April 2010 Issue
Are You Ready For The Coming Of The Lord?
By W. C. Moore
We Proclaim Christ
By Rich Carmicheal
Share Christ’s Cross – Share His Life
By F. J. Huegel
A Life Of Devotion To The Lord
By Isaac Chanler
A Prayer
By F. B. Meyer
The Power Of The Blood Of The Lamb
By Roy Hession
Reckoning On The Power Of The Lord For Keeping And Victory
By H. C. Moule
Christ Living In Me!
By Andrew Murray
Appropriate Christ’s Victory As Your Own
By F. J. Huegel
Christ Himself
By Horatius Bonar
Believe God For The Salvation Of Your Whole Household
By B. Davidson, former missionary to India
David Brainerd – Missionary To The American Indians (Part 1)
Arranged from the book, The Life of David Brainerd (1718-1747),
chiefly extracted from his diary, edited by Jonathan Edwards.
"Christ . . . All And In All"
By Lois J. Stucky
Herald International - Bearing Fruit Through The Finnish Herald
News And Prayer Briefs
Out of Mail Box 279