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Reaching The World For Christ At All Costs

    In his book Hunger For Reality, George Verwer, founder and former director of Operation Mobilization (OM), shares the following manifesto for world evangelism which was drawn up by twenty-five students in 1961 at the beginning of OM:

    "…In the history of Christianity there have been comparatively few who have lived according to the literal teachings of Christ. The early apostles did, of course. And the results for them were suffering, persecution, imprisonment, exile, and death! Does this seem strange? No! These are the normal results of any life based upon the principles set forth by Christ.

    "Why is this? The answer is simple: the individual who would live this life is of necessity a revolutionary individual, a cultural nonconformist, a ‘fanatic,’ if you please! Literal adherence to the principles laid down by Jesus Christ would, without a doubt, result in worldwide revolution – a revolution motivated by love, a revolution executed by love, and a revolution culminating in love!

    "And we are revolutionaries! We are only a small group of Christian young people in Operation Mobilization, yet we have determined by God’s grace to live our lives according to the revolutionary teachings of our Master. Within the sphere of absolute, literal obedience to His commands lies the power that will evangelize the world. Outside this sphere is the nauseating, insipid Christianity of our day.

    "We have committed ourselves in reckless abandonment to the claims of Christ on our blood-bought lives. We have no rights! Every petty, personal desire must be subordinated to the supreme task of reaching the world for Christ. We are debtors. We must not allow ourselves to be swept into the soul-binding curse of modern-day materialistic thinking and living. Christians have been ‘willing’ long enough to forsake all – the time has come (and is passing) when we must forsake all! Christ must have absolute control of our time and money. We must yield possessions, comforts, food and sleep; we must live on the barest essentials, that His cause might be furthered. The propagation of the faith we hold supreme! Christ is worthy of our all! We must be ready to suffer for Him and count it joy, to die for Him and count it gain. In the light of the present spiritual warfare, anything less than absolute dedication must be considered insubordination to our Master and mockery of His cause!

    "This is our commitment, and we will press forward until every person has heard the Gospel. We will soon be in many different countries, engaged in combat with all the forces of darkness. We look beyond the thousands to the millions; beyond the cities to the countries. The world is our goal! And our primary targets are the seemingly impenetrable areas of the Communist and Moslem countries which can only receive freedom as they have opportunity to receive the Truth. These countries will be reached for Christ no matter what the cost. The ultimate victory is ours!

    "We must say to you, fellow Christian, that we are risen with Christ; we seek those things which are above, where Christ sits on the right hand of God. We have set our affections on things above, not on things on the earth, for we are dead and our life is hid with Christ in God. What blessed hope! What compelling truth to lead us to total abandonment of self and unto Christ! Without this, there is certain victory for the enemy and disgrace to our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us that He might be all things to us!"

    Through the years the Lord has honored and blessed these passionate and dedicated servants, and today there are over 5,500 OM workers in over 110 countries bringing God’s unchanging truth to millions of precious souls every year. While OM has been involved in various aspects of ministry, including their Ship Ministry, relief work, distribution of medical supplies, construction projects, motivating Christians, training young people and sharing the Good News of God’s love, a core element in their outreach has been the distribution of Gospel literature. Brother Verwer writes about the impact of the literature ministry:

    "I am constantly challenged by the way I see God use the printed page. Even in the past weeks I have found myself making a deeper commitment to the distribution of Christian literature. This firstly means prayer for people to develop a greater spiritual appetite. When this happens people may even take down from their shelves great books that have been sitting there for years, and begin to read them.

    "It is my prayer that people will not just read books…but that they will learn to be a blessing to others by distributing books. Remember there are tens of millions who have never read a single Christian book, or even a portion of Scripture, for that matter. We can, and must, do something about this.

    "...And remember that what you do with the message of these pages will determine whether many people will ever hear the message of Christ at all. God wants to use weak ordinary people to do great things for Him. God wants to use you!"

    The excerpts above were taken from The George Verwer Collection. Used by permission of George Verwer.

    The staff of Herald of His Coming is thankful that through the years Brother Verwer, along with his work with OM, has been a friend to the Herald ministry, offering encouragement and support to help us send forth the Lord’s message. Like him, we are challenged by the way we see God use the printed page, and we are filled with gratitude toward the Lord for the privilege He grants the Herald ministry to provide salvation and revival literature to many readers who have little or no other access to such material. Our hearts also overflow with appreciation toward all of you dear friends who support Herald of His Coming and Herald International through your prayers, encouragement and financial gifts. May the Lord, through His wonderful grace and power, continue to work through our mutual love and ministry to deeply impact the lives of many precious souls toward salvation and revival!

Prayer and Praise for Herald International in Nigeria

    Brother Sanu, Herald representative and editor in Nigeria, reports that the Lord wonderfully blessed the recent Herald Reader’s Conference in Nigeria. Readers attended from five different states, but the brethren from the northern part of the country could not attend because of the Boko Haram menace. Please join us in giving praise for the Lord’s blessing upon the conference, and also that new editions of the Yoruba and Igbo Heralds were ready for distribution. Ask the Lord to strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nigeria (and beyond) with His mighty power so that they may walk in a manner worthy of Him, pleasing Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God (Col. 1:10-11). Pray for physical and spiritual protection for those who live in the northern part where they face persecution. Pray as well that all Herald mailings to Nigeria will arrive successfully to the readers.