Out Of Mail Box 279


    I am a pastor and have been in the Lord’s vineyard for six years, many of them spent in the pulpit preaching the Gospel. I have witnessed tremendous growth in church and beyond. I believe this has happened by the grace of God and by also studying the Herald of His Coming which you have been sending to me every month without failing. It’s my prayer to God every day that the revival will break forth in the island where God has sent me to build His kingdom. Herald has been food which both my church and I depend upon. Please, I beg that I be served with more of Herald….


    It’s a blessing to write you these few lines. I enjoy the monthly Herald of His Coming papers that you send. It is a blessing and so encouraging. I am in the intercession prayer group in our church and there is almost always a portion in the Heralds about intercession and prayer to strengthen me. I will try to support the ministry as much as I can….


    I started reading Herald of His Coming newsletter in October 2009. The magazine has totally helped my spiritual life of prayer and reading the Word of God. I started praying with my two friends. After some months the whole church joined us! I thank the Herald ministry due to its well-arranged teachings. Please continue sending me these power-packed magazines. Praise the Lord….


    I encourage you to keep firm in the ministry as you provide Herald of His Coming readers with the unleavened bread. By the Herald I have attained a mighty move of the Spirit in my inner being. My eyes are always in tears. God bless the Herald richly.


    Herald of His Coming has been an alarm that wakes me up from slumber, laziness and backsliding, and also keeps me on the watch and prayer condition every day. I am grateful to God for the Herald’s messages and authors for their immense impartation to my life and the lives of many others. Thank you!


    Thank you for the excellent articles in each issue of Herald of His Coming. I am in prison, and this is why I can’t send money. I enjoy reading issues of the Herald, and I pass each one on to the prison chapel. I am out in a few months and I will no longer be able to do this, so I am asking that you please add the prison chapel to the mailing list, as well as the inmate I have named below, who has no access to chapel….


    Thank you for the monthly Herald of His Coming. It is touching the heartbeat of the Spirit of God. The more prayer in the Body of Christ who read it and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives, the closer a sovereign move of God will be in our nations. Truly the Herald is a magazine birthed in the love and heart of God, and I pray that the readership will grow all over the world. Herald of His Coming has become part of my life since I received the first issue July 2010. I don’t want to miss an issue! To God be the glory and honour!


    We have been supporting Herald of His Coming for many years and recently have opted to read the newsletter on the internet. The precious articles continue to bless us. It has been the most valuable literature apart from the Bible – the inspired Word of God – to help me personally. Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing the unadulterated TRUTH.


    Many thanks for sending me Herald of His Coming so regularly for many years. It is a great inspiration and encouragement when the Word of God is not readily heard….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. It is a great blessing as we are in this part of the world. It has become a source of encouragement and support to my ministry. Please, I request you to continue to send me Herald of His Coming.


    Thank you from my heart for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming. It has been a blessing to me over the years, ministering to me with the many special articles which always point us in the right direction. The Herald articles are certainly inspired by the Holy Spirit and always most timely….


    The Herald of His Coming is a powerful magazine for me, which consists of quality articles of mightiest servants of the Cross. I am personally thankful to the editor and all staff of Herald International. I am introducing the Herald to many pastors, evangelists and serious Bible students. Personally I am benefited abundantly which cannot be expressed. I am and I will pray for the Herald regularly….


    We appreciate Herald of His Coming. We gain a lot from it. Also, we receive a bundle, and everyone who receives it has very positive things to say about it. We know the Lord is coming soon and the Herald encourages us in looking forward to His coming.


    I have been reading the Herald of His Coming for three months and it has changed my life. My friends have testified of change in my life and they have requested if they can also start receiving copies of Herald of His Coming. Please, how can I help them to access the copies, because I only receive one copy? I am a university student.


    I am so grateful for the Herald of His Coming which I receive regularly and pass around once I can part with it! Thank you very much indeed.


    I received a call to be a pastor in 1963 as a layman. What built me up as a young pastor was Herald of His Coming. I started reading Herald of His Coming in 1963. I am still reading till today. All my friends said to me that have I been in Bible school? I told them that Herald of His Coming was my Bible school. I pray that God should give you more wisdom from above to keep on with the program.


    Thanks for Herald of His Coming, which I was anxiously waiting for. I have gone another dimension in using the publication in my family, particularly at our evening devotion. We usually read an article for our meditation to enable us to focus on prayer before the Lord. We are thus going back to reread old issues to rekindle the flame of revival in the family. Many thanks.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming magazine. It has been and will be a blessing, an inspiration to me and my ministry as a pastor. The articles are worth reading because they continually challenge one’s personal commitment and relationship with God. Please do continue to send the Herald.


    I thank the Lord God for people like you who have encouraged and challenged me for more than twenty years as a believer and a minister of the Gospel. If it was not for the Herald material, I could have left the ministry long back. Thank you and please keep on sending the material.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming papers and classic books for today I have been receiving from this ministry. They have been touching many lives through me receiving these Gospel materials. Many times after reading Herald papers I do give them to other different denominational church leaders and they tell me how their lives have been changed through reading them….


    What a blessing it is to me to receive the Herald of His Coming every month. Its effect is like going to the old-fashioned camp meetings of long ago. I do remember those days, and I do miss those times of fellowship and the wonderful hymns and Gospel songs. But thanks to God, the messages in the Herald are timeless – just like our Savior, the same yesterday, and today and forever!


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming materials, as it is very tough to get good material here in prison. We are currently experiencing a wonderful move of the Spirit and are being moved into a deeper commitment to the body in prayer and sacrifice. The Lord is good and the Herald materials are a great blessing….


    Thank you for the Herald’s ongoing ministry to me and other saints in the church I pastor. Herald of His Coming is a blessing to receive each month and always proves to be a source of conviction and encouragement. It stirs us to talk about the themes that are in each issue. May God continue to use the Herald for His glory and the edification of His church.


    Many years ago my mother would send Herald of His Coming papers to me after she read them. I wasn’t a Christian at the time but that paper remained vivid in my mind. Several months ago someone sent the Herald to me. I had no idea it was still being printed. I have been a Christian for around sixty years now. The Herald is still a blessing!