Out Of Mail Box 279


    I have for almost two years been a beneficiary of the blessings that are conveyed in each volume of Herald of His Coming…. The call for revival that is reiterated in each volume of this journal laid burdens of revival in my heart and made me yearn to continuously pray and reach out to the world. In my current place of work in a rural setting where traditional religion dominates, the burden of revival still rings in my ears. I was not comfortable when I was posted to that area, but seeing the work there, I am convinced that God sends us out for specific reasons. I am believing God for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in churches here, particularly in my small local church which is a youth dominated church. My desire is that out of these young adults God will raise watchmen who will earnestly seek the face of God in prayer to stir the heart of the entire church in prayer for revival. Thank God for the Herald that continually reminds us of God’s desire to do greater things in our lives. In response to the invitation to request for the Love to Pray booklet by Alvin J. VanderGriend, I wish to request for a copy of the booklet. I strongly believe that it will help me and the local church to grow better in prayer. I would also be very grateful if you could send as well other literature that will be helpful in my ministry….


    I’m grateful for bringing Herald of His Coming into my life. The Lord has used it much in transforming my spiritual life and to keep me on continuous fire for Him. The monthly package has always been so rich, so inspiring and very challenging. It is a blessed work that God is using you to do in this our decadent generation and for this reason His abundant resources will always be available to keep the work going. As labourers in this particular vineyard of the Lord, may He also continue to sustain you supernaturally – physically, spiritually and financially….


    Thank you for mailing me my copy of Herald of His Coming magazine every month for the past several years. The articles are very edifying for my spiritual growth…. I would love to continue receiving the Herald every month….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming paper. I like it because it covers most of the important biblical subjects which are helpful in ministry. Please continue sending me the paper as we have now started a Bible college and we can be using some of the subjects covered in the paper to teach the students. We can also put the papers in our future library for the students to make use of when they are covering different subjects and for their own private studies. Thank you in advance.


    I am very thankful to you for continually sending me Herald of His Coming. They are indeed precious food for my spiritual growth. I have been trying to share it with my friends. Please pray for the faith of believers in our country and also for the spreading of the Gospel. I feel very sorry for not being able to contribute to the Herald ministries while you have been faithfully sending me the Herald…With thanks and prayers….


    I would certainly appreciate being able to continue to receive Herald of His Coming. I have learned much from this paper over the years. So please resume sending me this dynamic paper which is needed in today’s age where morals are up for grabs to the highest bidder. Thank you for offering so important and needed edification and instruction in the ways of the Lord.


    Thank you for faithfully sending me the monthly copy of the Herald of His Coming. I look forward to its arrival, and read it through. I also make notes of some of the articles, and use these as prayer fuel every Friday morning when I fast through breakfast and spend more time with the Lord praying for revival. I also pray regularly for the spreading of God’s Word through the Herald and pass it on to a friend when I am finished reading it. Do please keep me on the mailing list….


    Thank you for all the papers I have received from the Herald of His Coming newspaper. All the papers I have read have led to maturity in my Christian life. My mind is continually being renewed and my life has been transformed into a whole new dimension. May the good Lord bless you and keep providing resources to make sure the newspaper keeps running.


    I have no words to express the blessings, inspirations and encouragements I received from the Herald messages for many years. It was a sword for me in time of war and light in time of dark times. I do not want to miss this anointed Word of God in printed papers. Please never drop me from the mailing list.


    Thank you for being able to receive monthly the Herald of His Coming for a number of years. I am thankful to God for all the articles, especially on prayers and revivals which have blessed and encouraged me so much in my walk with the Lord. I would be most grateful if you would be able to continue to send me the Herald of His Coming every month. It is my pleasure to uphold the Herald ministry and all of you who are serving. I enclose herewith a love gift….


    I express to you my appreciation for faithfully sending Herald of His Coming to me. It has always been a source of instruction and encouragement to me. I would like to ask if you could send it to me for another year…. I pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen and provide for the needs so that the Herald can continually serve the body of Christ….


    Many thanks for mailing Herald of His Coming regularly. It is a blessed paper and its articles are very clearly written. I am blessed by it. God bless the Herald for this ministry and may He use it for His great purpose….


    It has been long since I mailed you last. I am in an area where there is no internet connection. I would like to stay in the mailing list. The Herald is my daily nourishment. The articles contributed a lot to the zeal I have for the Lord. They are a good source of research for the sermons I prepare every Sunday. I consider myself as a co-worker in the ministry….


    It gives me immense pleasure to let you know that Herald of His Coming is proving to be a great supplement for my spiritual growth. The articles written in this periodical are in tune with the present day circumstances, and they give us proper guidelines to lead a life which is acceptable in the sight of God.


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. It is Spirit-inspired and I am always blessed when reading it. Would you please keep me on the mailing list and find enclosed a cheque to help you share God’s love, His mercy and grace to a dying world.


    I am writing to acknowledge the work Herald of His Coming does in building the body of Christ. My sincere thanks to you for the October 2010 Herald issue, especially for the article on "The Sin of Prayerlessness." The article was so inspiring that it revived my thirst and hunger for prayer. Actually I had to repent for my negligence of prayer as the sin of prayerlessness was so vivid within me. When I shared this subject matter with my house and some brethren they were really moved. Please continue keeping me in the mailing list….


    Thank you for the precious Herald of His Coming paper. It has been a blessing to me, my family and my friends. We look forward to every issue and appreciate the people whom God has raised to publish the paper.


    I have received my first copy of Herald of His Coming, and I am so happy with it. In The Gambia we are praying for revival. Recently we had a conference on revival, and some weeks ago I received my first copy of the Herald with the heading, "Preparation and Promises for Revival" on the front page! God is bringing revival to The Gambia.


    Many thanks for the Herald of His Coming. I use them for my preaching in Uganda and other countries. This morning I have been blessed by "Our Throne Rights" by Sarah Foulkes Moore. I have so many pastors in Congo, Rwanda, Sudan and other countries under my training and I need dynamic teachings to train them and prepare them for the greatest soul harvesting in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are having a pastors’ and a leadership seminar….


    I love Herald of His Coming. What an appropriate title for today’s Christian family! The signs are everywhere that we are approaching the Day of the Lord’s Return! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Body of Christ. The teachings encourage, prepare, exhort and strengthen us to endure to the end. I’m teaching younger women and children. Please pray that God will be glorified in and through me.