"Make Ready A People Prepared . . ."
  By Lois J. Stucky

    When an angel of the Lord appeared to aged Zechariah as he ministered in the temple and announced that Zechariahís barren wife would bear him a son, the angel also gave him the "glad tidings" that this son, John, would have a special mission Ė "to make ready a people prepared for the Lord" (Luke 1:17). The fullness of Godís time was at hand! God in great mercy was sending His Son to redeem mankind! John was to go in advance of the Savior-Son, preaching repentance for the remission of sins, and readiness to learn of the kingdom of righteousness and holiness.

    John was a lone voice crying in the wilderness to prepare the way for Christís first coming (Luke 3:4). Brother and Sister Moore, co-founders of Herald of His Coming, understood that while John was one man called to prepare for Christís first coming, since God works through groups of people in the church age, He is raising up "John the Baptist companies" Ė "remnants" to prepare the way for the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Moores spoke and wrote of the "ragged remnant" in the church throughout the world. After the angel appeared to the astonished Virgin Mary, she spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and rejoiced in heart that God had "regarded the low estate of His handmaiden" (Luke 1:48). She was an ordinary, humble handmaiden of the Lord. She claimed no worthiness or wealth or notoriety. Just so, like most of us, Godís remnants may be spoken of as "ragged" remnants in comparison to much of the worldís standards. Once in a print shop in California, the word "ragged" was changed to "rugged," whether by accident or on purpose we did not know. We could accept that as appropriate as well. "Rugged" can carry the meaning of strong (in the Lord, we would add), forceful (in the power of the Holy Spirit), possessing endurance (as our blessed Christ endured the cross).

    At Herald of His Coming, how grateful we are for each of you standing with us as part of a "remnant" here. You have a burden for revival in the church and the salvation of souls, all in preparation for our Lordís Second Coming. You are willing to live simple lives, little noticed, turning from the selfish, perhaps sumptuous life of the world, even gladly willing to sacrifice that Godís purposes might be accomplished.

    Let us continue to stand together! We have messages to fill hungry hearts with good things. Let us be the humble, holy, devoted hearts that God can use to glorify Himself Ė through our prayers, our giving, our sharing of the glad tidings this world needs desperately to hear and to heed!

    Please especially pray with us that the Holy Spirit will use the Herald messages mightily to stir the church to repentance and holy living. Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ! Godís utmost blessings to you.