Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am so encouraged by the different teaching I receive from Herald of His Coming. Day after day as I read I get answers to many questions I have had in the past concerning the Christian race. Secondly, I hardly lack things to share with people. The Herald messages are so rich and sound, containing ingredients to trigger and build one’s faith even without a discipler. Wherever I go I move with it to grow more in the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus and to keep me heavenward and pure. I am from Cameroon and here I see that the impact of Herald of His Coming is very high as I see people reading the newsletters like myself. The Herald is teaching and nourishing me so well. May the Lord God be praised!


    Praise the Lord for I am able to be part of Herald of His Coming mailing list to share the spiritual food! I can’t express the joy that fills my heart whenever I receive the Herald of His Coming. This is because I always know that the Lord will speak to me through the Herald magazine. I would be very joyful if I could help you with money donations, but I believe that the prayer of the righteous does a lot of things in its action. So I will pray to God to bless the ministry and to help you to be able to continue to send Herald for many thirsty souls. I am so much blessed by many articles in the Herald, especially articles related with prayer. I am able to understand praying. I will keep on praying…. Please pray for my country Eritrea….


    Herald of His Coming is a blessing to me. It has strengthened and edified me. I was one of the people who was weak in prayer but now I have learnt that the shortest way to God is through prayer. I read the Herald every day and even my preaching has changed. Please reinstate me on the mailing list, and may God grant you strength to keep going on in harvesting souls to Christ.


    I was so rebuked and blessed, humbled and encouraged, challenged and filled with a renewed urgency to pray as a result of recently receiving and reading the latest edition of Herald of His Coming. I had never heard of it before. However, I do visit the Sermon Index website and found Herald of His Coming to be along the same vein. I grew up near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and have a very clear recollection of the season of revival that came to Saskatoon in the early ’70’s. As a pastor, I look forward to receiving the Herald of His Coming regularly….


    The Herald of His Coming has extremely helped me change my spiritual life, and even my intercessory stance has highly improved. Before, I used to pray, but nothing was happening, but this time around I learnt from the Herald of His Coming newspaper that for the miracles of salvation, deliverance and healing, etc., to occur, a prayer warrior should pray scriptural prayers (quoting from the Word of God). And also another area which I understood with my heart is to pray in the Spirit. This has lifted up my prayer life. The prayers I pray now prevail due to the fellowship with the Holy Ghost. Indeed, a prayer with the Holy Ghost does prevail.

    The Herald articles help me to prepare the Bible study in the church and the cell meetings that hold every week. This year I was ordained as a deacon. In my new position as a deacon, the Herald lessons which are in the articles helped me handle my new position and even how to pray for the issues that seem to be impossible to solve both in the church and at home….


    Thank you for uniting together the Body of Christ as one mighty force, especially in prayer. Together we will win! I believe with all my heart as many of you have written that there is a mighty revival coming to usher us to the end time because the Holy Spirit is testifying in our hearts. Let us not grow weary in what we are doing. We in the third world find it difficult to contribute financially to the Herald ministry but we deeply pray for it…. I currently receive ten copies of Herald monthly, and I am very grateful. With the ten copies I give nine to different fellowships and try to keep one for myself which I continue to review for refreshment. There is a great demand for the Herald here. Forgive me for sending this very long list of names. There are brethren who feel they need not miss a copy of Herald and also those I feel should not miss this blessed magazine…. My main ministry is intercession….


    I thank God for the Herald of His Coming that you are continually sending me. It revives my spiritual life and strengthens my fellowship with the Lord. It encourages me to seek God’s face in my life. When I read these powerful anointed copies I find courage to pray and intercede for the work of the Lord and for all saints. Also I’m praying for the Herald to reach souls around the globe. Please never stop sending me copies of Herald of His Coming. It is my Bible study tool.


    Greetings in the name of Jesus! The Lord is still touching my life through the Herald news magazines. It is a good spiritual feeding unto my soul and it gives me more urge to seek the Lord more and more in prayer and His Word. Please keep sending me this spiritual food for my soul. I keep praying for the Herald in my weekly prayer schedule….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald so faithfully. I especially enjoyed the series on Hudson Taylor. It challenged me when I read what he did and how little I’m doing today. The articles are so helpful to me, especially about getting on with our families.


    I have turned from Hindu to Christian this very year…. I intend to preach the Gospel around the country. I need materials and inspiration, and I have been blessed by reading the articles found in the Herald. I shall appreciate if you will regularly send me the monthly prints to encourage me and, through me, other fellow brothers and sisters….


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for more than one year now. It encourages me and it is always a pleasure for me when I see the Herald of His Coming package in the box. I firmly believe that the Lord will send a reawakening in our time provided we avail ourselves to "break up our fallow ground" and seek Him…. The Herald of His Coming is an important tool in supporting this endeavour.


    I write from the Ghana Police Service. I wish to confirm my interest in the Herald of His Coming Christian paper. The Herald has built up my faith in the Lord and that of the Police Christian Fellowship here where we meet every Wednesday to study the Word of God and pray for God’s protection in our responsibilities as police men and women. It also serves as newspaper for those in cells and for friends….


    I would like to continue receiving the enriching Herald newsletters which have been food to my soul, especially at this time when we’re praying for revival in my home church and the neighboring churches. I am an intercessor in the vineyard of our heavenly Father. The publications have taught us how to go about praying, and I implore you not to remove my name from the mailing list. Thanks and may God Almighty continue using the Herald for greater and mightier things for His own glory.


    Thanks for the Herald of His Coming you are sending to me. They make me spiritually stable and strong in the Lord. The magazine always carries lively and challenging messages that spur me for action. It builds my people wonderfully strong too. It helps me to pray for worldwide revival….


    So appreciate the Herald articles on prayer and revival. I use them to teach a class of college students about prayer for revival. They are learning to become prayer warriors!


    Thank you for the good Christian publication. I enjoy every article in the Herald and use it for my prayer times so many times. I am a 100% disabled American Veteran from the war in Vietnam. I have so many physical problems. I will keep you in prayer. I don’t have much money, but I saved this for the Herald ministry.


    I felt like telling you how much I have grown to appreciate Herald of His Coming. I have been giving the lesson at our prayer meeting every Wednesday evening. Because of the other activities on Wednesday evenings, the prayer meeting does not draw in as many people as one would hope for. However, I have found that the Herald has been a great help to me in preparing for these lessons I give at the prayer meeting. I have spent weeks on "Be Careful Lest You Fall Away" by Richard Owen Roberts. Great stuff! I believe, as is often the case that I have gown more spiritually than any of the folks who have been in attendance. One of the "one liners" I have found myself using over and over is this: "The end of the race is a very bad place to find out that one has been in the wrong race." Many of us evangelicals have gotten into a wrong race by the subtle disobedience and unbelief of having more faith in a system than in the Lord Himself. There is a great need for revival within the walls of our evangelical churches.