The Fullness Of The Spirit
  By G. H. C. MacGregor

    How is this fullness of the Holy Ghost, which endues us with power, to be received?

    It can be received only by the obedient. The apostles have told us (Acts 5:32) that God gives the Holy Ghost to them that obey Him. God will never endue us with divine power in order to do our own will. Divine power always goes in the line of the divine purposes. The secret of possessing the power is to be in the line of the divine will. Therefore until our consecration is complete, until our wills are yielded to God, until we have enthroned Jesus as Lord in our hearts, we cannot rightly claim, we cannot receive the fullness of the Holy Ghost.

    It can be received only that it may be used for the glory of God. Many have sought it, desiring, perhaps unconsciously, the power, the success, the fame, the popularity which the possession might bring. No wonder they have failed to receive it. It is no part of the Spiritís work to glorify us. His great work is to glorify Christ. So again we see that until God is first in our lives, until we are wholly yielded to Him, until we are empty of self, we cannot be filled with the Spirit.

    It can be received only when we are content to claim it moment by moment according to our need. As the possession of power for a holy life is dependent on never-ceasing faith in the Lord Jesus, so possession of power for service is dependent on unceasing reliance on the Holy Ghost. God never gives us a store of power to be used when and where we think fit. He only can know what it is to work in the power of the Spirit, who is willing to receive afresh the Lordís power as he goes to do the Lordís work.