Be Not Impatient With Your Growth
  By John Newton

    Our sins are many, but His mercies are more; our sins are great, but His righteousness is greater; we are weak, but He is power.

    Wait on the Lord, and He will enable you to see more and more of the power and grace of our High Priest. The more you know Him, the better you will trust Him; the more you trust Him, the better you will love Him; the more you love Him, the better you will serve Him.

    This is Godís way. You are not called to be strong in yourself, but in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. He is teaching you these things.

    Remember the growth of a believer is not like a mushroom, but like an oak, which increases slowly indeed but surely. Many suns, showers and frosts pass upon it before it comes to perfection; and in winter when it seems dead, it is gathering strength at the root.

    Be humble, watchful and diligent in the means, and endeavor to look through all, and fix your eyes upon Jesus, and all shall be well.