Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for your consistence in sending us Herald of His Coming in which we are getting more messages revealing the secret things of God to us. Please do not stop encouraging us through Herald papers. Our faith is growing mightily in God because of the Herald messages from great men of God. We also distribute to our friends who are interested too. Please send us also lessons on prayer, fasting, the Holy Spirit, etc. Our teachings to the saints are also changing because it is like my wife and I are getting a Bible school [education]. This is encouraging to us. I am a young pastor here in Zambia. I need to learn more of God’s Word….


    I express my gratitude and appreciation for how God has impacted my life through Herald of His Coming. It is the most edifying and inspiring publication I have ever received. My heart is overwhelmed with the joy and love of the Holy Spirit as I am reading. Our church has been blessed reading the articles and I want to thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ. I request for about 15 papers because I want to give to some of our Christian Union members in this Medical Training College. They have been reading from me and they need more copies. Be assured of our prayers for your continuing, vital ministry. We thank the Lord for you.


    I want to tell you how much I am enjoying being reconnected with Herald of His Coming after many years. I have been in Africa for ten years and did not realize that I could still receive the paper even here. I have been particularly stirred recently by the lessons from the Welsh Revival series and the series on Marie Monsen. After reading the paper I pass it on to my Malawian workers who are hungry for good Christian material and who devour them. I work in a Christian secondary school and find that the students are also hungry for this. We are praying for a genuine revival in our country. There is so much religion but little real, vibrant relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit. Please pray for us.


    Thank you for my monthly Herald of His Coming which refreshes me every time I read. I thank God for everyone who contributes so we can be fed with real spiritual food. May the Lord help us to put words into action so we can have a great revival and harvest of souls. Enclosed a cheque. God bless!


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming monthly. I learn much from it. I am very happy in reading it. Not only reading but it helps in my ministry in teaching and preaching to others. So please don’t stop it.


    I greet you in the wonderful and powerful name of the One who is holy and true. Thank you very much for the Christian material food that I receive from Herald of His Coming. I was happy to read that God heals and He loves us so much. It taught my heart and showed me that God is alive. It has taught me to be confident and strong in the Lord, and I believe I am now able to face an evil spirit because Jesus is always with me. I am happy to be in this big family which has the power of God. May God richly bless the Herald ministry.


    I am thankful to you for regularly sending me the Herald of His Coming. It speaks to me at the time of my dire need. Praise the Lord! May God use you all mightily for the harvest of many souls for His kingdom. Please pray earnestly for Pakistan. May God help us in all matters.


    Herald of His Coming has brought the light of Jesus Christ into my life through these written messages of the Gospel which you parceled to me. I am highly blessed in the blessings that it carries, thanks be to God. I read from the four corners of the earth about the voice of the Gospel from the Herald ministry piercing into many souls who were asleep, backslid, fainted, weakened in their lukewarm state, bringing them again into activeness and effectiveness in the Lord. What a glory! So I am praying that the oil will never dry in the pot for the continuation of this Spirit of revival which is moving for the last awakening of the saints. And I must request, keep giving me this kind of food that I may always eat to live….


    I thank God for what He is using Herald of His Coming to accomplish in His church at a critical time like this in the life of Christ’s church. The Herald publications in no small measure are shaping Christianity the right way, more so in this time when the Gospel message is being watered down to suit men and not men desiring and making serious commitment to live up to God’s standard. You are doing a blessed work for the kingdom of our loving Redeemer. He will surely prosper your labours of love in our Master’s Business. I will like the ministry to still have me on the mailing list. I am using the publications to follow up some young Christians in my follow-up class. Still praying that the Lord for the harvest will strengthen your hands in this work. As we await His glorious appearing may your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless.


    Thank you for sending me the Heralds since 1991. I started receiving them when I had just got saved, and now I’m a pastor. The Heralds have played a big part in molding me into what I am today. Please continue sending them to me….


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming paper regularly, which I read from cover to cover and share it with many others and we are much blessed, encouraged and edified. Thank you for the same and I do look forward to receiving such help and co-operation in the near future also. Please continue sending me the Herald of His Coming paper regularly as it means so much to us…. Be assured of our continued prayers for you and your outreach as in turn we count on your prayers for us, for all our co-workers and for the Lord’s work all over these regions. Please pray for the rich harvest of souls. The Lord is blessing our ministry here and in the surrounding villages and many are turning from idols to serve the living Christ!


    I am being built up as I read my copy of the Herald – a paper which hits every area of life to challenge and causes me to be more diligent in my Christian life. May our Lord continue in His blessings.


    Thank you for sending the Herald of His Coming to me every month. I am inspired by it, and since I started receiving it I am experiencing good revival, encouragement and growth spiritually.


    Thank you in the name of our precious Savior Jesus Christ for Herald of His Coming. I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for a year. It is very helpful to me as a pastor. I want to continue receiving the Herald. I am praying for the well-being of the staff of this blessed magazine.


    I am so encouraged by all the deep teachings I regularly receive from the Herald of His Coming. I cannot express more the joy that fills my heart every time I receive the Herald of His Coming. The papers have always arrived at the right time with the right message. Every time when I am weak in prayers, the Herald has always lifted me up. The Herald has helped draw me closer to God in prayer. Thank you. I really appreciate it.


    My mother received Herald of His Coming publication since the 1940s until her death at age 99 in 2005. I have also read and am continuing to read it and support the ministry. The September copy especially impacted me. (I am not a pastor but will try to apply all the information, principles and Scripture teaching to my own personal service to the Lord.) I have shared it with my pastor and have asked him if he wishes to receive it. I will talk to him after he reads it. May the Lord continue to bless you richly as you send His Word across our globe!


    Once again I am so blessed and grateful for the anointed messages and service through Herald of His Coming. They are so on time and insightful and spiritual. The messages speak to my heart and conscience. It is my pleasure and desire to support and to be a part of the Herald ministry. Please continue to lift my family up in prayer.


    I am a federal inmate who receives and enjoys reading and sharing from Herald of His Coming each month. I greatly value the solid, biblical teaching, insights and reader comments in each issue. I would like to use the series titled "Marie Monsen – Among Pirates: The Faithfulness of God," in our Wednesday evening small group on missions…. We spend 45 minutes each night in small group Bible study, and I often share from the blessed Herald of His Coming paper. It is creating many blessings for those of us behind physical walls. Thank you, and may God continue to richly bless this vital, life-giving ministry.


    May the Lord continue to bless Herald of His Coming and you who labor for Him. Many are blessed through this ministry; I am! Thank you for such nourishing spiritual food.


    I pray God’s richest blessings over Herald of His Coming ministry. I thank God for Herald of His Coming and the great insights each article holds into the Word of God and God’s mind. I am always encouraged when I read the Herald to "step up my game" so to speak and "earnestly contend for the faith…" (Jude 3).