Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly. The paper has always been a blessing to me for the past many years since I first came in contact with its publication as a teenager. I am now in my 74th year. I was deeply touched by the article in a recent issue entitled "Face The Future With Faith In God" by W. C. Moore. Although the co-founder has gone to be with the Lord more than three decades ago, the truth of the contents of the article is as relevant to this day as it was at the time it was first written, as it is Bible-based. God’s Word never becomes old or outdated though there are many who think so and have changed the rules to suit themselves rather than pleasing God. May they realize their folly and turn anew before it is too late….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming monthly. It has helped me develop my understanding of the Word of God and made me sharper in faith than before. Please carry on posting me the good news and food for the spirit….


    I have been receiving copies of Herald of His Coming for some time now and I very much appreciate it. I am a church minister in the Seychelles and so it nourished me a lot for our church activities like Bible studies and sermons. I would like to continue receiving this blessed journal as I look forward to it every month. You are in our prayers, that God will bless and provide for you and that the Gospel will reach all parts of the world, bring light to the darkest places and that the name of the Lord will be glorified forever and ever!


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming, which I appreciate very much. Yes, I would like to receive it as I am a pensioner, and there is not much truth out there in the world. Thank you….


    I am blessed by being a member of Herald of His Coming. Reading the Herald of His Coming has changed my prayer life. And it has changed my understanding of the Word of God to a deeper understanding so that I am even now in the Bible school pursuing to do the will of God….


    I am a nineteen-year-old high school student here in Uganda. I was greatly blessed by the informative, inspiring Herald of His Coming publications my mum brought from her sister. I have come to know more about a number of Bible principles, how to apply them and be able to share them with others. I would like the Scripture Union fellowship at my school to also start receiving the Herald publications. The fellowship has about 40 students who attend regularly during the week….


    Thank you for the Herald literature which is so helpful to many. I would be grateful if you could send back copies with any other literature you have as I take it into the hospitals where this is the only Christian message they receive. Many have TB or AIDS and are in for many months.


    Dear my Herald group, I am from Myanmar and I get the Herald news since 2003. I like it too much and I use it in the Lord’s ministry…. It is good in everywhere …. Please we contact always. Your faithful partner….


    I have been immensely helped by Herald of His Coming magazine. It is very useful to me for my spiritual development and service to my Lord. I ever remain appreciative of your assistance and wish my subscription renewed. I love the Lord and have dedicated my life to serve Him. I am growing in my Christian life through the Herald paper in conjunction with the Bible study in my church every Monday…. Please don’t drop me out of the mailing list of those who receive free copies of the Herald.


    We received our package of the Herald of His Coming here in Malaysia and look forward to receive the next months of Herald of His Coming. It has been a tremendous blessing to us over here. We will be glad to receive it on a monthly basis. We pray that the Lord will continue to make His face to shine on you more and more.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming magazine and it’s been my prayer- life lifter. I am a Kenyan Navigators missionary working in Tanzania and used to receive the Herald when I was in Kenya eight years ago. Since I came to Tanzania that ceased and with it invaluable revival material especially related with militant prayer. Since I rediscovered the Herald one day through the internet and re-subscribed, it’s been an exciting thing for me, my wife and friends reading articles from it and discussing in depth. My prayer life has revived and I find that I am able to wake up early and pray better than I was doing and more than that, my spiritual alertness has improved much. Please continue sending this great tool for keeping us in the old-time religion. Thanks so much….


    Please, may we continue to receive the fifty copies of Herald of His Coming as our members look forward to receiving these very blessed papers which help to remind them of their commitment to our Lord Jesus. Many have grown in the Lord through the disciplines in prayer they have learnt through the many articles of the Herald, so please do not stop sending us this spiritual food....


    I have been moved and challenged to prayer, particularly the article by E. M. Bounds on "Stir Yourself Up To Take Hold Of God" and another, "Unction In The Pulpit." I have shared with my Christian friend and the Holy Spirit has set us for prayer. It is on this basis that I request a copy of this magazine on "Power Through Prayer" by E. M. Bounds…. I thank God for linking me to this ministry by His grace and for His own pleasure. Each time I read the newsletter whether new or old my spiritual life is elevated. The articles also inspire me to read my Bible more frequently and seriously….


    Thank you for sending us the Herald of His Coming. The articles provide a good sound teaching of the Word of God, and are encouraging, uplifting and challenging. May you all be encouraged and blessed in this ministry.


    I have been receiving copies of Herald of His Coming regularly in this year. I love Herald of His Coming, and I thank you for putting the time and effort into helping spread the truth of our blessed Savior Jesus Christ to all those who haven’t yet been saved and presented with the truth. May the good Lord bless you richly for carrying out the Word of truth to a world in much need of it.


    Receiving the Herald materials has been a huge blessing to the readers here in my community and myself. God Almighty has spoken to me time and again, and broadened my knowledge of, and deepened my fellowship with Him through the Herald. Please, I would appreciate it if you could send me at least eight copies of Herald magazines instead of the regular four copies. Thank you!


    Thank you for sending me the blessed Herald of His Coming magazine. Dear brothers, the Bible is the most exciting book I’ve ever read. The Word of God has such revelation knowledge and so many examples in it that it literally has the power to change heart, mind and life. I feed on it every single day because every single day I come across situations and circumstances that require the true wisdom that only the Word of the Living God can provide. The Herald of His Coming is born from this wonderful Bible book. May God bless the Herald....


    It has been some years that I have been receiving Herald of His Coming. It is a great encouragement to me and a great help to my spiritual journey in seeking to know Christ to the fullest. It has also been an instrument of my spiritual growth over the past eighteen years. I am very grateful for faithfully sending me the Herald of His Coming monthly. God richly bless you. Thank you.


    I so enjoy reading the articles in the Herald of His Coming and reading "Out of Mail Box 279." It thrills my soul to hear how people from all over the world are being blessed and matured in their walk with the Lord. May the Lord continue to bless the Herald ministry which gives light and builds faith in many from all walks of life around the world.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming which is solid in a day where false teaching abounds. The Herald’s service to the Body is a blessing, as is also your trusting God for provision, so rare in the church today. Enclosed is our gift to the ministry. The large pack of Heralds you sent me was taken to a Pastors’ Conference in Uganda. We put them in the folder with their notes and teaching material. I pointed out the testimony on the back which was from a pastor in Uganda. They were blessed and encouraged. Thank you for feeding the Body with solid, sound writings, which center on the Word of God and the person of Jesus Christ. We so appreciate the Herald.