Out Of Mail Box 279


    I wish to declare my profound gratitude and appreciation to you for the Herald of His Coming. These Heralds with inspired and edifying sermons have made a great impact on my life. I am no more feeling disappointment to my soul because I am enjoying the blessing – salvation and sanctification. The Heralds revive me. They stir up my faith. They help me to grow in prayer and also grow spiritually from strength to strength. That makes me to require it more every month. I do not have means to send financial support, so what I can do is pray. I will tell my prayer group and we will be on business of prayer.


    I have been reading the Herald of His Coming papers since the early 1960’s till date, and I have derived tremendous spiritual blessings from it especially in the area of prayers. I use the articles mostly in preaching, Bible study and in my family prayers. Every issue that comes my way is like fresh and delicious fruit to my spiritual life, and I make sure that I read every detail of it. It refreshes my spirit and sometimes wets my eyes. I pass it on to fellow Christians after reading and sometimes before I finish reading, particularly when I see the other person’s spiritual need is great. It gives a lot of spiritual encouragement and very challenging to the faith of every child of God, especially in these days when personal witnessing is not attractive to most Christians. The devil has hardened the hearts of most of our country folks.

    I have started the translation of the Bible into my native language, the language of Bhahumono people living in the middle part of Cross River State. I began with the Gospel of St. John and I have started the typesetting process. I strongly desire my people to have a better knowledge of the Bible, reading it in their mother tongue. The Lord is my helper….


    How wonderful and blessed to thank God together with you for what He is doing in the world! Thank you for your steadfast faithfulness in each issue of Herald of His Coming that I receive monthly. Herald has been for years a blessing to me and helps me a lot to build my faith in the Lord. Herald is a great help to me especially in the area of prayer and intercession. I am a member of the Herald Prayer Force, and I bless the Lord for what He has done and will continue to do as we continue to pray. Through God’s grace I am of those who stand in the gap for our people and our churches. Herald is a very valuable tool and inspiration to carry on interceding for revival….


    I have seen the need for revival, because to me, the revival fire has long gone down. Herald of His Coming is one of the greatest revival manuals I have ever come across. I am humbly appealing to you to be sending us some, which I believe will go a long way in helping us, I mean myself, my pastors and the church as a whole to catch the old-time revival fire. We need four copies for now. God richly bless you! Yours for the Kingdom of Christ Jesus.


    I thank you for the uninterrupted receipt of the Herald of His Coming publication and write to request you to continue to send me the same. I use the contents of the articles to preach and teach at home fellowships and congregations, and they are a great blessing to me.


    This is to acknowledge with thanks your faithful sending to us of this "spirit lifter" magazine Herald of His Coming. It gives so much joy of reading God’s Word. There is no religious freedom in our country. I am inspired by Herald of His Coming. Please continue to keep me on the Herald mailing list. Thanks a lot.


    Thank you for the continued supply of the monthly Herald of His Coming – such a wealth of reading and so challenging. The Heralds get passed around and are a blessing to so many people. Thank you.


    I received great joy when I received two copies of Herald of His Coming. Both of them were about prayer. From the two Heralds my friends and I received great help. From the Herald titled "Lord, Visit Us Afresh," we received help when we learned more about victory for those under pressure. We have learned that we must trust God in time of tempest. In our Bible study in the month of January 2011, we were dealing with prayer, so the Herald has helped us very much to understand more about prayer….


    Greetings from Malaysia! I’ve just recently discovered this blessed newsletter, the Herald of His Coming. I have read its contents and I find it very useful in many ways. I have prayed for answers and they show up on the newsletter! Truly, I enjoy reading it and have spread the material everywhere. I would like to receive more of the Herald as it has helped me become closer to our Almighty God! Hallelujah! I sincerely hope you will include me in the mailing list. Thank you!


    I am so blessed to be a part of Herald of His Coming. This is real spiritual stuff. It builds me up and I use it in my women’s club to bring them the Good News. It blesses us all. Keep the good work up….


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming. In one of the first issues we received, we also received six Spanish copies. These copies we dearly need for the local Indians living around us. Our Indian pastor and several of the leaders are avid readers and could profit greatly. They read the one issue received and asked for more. If it would be possible, please send the six Spanish editions as well. The Zapotec Indians are wonderful, loving people. God has put a love in our hearts for them, and our heart’s desire is that they come to know Him better, in a very personal relationship of life, that they will trust in Him and not in people or systems. Our hearts are grieved by their lack of trust in God – here and around the world…. Thank you and bless all in their service to the King of kings!


    The monthly Herald of His Coming publication that I receive is helping to make good studies. The messages have changed my life as a pastor. My preaching, my teaching life, social life, conduct have changed because I make sure to learn from the Herald every month. Please keep it up to support me in sending everything that will help me to grow in the Lord as a pastor….


    Thank you for your faithful ministry in sending the Herald of His Coming. We are in the closing days of time and need the Herald’s deep teaching of God’s precious Word….


    I am amazed and excited at what God has done and continues to do in Herald of His Coming. It is a testimony of the fact that God is blessing the Herald of His Coming. It has taught me many things in my life. I share the messages to my groups. I read it and re-read it again and again. All messages are new to me and are life changing. I tell the truth, sometimes when I read the Herald of His Coming it seems to me as someone stands in front of me and is teaching me. Oh, this is amazing! The Holy Spirit is teaching me through the Herald! I don’t know what should I say. God bless you! Is it enough?... I am praying for you. Please pray for me.


    Thank you for your ministry. I find reading the Herald moves me to prayer. Continue the good work. I enjoy the Herald and try to pass it on after reading it.


    Keep up the good fight! The anointed Herald paper is my favorite study companion to the Bible. Seldom is the Word so deeply probed or contemplated in our churches any more. Thank you for all the dedicated time the staff devotes. It is appreciated.


    I look forward to my Herald of His Coming every month and reading the articles. The Herald has edified my spirit and builds my faith. It spurs me along in this Christian walk.


    Each copy of Herald of His Coming is so precious and helpful to me. Often I become discouraged, but not for long, for I look to Jesus, His Word to me and some article in one of the Heralds, which will cheer me up. Since my dear husband went to Heaven, my heart often gets heavy. With no one to talk to at home, I let the printed page "talk" to me. And God’s presence has become so much more real over the years. Blessings to all.


    Each time I receive Herald of His Coming, as I read my heart and soul are filled with the Spirit and pulled to do more for Jesus. I am inspired to be obedient to Scripture and fulfill the calling to bring others to salvation through our Redeemer Jesus. Thank you for the years of dedication and service to the Lord.


    The Herald is always a blessing and I look forward to it each month. I look for someone to share it with.