Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for always remembering to send me a copy of Herald of His Coming. I want you to know this literature is important to me for my development as a Christian serving the Lord. I am also sharing the Herald with my pastor and my friends at church. They express their enlightenment by the messages that they read and they are also interested in receiving Herald of His Coming. If possible please mail me extra copies….


    Herald of His Coming has been my spiritual encouragement as well as my spiritual teacher under God over more than fifty years now. I am a pastor’s widow, and the Herald has been a tremendous help in the work God called us to do. I now share it with other pastors and wives. It keeps us strong on the road in these dark days, bringing the light of the Gospel to others.


    I first saw a copy of Herald of His Coming in the handbag of one of my friends when visiting her church. A godly newspaper? A revival-focused newspaper? What a wonderful find! We have been receiving the newspaper throughout this year. Thank you! Please keep sending it. My husband and I have been married for almost four years. We have been church attending all our childhood and growing-up years, but God has been merciful and gracious to save us and open our eyes to His pure and true Gospel, my husband about a year or so before our courtship, and me, during our first year of marriage. Life and joy in Jesus and His undeserved grace is our basis and hope all our days as we grow in faith and pray for greater obedience to His voice, His Word. This morning I read the Herald article, "God Shapes The World Through Prayer" and I look forward to reading it to my husband tonight…. We are from Romania, and I was so blessed and delighted and thankful to God when I read the reports from Romania on page ten of the August 2013 issue. Praise God!


    I’ve been reading Herald of His Coming revival paper with its powerful insight. One brother in our church has been giving me as a deacon the paper, which prepares believers for the coming of Jesus. Many believers in the church want their names to be enrolled. I need it and others, for it will help bring revival in the church….


    I have enjoyed receiving the Herald of His Coming over the past year. I have looked forward to the articles especially on prayer, and they have taught me quite a lot and helped to form some practices of prayer. In addition, the longing that I "hear" in the voices of the writers for revival does resonate with my spirit as I, too, long for God’s outpouring. Keep the good work going of sensitizing and waking us believers up to our responsibilities as the day draws near.


    Please continue sending me Herald of His Coming. These magazines have helped me to grow in the grace of God. They have been a source of spiritual food….


    I am a regular reader of the Herald of His Coming. I got my first copy in 1992. Since then I have enjoyed the ministry of reaching others with the Herald paper. There was a period of time I used to receive 200 to 400 copies and distribute to others in remote rural areas in Zambia and in the neighboring countries. I thank God the names I forward to you are added to the mailing list. The Herald paper is a very inspiring source of spiritual food. Please keep on sending me all the editions, even old stocks as well as Right Choice salvation herald.


    Thank you for providing biblically-based, monthly Herald magazines. In the past years 2009 and in 2010 the Herald was my spiritual nourishment and medicine. I was learning so much about God’s Word from it. It comforted, revived and strengthened me when I was distressed, having a weak unspiritual life. It encouraged me so much. I want to continue to receive the magazine in each month. Please send to me the current and past issues of 2011-2013 of Herald of His Coming. Thank you.


    Please do not remove my address from the mailing list of Herald of His Coming. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for what you have done and are doing to help me gain deep spiritual knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, something I never had access to in the past.


    I’m one of the many subscribers of the informative Herald of His Coming magazine. I’m very delighted to thank all of you for the meaningful effort of all who make it possible. As a pastor, I’m always touched by a lot of inspiring and living messages of God to His people.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. The literature is very useful to me as a pastor in my spiritual walk with God. Please continue sending them. God bless you.


    As a grandmother in her 70’s now, I find myself blessed to have the Herald of His Coming in my handbag to read whenever there is waiting time – at soccer practice, pickups from schools, appointments, in the shopping malls – wherever I need to be and wait with many young grandchildren going places. Parents have a lot to do on their plates. Please continue to send the Herald. It is a paper of challenge and strengthening, truth of the Word. Some of my friends are reading them too. God bless you.


    Thanks once again for your faithfulness in sending me the Herald of His Coming, my spiritual food. I look forward to reading the encouraging messages which are Holy Ghost inspired and very fulfilling. Enclosed is my gift.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming well over ten years now. During this period I have grown steadfastly from a spiritual babe to a senior pastor of a congregation of about 200 people. The Herald played a significant role in my journey to pastoral ministry. Glory to the Lord God Almighty! Recently we held a crusade with Kenyan soldiers who are serving God in their barracks. I also write to be included in the list of contributors because God has blessed me and I would love to bless others. Thank you and God bless you.


    Thank you for the spiritual nourishment that you are sending to me by way of Herald of His Coming. Indeed I am most grateful to God and to you as the copies are a source of my spiritual knowledge and strength. May you continue to send me one copy as I am relying on Herald of His Coming for my Bible studies and in discipling others.


    I want to thank you and thank God for all the Herald of His Coming papers that you have been sending to me. These magazines are a blessed source of learning, inspiration and information to me. Please continue to be sending to me this rich and soul-refreshing magazine. I don’t have money to contribute, but I pray that God should bless you materially and spiritually for the work you are doing for His kingdom.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming newspaper. It is refreshment to me always after all my busy schedules. The combination of articles from Spurgeon, Murray, Tozer, Duewel, etc. is so inspiring. Please keep me on the mailing list…. I request if you may send to me some copies of Right Choice salvation heralds. Currently I have started reaching out to my students personally, two by two, preaching the Gospel to them. However, they need more encouragement on salvation, and Right Choice can be given them.


    I am grateful for the Herald and the benefit it brings to my spiritual life. Over the years, I have experienced many changes in my life, and it is extraordinary to me that my situation in life is very different now than when I first began to receive the publication in the spring of 1994. Having been on the mailing list for this long has been a mainstay in my life, and one I cherish as from the Lord Himself….


    I have been blessed richly by Herald of His Coming. The timeless sermons and articles in it are eye-openers of the soul. When you’re in prison and you have lots of time on your hands to reflect and meditate, and the environment is one of abundant sin and negativity, publications such as the Herald become refreshment, renewal and strength to our souls. Please keep on blessing us! Thank you.


    Once again, thank you for the Herald of His Coming that has been such a blessing in my life and the lives of many others. I began reading the paper in the early 1960’s and I have continued reading, rejoicing and resting in the teachings and message through these years. Please keep up the good work.


    I was forwarded the Herald of His Coming website three months ago and requested to be on the mailing list at that time. This monthly newspaper has been a huge blessing to me and the teachings are being "timely" received according to God’s will and work for my life. They are causing me to pray boldly for God’s church – for repentance, to be houses of prayer and for the power of the Holy Spirit to descend on us with a purifying fire. Thank you for spurring me on to live by faith, bearing fruits of good works. Storming heaven for more of Him and less of me by the Spirit!