Parental Responsibility
  By Wilbur E. Nelson

    A mother who has been very successful in raising her children made this statement: "When my children were young, I thought the very best thing I could do for them was to give them myself; so I spared no pains to talk with them, to read to them, to teach them, to pray with them, to be a loving companion and friend to them. I had no time to indulge myself in many things which I would have liked to do. I was so busy adorning their minds and cultivating their heartís best affections that I could not adorn their bodies with expensive clothing, though I was careful to keep them comfortable and neat at all times.

    "I have my reward now. My sons are ministers of the Gospel; my grown-up daughter is a Christian woman. I have plenty of time now to sit down and rest, plenty of time to indulge myself, besides going about my Masterís business wherever He has need of me. I have a thousand beautiful memories of their childhood to comfort me. Now that they have gone out into the world, I have the satisfying consciousness of having done all that I could to make them ready for whatever work God calls them to do."

    In this day and age we hear far too little of this, as parents become more and more preoccupied with things of secondary importance. The primary responsibility of all Christian parents is to give themselves to their children. This is the greatest gift of all. Perhaps it is the greatest need of all in a day when young people are more adrift in the world than ever before. The other things can wait...but our children cannot. They are a trust from God, and they are ours to raise. Let us take the time to do it.

From Grace Broadcaster and Bible Friend.