A Rhythm Of Prayer For Revival
  By Dave Butts

    About twelve years ago, my friend Bob Bakke discovered something he refers to as The National Prayer Accord as he was working on his doctorate on the history of the Great Awakening here in this nation. It is a rhythm of prayer where people pray weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually for revival. The National Prayer Committee, and a number of other prayer leaders and organizations, believe that we need to begin rebuilding this rhythm of prayer into our lives. What this means is that on a weekly basis each of us prays for revival, either by ourselves or with a small group of believers. We do this not just for six months or a year, but until we see God move. This is not a short-term solution or the latest fad, but something we build into our prayer lives. On a monthly basis our congregation comes together and we cry out for revival. On a quarterly basis, we gather the churches that will in our area to come together to pray for revival. And then annually on the National Day of Prayer we come together to cry out to God for revival.

    I believe God is calling every one of us to build this rhythm into our prayers and into our lives. But let me suggest to you that this is just the framework. My vision is that we are going to see day and night extraordinary prayer in fulfillment of Isaiah 62 that will usher in the next move of God. As the Lord says, "I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth" (Isa. 62:6-7). God is not calling just for weekly prayer meetings, but for extraordinary prayer, such as in the Book of Acts where they gathered for ten days and at the end of that God poured out His Spirit in mighty power. And they did not quit praying, but they gathered regularly, even daily, and prayed. They spent time with their resurrected Lord in prayer and during one of those times the very building shook with the power of God that was present. May we have shaking buildings again! May we see the power of God poured out in our day!