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Prayer Needed For The Philippines

    Sister Zenny Sarmiento, editor of the Tagalog Herald in the Philippines, asks that we continue to remember in prayer the many needy people in her country. There have been several typhoons this year that have caused much flooding and great hardship on the people. Sister Zenny reports that the building the local church meets in has also flooded and affected the instruments used in the services. The congregation would like to move to an area on higher ground, but many of the people are very needy themselves, and so the church cannot afford such a move. Please join them in praying for the Lordís provision for the needs of the individuals and the church as a whole. Pray as well for the thousands of people in the Philippines who have lost their homes and are in need of housing, clothing and food.

Pray for the Tagalog Herald

    The great need of the people affects their ability to help support the work of the Tagalog Herald, and so additional outside resources are necessary. Praise the Lord that there are some Herald friends in Hong Kong who are able to offer some assistance. Pray for resources for the good number of other people who desire to help, but at present have been unable to do so. Pray for the outreach of the Tagalog Herald to expand in Hong Kong as there is good interest for the paper there. Pray also that Sister Zenny will receive sufficient funds to mail all of the copies desired in the Philippines. At present she is unable to mail to all of the provinces and cities.

    She also asks for prayer for the translator to be able to complete the translation work on the new issue (the 88th issue) of the Tagalog Herald. The translator is a Bible teacher in the Bible college, and is very busy. Pray as well for Sister Zennyís physical health and for strength in all of the ministry the Lord has entrusted to her.



    Brother Seppo Niemela, editor of the Finnish version of Herald of His Coming, rejoices to report that the Lord has provided a new translator for that work. Please join in praying for the translator to experience the Lordís guidance and enabling in this important work.


Updated Daily Prayer Guide Is Available

    If you would like to pray more specifically for people and matters related to the Herald ministry, including each of the Herald international editors and editions, please write to the U.S. office for a copy of the Heraldís Daily Prayer Guide. You can contact the office via email at Gospelrevivals@cs.com or by regular mail at:

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