HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages) 

Working With God In Germany And Beyond 

     In early April the Herald staff from the U.S. office had the privilege of spending time at the Heart-Cry for Revival Conference with Wolfgang Gerstenberg, Udo Schmidt and Benjamin Schmidt who work with the Herald ministry in Germany. We praise the Lord for these three men (and their co-workers and families) and all that they are doing for the kingdom of God. Wolfgang has worked faithfully with the Herald ministry for over 40 years and provides excellent oversight to the various aspects of the work. Benjamin began working in the German Herald office last November and is providing much needed help. We praise the Lord for calling this exceptional young man to this work in answer to many prayers for an assistant to Wolfgang. We also praise the Lord for Udo (Benjamin’s father), who has his own graphic design company and does the layout design for the German, French, Dutch and Italian Heralds.

    We thank the Lord for allowing us to spend time in fellowship and prayer with these men at the conference, and for the way He renewed and united our hearts in the work of revival. As you can see in the following report from the German Herald office, the Lord is working through their efforts and through their co-workers to help build up the church and reach out to the lost by sharing God’s message in a good number of countries and languages.

A Recent Report from the German Herald Office

    "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" (Psa. 23:1).

    This verse has become a support to many believers in various situations to which they could draw their concerns and their grief. We, as the workers of Herold Seines Kommens, the German Herald, have learned in the past months that our Shepherd provides all that is necessary for His flock. Our Herald team is responsible for other Heralds in the western European countries. In addition to the German team (Wolfgang Gerstenberg, Volker Waidler, Elisabeth Dyck and Benjamin Schmidt), we have also staff members for the Italian Herald, L’araldo della Sua Venuta, Sylvia Fishers and Maria Cretella; for the Dutch Herald, De Stem in de Woestijn, Alfred Funk and Margo Boymans; and for the French Herald, Heraut de Sa Venue, Denise Dzieniszewski and Danielle Pons.

    As a mission team we also distribute Scriptures in many European languages, including Russian, Hungarian, Albanian, Croatian, Polish, Swedish and Slovenian. The Herald magazines are shipped in large numbers to almost every country in the world. The goal is that God gives grace in glorifying His name through salvation of many souls. We are glad that till now God has blessed the cooperation of our team over long distances and long terms. We would be glad, if you could pray with us for a continuing and powerful work in Western Europe.

What God Has Done

    Six months ago we got a new employee. His name is Benjamin Schmidt. At age 28, he is the youngest of the four employees on our German staff. In November, just weeks after Benjamin’s start, our long-time staff member Sister Elisabeth Dyck received the diagnosis of cancer. Elisabeth is undergoing therapy since December. This has been a big shock for us! But Elisabeth encourages us again and again, by showing us that our Shepherd has prepared everything for her, what she needs. And God also did send Benjamin just in the right time so that we can continue the work. Elisabeth also had some good conversation with other sick people in hospital who do not have hope in Christ.

    Please pray with us for Elisabeth. God is able to heal her. But most important is that He continues to draw her nearer to His loving heart. Also that God uses her to lead people to hope in Christ through her situation.

What God Will Do

    Like Hudson Taylor said, faith is necessary to continue the work of God even if we do not know what God is planning to work out. Each year the German churches arrange a common "Church-Day," where different denominations from different backgrounds come together to express their way of faith. During the past decades this "Church-Day" has become less Gospel-centered and more an expression of secularization. This year in June we plan to visit this event to bring the Gospel back to the people and to remind the churches of the only Truth, the Way and the Life. We will have a booth where we will hand out Scriptures.

    Our prayer request is that we come in contact with many people so that they will be reminded of the truth and the hope of Christianity. We pray that God will fill us with His Spirit of truth and give us courage to speak out what He wants us to. We are excited to discover what He has planned for these coming days. Even if the "Church-Day" is already past as you read this report you may still pray for those who have been touched by the contact with the Gospel, that God may move them and our churches in Germany and Europe to glorify Him.

    United in grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,

    Wolfgang Gerstenberg, Volker Waidler, Benjamin Schmidt and Elisabeth Dyck.

Praise and Prayer

    Please join us in giving praise and thanks for the outreach of the German Herald ministry and for the dear brothers and sisters who are working with the various editions. Please also join us in praying for the requests mentioned in the report, including Elisabeth’s health and ministry, as well as continuing impact from the "Church-Day" outreach. In addition, please pray for each of the workers and their families. Pray for the Lord to grant them wisdom, anointing, strength, encouragement, health, provision and protection. Pray also for the Lord to work powerfully in each of their churches and countries. To God be the glory!