April 2011 Issue
God Coming Down!
Seek God’s Righteousness
By Rich Carmicheal
The Prayer That Brings Revival
By Ernest M. Wadsworth
Awaken All Who Idly Slumber!
Turn From Sin And Believe The Gospel
By W. C. Moore
Hindrances To Prayer
By Oswald J. Smith
"There Was A Man Sent From God"
By Leonard Ravenhill
Confessing Other People’s Sins
By Samuel Brengle
Grieve Not The Spirit
By Leslie S. Rainey
"Looking Unto Jesus"
By Charles H. Spurgeon
When Can We Expect Revival?
By Charles G. Finney
Summer Gathering For Winter’s Needs
By J. R. Miller
Lessons To Teach Children
By Kim Butts
J. Hudson Taylor (1832-1905), In China For God (Part 3)
Arranged from a book by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
Hearts United For Revival
By Lois J. Stucky
Ten Days of Constant Prayer – June 2 - 11
Global Day of Prayer – June 12
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