January 2011 Issue
A Divinely Empowered Church To Save A Dying World!
By Fred D. Jarvis
To Glorify The Lord
By Rev. Herbert Carson
Abundant Spiritual Life
By Rich Carmicheal
The Secret Of Spiritual Power
By George D. Watson
The Fullness Of The Spirit
By G. H. C. MacGregor
How Spiritual Power Is Lost
By R. A. Torrey
Looking Unto Jesus
By Theodore Monod
Make Me A Man After Thine Own Heart!
By Oswald J. Smith
The Blood Of Jesus Christ Cries From The Cross For Us
By Sarah Foulkes Moore
Are There Family Devotions In Your Home?
Parental Responsibility
By Wilbur E. Nelson
How To Pray With Your Wife
By Donald D. Schaeffer
Holding To The Word Of God
William Carey, Pioneer Missionary To India (Part 5)
By F. Deaville Walker
Seek GOD for the CITY 2011
Out Of Mail Box 279