Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Shalom from Brazzaville, Congo. My friend blessed me with two numbers of Herald of His Coming. I am reading the one regarding essentials of revival praying. I am tremendously blessed as a pastor thirsty for a genuine revival in my church area, which looks like a dry and hopeless land. But I trust God for an overflowing of His grace where sin has abounded!


    I thank God for Herald of His Coming magazine. Its soul-searching, sin-convicting, soul-inspiring, revival and prayer messages have been a source of spiritual blessing for my spiritual growth. I have been a reader of this resourceful magazine since 1974. It has helped me in teaching and sharing my faith with others as a lay preacher in my locality. Thank you for granting my request for the reprinting of the message titled "Lord, Visit Us Afresh" by Stephen Olford. I was so excited on opening my mail to find it printed on the front page. Reading it has further stirred up my soul in praying for revival. The message titled "One Can Turn The Tide" is also a challenge to me. In my Bible study groups, the day I shared it with them we have determined to follow suit and believe God to bring souls into His kingdom through our prayers….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. The articles are uplifting and bring me closer to the Lord. We use the Herald for our daily Bible study and for group activities as well. Each paper is shared with members of our congregation. It’s amazing seeing the wonders our Lord is doing. Please keep us on the mailing list and continue to send the Herald to my address.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. I am blessed, encouraged, and enriched by its teachings and treasures of its sermons. In my position as a pastor I coordinate the Intercession Ministry in Eritrea. I work with different denominations, teaching, preaching and training different groups and also leading a prayer group as an intercessor of different churches. The Herald messages are a great help and support to my ministry, and I plead, don’t remove my name from the list of Herald readers….


    I would like to kindly ask if my name be included in the subscription list so I could be mailed monthly copies of Herald of His Coming. I’ve read some previous copies lent to me by a brother who is a pastor, and I’ve enjoyed them very much. They have helped me spiritually. Thank you….


    Kindly continue to put me on the mailing list of the Herald of His Coming. This is a very educative and thus very important paper. It helps me a lot in my ministry as a pastor. With this notification I hope to continue to receive copies of every edition.


    I have used Herald of His Coming for five years as leader of a prayer meeting in our home town here in Alberta. I find it very Spirit-filled and informative….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming which feeds, challenges and encourages us in our daily walk. It is so good in this day and age to have good sound teaching. As our church has become a Baptist church, the series on William Carey has been of great interest. May our Lord bless you for your service to Him and meet all the financial needs to continue speaking into hearts and lives as we wait for Christ’s return!


    Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy He has shown me for connecting me with the ministry of Herald of His Coming. Since you started sending me this Christian inspiring news I have been blessed and protected from falling down from the Lord’s hand. I was about to leave the ministry but when I read Herald of His Coming I was strengthened and as I am writing, I am not the same. My faith has grown. Through the Herald messages I have recognized God’s love for me and I have known that He wants to save many from eternal death through me. Brethren, the Herald has shown me the Lord’s powerful hand which is holding many like me, keeping saints from falling and helping them overcome sin, temptation and discouragements. May you please continue sending me these powerful messages. I am decided never to leave Christ in these evil last days. Pray for me that I should not be separated from Him and shine in our country. I want to preach Jesus in the rural areas of my country....


    Herald of His Coming has transformed my life and I would like to continue with it to keep my faith stronger than ever before. It has helped me keep myself from bad friends. Thank you for mailing it to me.


    The Herald materials you’ve sent us throughout these many years have been a great blessing to us, specially in the area of prayer and strengthening our faith. We’ve shared them with our leaders and although we all have had our lapses, we thank God for sustaining us…. Thank you. May God in His goodness continue to sustain the Herald ministry.


    I am a widow and God’s servant. I have a fellowship of hungry souls who meet at my house every Thursday just to drink from the river of life that overflows through the Herald ministry. I love the magazine and would kindly ask you to continue putting me on the mailing list. The messages about prayer and repentance inspire me most as they prepare me to be ushered into God’s presence and prepare me for rapture, hence God’s kingdom….


    Thank you for your steadfast faithfulness in sending me the Herald of His Coming. I find the letters from people worldwide echoing all the Herald means to me. Holiness, righteousness and truth – where can we find these meaningful qualities but for the Bible. The Herald encourages us to seek and to find. God bless, protect and guide you.


    I am writing to let you know that the Herald of His Coming magazines are helping the spiritual growth of my life immensely. I am much better now as a Christian and I also use it to share at church and in our Bible study. I want to continue to receive copies of Herald of His Coming. God bless the Herald as it continues to build the kingdom of God.


    May the Lord bless the Herald’s vital ministry. The Herald is a great spiritual encouragement and anchor for me through diverse circumstances. You are in my prayers.


    I study the Herald of His Coming regularly, and I make notes out of it. It nourishes me in my walk with the Lord. I compare it with the epistles of the New Testament of the Bible written with the purpose of encouraging the believers to stay committed to Christianity. I am a retired priest, a born-again Christian and I love to hear all about my Creator. So please continue to send me a copy of the paper which I cherish….


    The Herald continues to be a source of great blessing to all of our prayer group members who receive it and share it. Just a small gift enclosed….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming publication which I have been receiving for some time and would like to continue receiving, please. Always I have read it in too great a hurry so that I could pass it on to friends in an old-age complex. But this recent issue I shall reread and put into practice everything I can with the help of the Holy Spirit. Every single article has impacted me hugely, even though I have been a Bible-reading believer for some 60 years! I do believe on reading the correspondence on the last page of the Herald that it is helping to bring in God’s harvest – and it is time, because when the fullness of the Gentiles has come in, the Lord’s coming will be very near! Hallelujah! I can hardly wait!


    Here at the detention center we enjoy Herald of His Coming very much…. I’m also signed up for the Spanish version. My Spanish speaking brothers loved the Spanish version I received, and they are like children with a new toy. Here are also two more people who want the Herald….


    We use the Herald in our Tuesday prayer meeting group of pastors and find it very helpful in our praying for revival….


    I thank the Lord and you for the work being done at Herald of His Coming and God’s Word being sent out. The sermons and articles and letters have strengthened my faith and given me courage to press on. You seem like my long-distance church family. May God’s blessing continue to rest upon Herald of His Coming’s mission.


    Thank you for the inspiration and instruction given in each issue of the Herald. I have read and benefited from each issue since the early 1960’s. My pastor introduced me and our church to the publication. It has been a much appreciated and good experience.