Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    As a pastor of a local church, I have been stirred by the Herald of His Coming articles which you have been sending. This paper has been of great help, especially from the month of March when our people in this district were buried in massive land and mudslides. I believe it was a wake-up call for the church to awaken from slumber. Many of our people are in the camps following loss of houses and property and over 300 people in three villages were buried. I request for your prayers. There is a great need to reach every one with the love of Christ. Having been blessed by Herald of His Coming, I would request for more copies so that I may share with people with the burden. There are many who have been blessed by the Herald after reading the ones I received from you… Please send us more Heralds so that we can amplify the voice of awakening as we wait for the coming of our blessed Lord and King Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the Herald papers….


    I have been an avid reader of the Herald for some years whilst living in England, but lost contact until coming to live in Ireland where I came across a copy in our Salvation Army. It is God’s word for the moment and never ceases to be an encouragement. I have passed copies on to my friends. One of them would like to receive her own copy. Her name and address is as below…. Many thanks for supplying us faithfully with the Herald. It is such a blessing.


    The definite concern for writing this mail is to let you know that I want to continue receiving the Herald paper monthly. Without the Herald materials I cannot grow spiritually. Herald materials have transformed my life from darkness into true light. Through the Herald I am able to know the tricks of the devil….


    Herald of His Coming is such a blessing to me. I read every copy from cover to cover and feel each time refreshed in my spirit and body. Thank you for your faithful work.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming, which comes to me every month, and which is a blessing for me! The December issue carries an announcement on salvation literature which readers can obtain from you. There are three eight-page papers called Right Choice, Hear O Israel and Truth for You. Please be so kind to send me two copies of each paper, which I can prayerfully distribute. These papers should help me to share the Gospel message with other people. Thank you in advance.


    I don’t know how to express my joy on reading the May edition. I feel being called back from a strange land. After reading through, my life came to a standstill, a point of reflection and a point where I have to repair the broken altar. I used to enjoy that kind of prayer...REVIVAL! But I lost my tears. We get so busy secularly and in the church to a point of forgetting an important thing – prayer. I have picked up my commitment again praying for the world and the church. Thanks and may the Lord keep our fire burning till He comes.


    Special blessing to you in the name of the Lord. I receive Herald of His Coming. I continue praying for you and all the staff. Please continue sending Herald of His Coming. It is a blessing to my life.


    Thank you for the role you have been playing for the provision of Herald materials. They have helped me to grow spiritually, even they have impacted others. They have nourished, encouraged, exhorted and comforted, and they have challenged many to start praying. Many have known their role as believers and how they can stand in the gap without wavering. Through Herald of His Coming it has stirred me to take a step to go to Bible School.... Even the Herald has helped most of us leaders who read and re-read the inspirational sermons. May God bless. Please don’t drop us from the list.


    We would like to thank you for sending to us encouraging, Spirit-filled Herald magazines regularly. We want to appreciate the great work of Calvary. The Heralds encouraged many brethren and made them to know the truth. During the lunch hour prayers, we use them to guide us in our daily goings. The Heralds help us a lot. Words can’t express the power of the Spirit-filled magazines….


    Thank you all so much for Herald of His Coming. I pass it on to my pastor to use as he sees fit. It has become very precious to me as I lost my husband last year, so it’s been a very great comfort to me, keeps me uplifted in spirit.


    The articles in Herald of His Coming refresh, revive, challenge, motivate, encourage, strengthen and bless me. Each month reading Herald of His Coming is like feasting at a banquet table.


    I got your mail concerning communicating with the Herald office so as to continue receiving the Herald of His Coming magazine. I want to renew and extend my subscription for the Herald. I also add that the Herald has transformed my spiritual life, helped me to raise the standards of my spiritual living and gave me a new focus into Christian life. If there is no challenge for a person, one might tend to relax, but the Herald and its contents, each month has been a source of spiritual challenges for my life. As the president of the young ministry in our church, we received inspiration from one of the recent editions in 2009 that elucidated on Isaiah 52:1-5 and we chose it to be the central theme for the year 2010.


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me monthly Heralds. The articles are very inspiring and it strengthens my faith more. It has been a source of teaching materials for my home church in the Philippines because after I finish reading it here in Hong Kong, I send it to my father who teaches Sunday school in the Philippines….


    I was especially encouraged by the Herald of His Coming issue of May on prayer. This is a classic and treasure for me. For some time the Lord has called me back to the fundamentals of serving Him, of which prayer is the foundation. I am becoming better acquainted with the Chief Shepherd every day, and the information on prayer has helped tremendously. I request at least 50 copies to be sent to me. I want to distribute them to our local prayer group consisting mostly of Native American pastors and workers. We meet once a month to pray and worship the Lord and they come from various denominations or persuasions of faith. There is growing trust and unity among us as we pray together, so it would help them to have this particular issue about prayer since it gives such powerful testimonies from pioneers of the Faith.


    I am currently in prison. I was wondering if you could send me the Herald of His Coming, Learning Obedience, and any other Christian books or literature. I would really appreciate it. I’m trying to change my life around and follow God’s path. I want to learn more about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, prayer and about being a good Christian. I have a beautiful wife and daughter out there waiting for me, and I want to be a better husband and father for them. Following God and Jesus will help me achieve this goal and help me be a better person.... Thank you.


    As a pastor, it blesses my spirit to hear from many in my congregation that the Herald of His Coming is being used of God to transform their lives for His glory. I thank God....


    I still enjoy reading the Herald and the wonderful word from God’s Holy Bible. I always get something from it that helps me in my daily walk with the Lord. I read the Herald through and then post it on to one of my tenants that lives in one of my rentals. I am being helped to be more grounded in the faith in Christ.


    I look forward to receiving the godly Herald of His Coming paper each time. The messages always challenge, inspire, encourage, admonish and change me. This has always been a blessing.


    I cannot say how many times the Lord has talked to me through an article or two in Herald of His Coming. I am thankful for the evident work of the Holy Spirit that I experience when I read from the Herald. Quite often the timing has been perfect. I appreciate the balance displayed in the various articles. Of course, balance is not our goal but obedience is. May you continue to obey the Lord in your work, keep Jesus central and foremost in all you do, continue to respond to His voice, do what He tells you with the help of His Holy Spirit and the Herald will be a success...I give out older, read copies of the Herald at the jail I minister in. I know God uses them!