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The Ministry Of The Portuguese Herald

    We last shared a full report from Chris Walker, editor of O Arauto da Sua Vinda (Portuguese Herald), in July 2005. Recently, he was able to give us an update:

    Since 2005, have the conditions of the country changed? ...There has been a slight improvement in social conditions. The government has given more assistance to the very poor, and statistics show that a certain percentage of the population has been able to rise above the level of extreme poverty. The worldwide financial crisis did not hit Brazil as hard as most other countries.

    Churches that are preaching a message of freedom from poverty, sickness and all kinds of frustration and defeat are still growing considerably in numbers. But there is also an increasing number of disillusioned Christians, people who want to stay loyal to Jesus, but who are not satisfied with the message and the testimony of the churches they attend. Many people are hungry for more understanding of the Word and for a deeper walk with the Lord.

    Has the ministry changed?...After several years of praying and looking to the Lord, we were finally able to move into new quarters for our office and ministry in June 2009. With more space, we now have a prayer room, and regular prayer meetings for the literature ministry and for the church in Brazil and throughout the world. We have a team working on a new website that should be launched soon. So there have been some important steps forward.

    What do you think the Lord has shown you about Himself and what He wants for the work of the Portuguese Herald?...We have carried a burden for many years to bring a message to the church in Brazil to get ready for the glorious return of our Lord. There has been a wonderful harvest of souls, which is certainly a tremendous part of the Lord’s plan. But there is also a terrible lack of conviction of sin, repentance and serious study of the Word of God. Being an evangelical Christian in recent years can sometimes actually give a person extra status in society, although his life may not have changed in any real way.

    We feel the Portuguese Herald has a real contribution to the church in Brazil that no other publication is providing. Many readers write in saying how much they have been impacted and stirred by the messages. Here are a few of those letters translated into English:

    I want to thank you once again for sending "O Arauto da Sua Vinda." It has been like a breath of life to me, in times that are so spiritually strenuous, and which tend to draw us away from God. It has been an agent of redemption and renewal, in my relationship with the Lord. Thank you for keeping up this important work. The paper has helped increase my love for the Word of God and drawn me closer to Him. I believe that is your goal, and I wanted you to know that it is being reached in my life and, certainly, in that of many others.

– Reader from Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brazil

    I have been so blessed by each issue of the Arauto. The May 2010 issue was very special to me. I was not only edified myself, but have been able also to bless many others by passing on the message. I believe wholeheartedly in what is written there ["Knowing God Through Prayer" – November 2009 issue in English], and have been striving to live it out by recognizing each day that "prayer is a declaration of my dependence on God" and, secondly, by "recognizing the glory of God and His grace on my life"! May the Lord continue to bless each one who has a part in producing this paper. Thank you for sowing into my life!

– Reader from Santana do Livramento, RS, Brazil

    I am very grateful for the high level of the messages in "O Arauto da Sua Vinda." They have helped me in my preaching, in my teaching and in other meetings. May the Lord pour out His blessings without measure on this ministry, because it has strengthened the genuine teaching of the Word of God.

– Reader from Americana, SP, Brazil

    A real blessing from the Lord came to my home recently when I received the last issue of "O Arauto da Sua Vinda." God is good and spoke very strongly to me through the articles. I wept much as I read them, and I believe they will change my prayer life and my fellowship with the Lord.

– Reader from Eunápolis, Bahia, Brazil

    I want to manifest my sincere gratitude for the messages that have been published in "O Arauto da Sua Vinda." Only God knows how much they have helped me in my walk and only He can reward you. I praise the Lord for your faithfulness in publishing messages that are really biblical, in a time when there are so many messages that have no life. These are words that exhort, guide and show us what we need to see and hear, even when we sometimes do not want to hear them. Carry on, be obedient and faithful.

– Reader from São Paulo, SP, Brazil

    We also sense that one of our challenges is to get the papers into remote regions, where there are not many resources available, and where people are not overwhelmed by the abundance of published materials. Many of these people do not have access to Internet or books and magazines. We are trying to make contacts with people who have ministries in these areas, to help us distribute the Portuguese Herald there.

    The Internet is always an important tool to take the Word and spread it near and far. People from other countries are able to read the messages, and we get requests daily from readers who have just had their first contact with the paper.

    Can you bring us up-to-date regarding those who work alongside you in the ministry?...Marilene Camargo and Jesus Ourives are the two main workers who have been with us for several years. Marilene is in charge of the mailing and answering requests and letters. Jesus takes care of the finances and helps with translating the articles. We have another office assistant and volunteer workers who help with the big mailings.

Praise and Prayer

    We are very thankful that the Lord has provided funds for the last two issues entirely from local offerings and from the proceeds of our Christian book business. We also publish a magazine, Impacto.

    We would appreciate prayer for the ministry, that the Lord would enable us to reach many more people who are hungry for a deeper Christian walk, and that they would be stirred to pray and intercede for a real move of the Spirit throughout the whole country.