen the believers and aid in the spread the Gospel. Pray for the Lord to give the Herald staff discernment as we try to get Herald materials to as many different pastors and other believers there as possible.

Godís Blessing In Nigeria

    A recent letter from Brother Sanu, Herald editor and representative in Nigeria, included the following testimony of Godís blessing on the work:

    "We give glory to God for His provision for Herald of His Coming which is causing many people to be blessed as they read the Heralds. ÖWe are preparing hard for our oncoming Herald Readersí Conference. It is gratifying to know that we are receiving emails from people from outside Nigeria who wish to attend. We pray they are able to make it."

    Although the Readersí Conference will be over by the time you receive this issue of the Herald, please pray for those who were able to attend. Ask the Lord to continue to bring forth spiritual fruit in their lives from what they experienced at the conference, and for Him to strengthen the relationships that were established there. Praise the Lord with us for the growing interest in the conference, even from outside Nigeria.

    In addition to the yearly conference, there are prayer cells that meet throughout the year in a number of the states in Nigeria. Ask for Godís blessings upon these believers as they meet together, and pray that by the end of the year all states will have started prayer cells.

    Pray for the Lordís protection upon the believers in Nigeria, including protection from persecution by radical Muslims.

    Ask the Lord for His continued anointing upon all of the English Heralds that are distributed in Nigeria as well as the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa editions. Pray for an increase in the frequency of these latter three language editions that are translated and printed in Nigeria.

    Praise the Lord with us for working through the various aspects of the Heraldís ministry in Nigeria to encourage thousands of believers there. Pray for His continued blessing and provision.