"Ye Shall Receive Power"
  By Oswald J. Smith

    Acts 1:8

    In the early church, it was the Holy Spirit who did the work. He it was who guided and directed the apostles. He it was who convicted of sin and started the apostolic revivals. He God, the Holy Ghost was the one who founded the early church.

    Today, to a large extent He is ignored. It is high time, I say, that we gave Him His rightful place, for He is the one who must do the work.

    Down through the years of my ministry, I have studied the lives of those whom God has used, and I have discovered that every one was an anointed man. Each one knew something of a critical experience in his life, when the Holy Ghost took over and began using him. Each one was an anointed man.

    Anointed men are not satisfied with education and training. They know something more is needed! So they wait in the presence of God until they have been endued with power from on high! Then they go out and accomplish more in a few weeks, in the power of the Spirit, than they could have accomplished in the energy of the flesh for years.

    You do not have to go into fanaticism. There is a Scriptural position that you can take, set forth in the Word of God, and recognized by men of God all down the centuries, an experience that may be yours. If you want to amount to anything in the service of God you will see to it that it is yours, and that you, too, are an anointed man!

    You must know that anointing of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise there will be a lack of power in your ministry. If you want souls to be convicted and saved under your ministry, you will tarry until you have been endued with power from on high, and your ministry bears the sacred seal of His anointing.