HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

"You Must Sow If You Would Reap!"

    It is a law of life. If you want a good harvest, you must sow good seed. Weeds grow without sowing or care. But for a good, fruitful harvest, seed must be sown and tended.

    Herald International is deeply involved in sowing the good seed of Godís Word. God has given dedicated co-workers in various parts of the world who translate and print in their local languages. This gives readers the rich benefit of having the messages from Godís Word in their own tongue. For many readers, it is the only language they understand. For others it is the language of their first love and best understanding.

    As does the English Herald of His Coming, these other language editions sound the call for prayer and for revival. Revival implies the church living and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit with all that follows Ė the overcoming of sin and Satan, a joyful and effective witness, a life of loving service, a glad looking forward to the return of our Lord.

    This is the kind of church God had after Pentecost. Through that church He "turned the world upside down." He can do the same today with a Spirit-filled church! This is the vision Herald International editors work toward even though it seems very difficult for their countries. Some labor in lands where entrenched systems of religion bind the great majority of the people in their grip. Only the mighty power of God can give the understanding and courage and ability to break away.

    Our Lordís command is still in effect: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded youÖ" (Matt. 28:19-20). How can the Gospel be preached to all nations before our Lord returns? There must be many more laborers thrust into the harvest field.

    Western missions are endeavoring to rise to the challenge. Some are nobly increasing their efforts, and some churches are striving to increase their giving. But all of this extension even to the point of sacrifice still leaves a short fall.

    Thankfully, the Lord of the harvest is not dependent on the church of the Western world alone. He is calling forth and equipping workers in every country of the world. But many of the countries that yet have greatest need for the Gospel are economically poor countries. Potential Christian workers are engrossed in making even a meager living for their families. Some are discouraged from Christian service because training institutions are lacking or are beyond their means. Even so, with great sacrifice, an army of workers is rising up.

The Place of Literature

    Christian workers everywhere must be encouraged. How thankful we are in the Herald office for all of the missionaries and other ministry workers who are encouraged through the English and other language editions. Effort is made to pack each edition full of convicting, enlightening, instructive, stirring and encouraging messages that will help Christian workers and every reader in a telling way.

    We encourage Herald of His Coming readers who can do so to take part in the cause of Christ by supporting the work of Herald of His Coming through prayer and financial support. Your gifts help subsidize the Nepali Herald, the Arabic Herald, the Greek Herald, the Burmese and Hakha Chin Heralds in Burma, the Sinhalese Herald in Sri Lanka, the Swahili Herald in East Africa, the Tagalog Herald in the Philippines, the Shona Herald in Zimbabwe, the Runyankore Herald in Uganda, the Amharic Herald in Ethiopia, the Spanish Herald which circulates throughout Latin America, and other editions as well.

    We must tell you, as many overseas writers tell us in their letters, "You will never know until you reach heaven what a blessing and help the messages are to us." But until that day of reward for your giving, you have in your heart the joy of being a worker together with our precious Lord in His harvest field!

Prayer and Praise

    Praise the Lord with us that Sister Zenny Sarmiento, editor of the Tagalog Herald, has plans to travel this summer to Hong Kong and meet with some pastors regarding the expansion of the Tagalog ministry there. Pray that this ministry will indeed increase and bear much fruit to the glory of the Lord.

    Thank the Lord with us for the faithful and ongoing service of Brother Sanu, the representative for the English Herald in Nigeria and editor of three language editions there. Offer thanks also for the many faithful brothers and sisters in Christ in Nigeria who are dear friends of this ministry. Ask the Lord to work powerfully through the upcoming Readers Conference (see below) to encourage, renew and equip all who are able to attend. Pray as well for the Lord to minister powerfully to and through believers in Nigeria who are facing persecution.