Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am emailing you to request you to continue to send me Herald of His Coming, as it is invaluable for me in my ministry as a pastor. As you know, there is a terrible tendency for the church today to be conformed "to the pattern of this world" and to capitulate to the thinking and manners of this evil age. And the kind of teaching and reading that I have to interact with does not cause me to be "transformed by the renewing of [my] mind," and the result can be that my zeal becomes diminished, and my love of Jesus compromised. Then the Herald of His Coming arrives, and I read it, and I find myself restored to my first love, and I am reminded of the holiness of God, and the power and efficacy of prayer, and the absolute need to be in the Scriptures. And I am refreshed! The Lord restores my soul through the Herald of His Coming. So I request you to keep sending me the Herald if you see your way clear. Thank you so much.


    I would really appreciate it if you could keep me on the Herald mailing list. I am a pastor of a small, independent church in one of Malaysia’s smaller towns. My wife looks forward to receiving the Herald and she reads it from cover to cover. She also makes copies of articles which she thinks are helpful to church members and pins them up on the notice board. We are grateful to all of you….


    I thank you for the Herald which I receive from you. It makes impact in my spiritual life. I love the Herald papers so that as soon as the Herald comes, I read it first always. Please do not stop to send it to me. For the time, I cannot help you financially, but I have been praying for this ministry. In Ethiopia the time is not good for spiritual life. Everything is a problem to live. I am the pastor of one church. I need the Herald to teach me for my ministry. Thank you!


    As a regular Herald of His Coming reader, I am still interested in receiving the paper. This is a paper that I cannot afford to miss because of what it has done to my Christian life. It has tremendously contributed to my spiritual growth. Therefore that is why I cannot stay without reading it….


    I have been blessed every time I have received the Herald of His Coming. It has been a great message of the hour that strengthens my stand for Him in my location. Reading through the uncommon messages in the magazine always refreshes the fire in my bones and renews my confidence in Christ Jesus that what He says He will do, and there is no doubt about His coming back. May the Lord continue to give His people divine inspiration to continue to speak for Him.


    I am writing this letter to inform you how much a blessing it is to receive the Herald of His Coming every month. As you know our world is full of hatred and deceit. Especially in my country it has been hard to share the Gospel of our Lord. But Herald of His Coming is a blessing to us and also a study help. Thank you and God bless you.


    I must not fail to tell you how inspiring I find Herald of His Coming. It is rich spiritual food and I have been blessed since I first read it almost two years ago. I do want to continue to receive Herald of His Coming from you, please. It has made an impact in my life and in the life of people around me. Thanks a lot. I do pray for the Herald ministry.


    Thank you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for Herald of His Coming. It helps me grow spiritually alongside my Bible and helps me to be bold in the faith. I pray the Herald will teach many and souls be won for the kingdom of our great and mighty God….


    Thanks for continually sending me the Herald for over twenty years. It has blessed my soul. Many a Christian has ceased to be able to be counted for Christ despite playing spiritual. The corruption of the world has robbed the church of true spirituality. A sad state because the Master is coming soon! I thank God that you have kept the world out of Herald of His Coming. Hold on to what you have and preach holiness, without which no one will see the face of our dear Lord. Please keep me on the mailing list….


    I am privileged to receive on a regular basis the Herald of His Coming. Mere words cannot express what I feel Herald of His Coming is doing for the body of Christ, specially in developing countries. Without the Herald we could not have access to all the good and seasoned teachings that are given in it. May our good God continue to bless the Herald ministry. I would like you to add the name of my friend….Thank you in anticipation for adding his name to the mailing list.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for more than six years, and it is very helpful to me as a pastor and the entire congregation. I use it to teach at our School of Ministry and sharing with other pastors in my area, so please continue sending to me….


    I receive the newspaper Herald of His Coming. It is a blessing to me when I read it. I read many articles that help me to grow in my Christian life. Thank you for sending it every month….


    I was deeply touched when I read one of the newsletters of the Herald of His Coming from a friend. They are quite inspiring and I need some of these publications to share with friends. I will use them for the growth of God’s kingdom….


    I am a pastor. And I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for the past one year. It has been a great reawakening and revival message for me and all my staff. I will be very grateful if you can continue to send me a monthly copy until I will be financially OK to support the ministry. Presently I am praying for the staff and editors of this blessed magazine.


    I began to read the Herald International newspaper with a friend in Seychelles, so I got the address of the ministry. Thank you for I started to have my own copy and I’m very happy. I need more about God Himself. Thank you for I have been blessed by God and the Herald of His Coming. Hope you continue to send my copy because it is like a Bible study that I receive from you and making my faith grow stronger with the Almighty God. The message is very powerful, and I give my spare time to read it. Sometimes I read it twice. Thank you!


    I thank you for the monthly Heralds which you have tirelessly sent to me since the early nineties to date. I pray that God blesses the sister who gave me your address after one lunch time fellowship with her in Kampala in 1991…. I beg you to keep my name on the mailing list for as long as I live. The Herald preaching has kept my spiritual life burning and growing from strength to strength. Amen!


    How blessed and refreshed I feel when I read the front-page article in the February 2012 edition – "O God, Breathe New Life Into Us!" We can get so used to the dry bones that we feel there’s no possibility of change, but God can do the impossible! God uses the Herald to lift up the hearts of the readers.


    Thanks for sending me Herald of His Coming monthly. I love the Herald because it expounds deeper spiritual truths. It is a refreshing tonic. Please continue to send me a copy monthly, because I am an intercessor. It informs me of areas that need intercession. I interceded for the Herald ministry when it asked for help for finances to keep printing copies. And I use the articles to teach in my church. God bless your faithfulness in sending it, and may the good Lord continue to supply the needs of the ministry by His riches in glory….


    Time and time again behind these prison fences I have been discouraged and lonely. I pick up my Herald of His Coming and before long, I am on my knees praying for others and for revival. Praise the Lord! Our prayers are with you.


    I greatly appreciate Herald of His Coming. It is great help and encouragement that feed the spirit man. I’m passing these on to church leaders in the Philippines. The articles on revival and prayer are awakening indeed. May the Lord ever send down more of His wisdom and revelation to the Herald staff. Enclosed is my gift check.


    Herald of His Coming blesses me and my family each month. Thank you for your faithful proclamation of the Gospel. The articles stir my soul and help me stay awake.


    The Herald of His Coming articles always encourage me to keep seeking the Lord and renew my heart’s pleading for revival. Each copy brings new perspectives on eternal hope. The Herald encourages me when no others see what God has available and pass by the privilege of interceding for God’s glory in the Body of Christ. Thank you.