March 2010 Issue
The Role Of Prayer In Revival
By Dave Butts
While It Is Still Called “Today”
By Rich Carmicheal
By W. C. Moore
Praying For Revival
By A. E. Reinschmidt
Prayer-Life Crisis In The Church
By K. P. Yohannan
Humility, Repentance And The Nearness Of God
By Richard Owen Roberts
Revival In Our Churches – Now!
By Armin Gesswein
Does It Seem There Is No Hope?
By B. L. Moore, Jr., M.D.
15 Ways To Make Prayer A Natural Part Of Your Everyday Family Life
By Kim Butts
To Mothers Of Young Children
By Andrew Murray
Giving Your Children God’s Word
By J. C. Ryle
Mary Slessor – Missionary To Calabar (Part 4)
Arranged from existing biographies of Mary Slessor (1848-1915)
All To The Glory Of God
By Lois J. Stucky
A Call For Repentance And Prayer
Ten Days of Constant Prayer – May 13 - 22
Global Day of Prayer – May 23
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