Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I express my gratitude and appreciation for how God has impacted my life through Herald of His Coming. My heart is overwhelmed with the joy and love of the Holy Spirit as I am reading. By God’s grace, I have been a distributor of Herald of His Coming in our area, and the area’s attitude has been transformed in prayer and evangelism… Brethren who were receiving the Herald are thankful for the good work God has given through the Herald papers…The quantity I was receiving was not always enough for the believers who were in need of them. But by grace, God is kindly helping us…The Herald materials help keep my flames burning no matter how hard life we are experiencing. You are in my prayer item all the time.


    I have been a regular reader of Herald of His Coming for the past ten years and it has been a great encouragement to me as a Christian. I thank the Lord who inspires His people to send the way of eternal life to all parts of the world free of charge, even though it seems useless before unsaved ones (1 Cor. 1:18-19). The Herald booklets and tracts contain the truth. God’s great name is being spread all over our state. We would be grateful if you supply us more copies of this booklet to me as a leader. The books taught me a lot as a preacher. The Herald ministry has truly been a blessing to us here. I am going to do my best to share the magazine, booklets, etc. They are even more important than oral preaching because you can easily forget a sermon but booklet, you can read them over and over until the whole message enter your mind and heart. Please, never say you are tired with us people in this part of the world. We are praying that God sends a revival….


    I greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We will still be in need of 25 magazines of Herald of His Coming every month for sharing to men of God in the Indian Ocean islands. Thanks for all the Herald’s spiritual assistance for our nations here and thanks very much for your prayers. We love you greatly and by the Herald’s blessings many are blessed here. We send our warmest Christian greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ.


    With this contribution comes my gratitude for your faithful "standing in the gap" for the revival which God has already prepared. I mailed several of my most treasured Heralds (several years old or young!) to a dear friend in Northern Ireland, who has been appointed to lead revival prayer meetings in her church. The clear call to prayer for revival is being "heralded" around the globe!


    Thanks for the diverse impact Herald of His Coming publications have made on me and my friends. I have been receiving, devouring and enjoying Herald of His Coming for the past seven years. Truly, I have been blessed…I have now relocated and my new address is as written above. I hope you will continue to bless my inner man and that of many others by the constant supply. I need twenty copies.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming these many years [over thirty years]. Many a time it has challenged me and spurred me on. It has comforted me, too, in times of adversity. I pass my five copies on to others and some to Church of the Nazarene here which I attend. I am 90 years old this year. God bless you all at Herald of His Coming.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming. My spiritual life has never been the same from when I started reading this paper. As a seminary student it has been helpful to give me a focus on Christ’s agenda for the world. The seminary is a place where the temptation to forget the first love for Christ is high. The Bible is read, prayer and other spiritual disciplines can be done, but it may just be to earn a grade, not for the nourishment of the soul. Thank you for the reawakening in the soul through the Herald. I was particularly challenged by the message on remembering the first love….


    Thanks for what you do for God’s kingdom. The Herald articles are inspiring. I pass them on. They keep me encouraged and motivated and challenged to serve, pray and be led by God’s Spirit. God bless the Herald ministry. Please send it regularly.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming these last few years. The articles are so anointed by God and so amazing. I enclose herewith a cheque toward your cost. Please continue sending me this magazine. I pass them on to help other lives.


    Herald of His Coming is a blessing. Each time I read the articles I am revived and challenged. I also write to humbly ask for a copy of Power Through Prayer. It is my prayer that the Lord will sustain you all and this precious work of His.


    I am one of the Eritreans whom you send the Heralds for more than eight years, and I have got a lot of blessings from the paper. When I read the Herald it really revives me to read the Bible further and pray more, so please don’t remove my name from the mailing list….


    I appreciate the privilege to receive Herald of His Coming, from which I have received a lot of reviving messages. As a pioneering pastor who is working in a new harvest field sometimes things were so depressing that I was almost in a situation to "throw in the towel" when at the right time a copy of the Herald of His Coming was dropped at my place with the solution and the answer to my situation. I was revived and strengthened to press on in the harvest field proclaiming the good news and establishing this new work that is now taking a shape and I am now seeing men and women getting the same vision with me to build a strong church. I thank God for the messages….


    I thank and praise God for the work Herald of His Coming has done in outreach to the world for Christ. I first read Herald of His Coming when I was in Brunei in the island of Borneo. Many were encouraged and motivated through the Herald ministry. The Lord continues to bless this ministry and bring others to His kingdom.


    Thank you for your continual faithful ministry. Again and again the Lord has used Herald of His Coming to speak to me, reminding, correcting, warning, reviving me. I have just received another parcel of the Heralds. Keep sending these as I share with my church. I am waiting and watching for a breakthrough for my church.


    For a long time I have been receiving Herald of His Coming, and I wish to appreciate how much you have helped uplift my ministry life...At the church I am pastoring we have a pastors’ training school. We have been sharing a lot from the Herald with the student pastors and many of them have witnessed being blessed by this message….


    Herald of His Coming is always a blessing to me. Articles on revival and prayer stir me up, challenge me and uplift my spirit. Please continue sending it to me. Thanks!


    Praise the Lord! I would like to thank you for sending us Herald of His Coming every month faithfully. The articles are inspiring and transforming my life tremendously. I enjoy reading all twelve pages thoroughly and can’t wait to pick up the next month newsletter at our Protestant Chapel in this New York State prison. I am a Chinese prisoner here. And thanks be to God, I came to know and received the Lord Jesus years ago while I was a non-English speaking inmate at another facility. Unfortunately now here we got a new chaplain who is an interfaith leader, heavily involved in occult and the New Age thinking. This chaplain attempted many times to proselytize the Protestant prisoners at this facility…Therefore, I request the Herald ministry to kindly include me on the mailing list so that I will be receiving the Herald of His Coming directly....


    Thanks for such timely articles. May God continually inspire the Herald staff with such anointed messages. I pass them on to the inmates as I do jail ministry each Monday in my home town.


    I would like to be placed back on the Herald of His Coming mailing list. I received the Herald several years ago, but moved so many times I lost track of it. The paper was always such a blessing to me and carried such an anointing. It was like hearing straight from the throne. In these last days I need that strength and perspective from the Herald. I enclose an offering to offset the expense....


    "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice!" (Phil. 4:4). I rejoice that I not only receive Herald of His Coming, but am able to pass it on to others in the hope that it will touch someone’s heart, or renew someone’s faith or perhaps be a witness to some unsaved person. Thank you, for you make this possible. Might Herald of His Coming ministry continue to be blessed.