Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I thank you immensely for the recent package of the precious Herald of His Coming papers. As the Second Advent of the Savior is almost upon the world, it is the revival message that the churches need – and which in turn will bless the world.

    God bless you for reprinting the anointed messages by the old soldiers of the cross like Oswald J. Smith, James A. Stewart, W. C. Moore and his wife Sarah, etc. Oh, how the saints here like the Herald because of the revival messages! As an itinerant evangelist I visit several towns and villages in the great Ashanti Region, loaded with the Heralds and tracts. The saints in the rural areas are deeply blessed by the Heralds for aside from the Bible they have nothing to read again to feed their redeemed spirits. I cannot thank you enough for the Heralds. University students are thankful for the blessed journals, for revival prayer meetings are going on in the schools as well as the churches in both cities, towns and villages. The Heralds are blessing and strengthening their faith!....


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming, which is greatly helping me in my life and in my ministry and I express my gratitude to you again for including my name in the mailing list. The Herald has greatly blessed me in my spiritual growth. It also encourages me to keep looking, keep awake since we don’t know the appointed time of Christ’s coming. It helps me to know that the revival begins with conviction. I have also used the Heralds to preach this material and to teach members in our church. So please do not stop sending me the blessing of Herald of His Coming. I always pray for you. Pray for me. "The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it" (Psa. 68:11)….


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me the Herald every month. It is such a blessing to read truth about God’s Word that is not watered down or has a personal spin on it. I teach a small Bible class and I often look to the Herald for insight and testimonies. Keep up the good work for Christ.


    Thank you for the powerful articles in Herald of His Coming. They always speak to my heart and help me to draw near to the Lord and come into His presence. Today I ask you to send me 8 copies of Herald Newsletter #74, "Are You Ready for the Coming of the Lord?" In the Spirit I heard over three months – "Get ready." Then I prayed, "Lord, help me to get ready for Your coming." With this newsletter I got the direction and want to share it with my Christian friends in church and Bible study groups….


    I express my heartfelt thanks for the Herald of His Coming ministry for what it has been doing for me for years now. As a servant of Christ in this region, the Herald has been a great help for my spiritual uplifting, especially in the aspect of prayers and intercession. As I am a leader of an interdenominational ministry in this region, the messages have helped me to train my fellow workers to teach and evangelize effectively in different areas of this country. The Herald has equipped me with knowledge of the Word of God well. Although there are times that I may feel inadequate, the inspiring messages from the Herald have given me comfort and courage to press through even in hectic situations. As a Bible teacher, I’ve been using the Herald messages to teach in different churches and it has been a blessing to a lot of people in this area. Praising God for the revelation of God’s Word….


    I am pastoring here in the Philippines. I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for quite a long time. I often use some of the articles as my sources for my teaching seminars and Bible studies, sometimes as a sermon during Sunday services. I am greatly blessed to have received the magazine which is so precious to me. Please continue to send me a copy on a monthly basis for my personal resource. God bless you continually.


    The few months that I have been receiving Herald of His Coming my spiritual growth has been from one degree of glory to another. With it I have been able to conduct Bible studies at my working place and at church cell group. If it is possible, please send ten copies so that I can share with brethren at lunch hour fellowship at my work place.


    It is over three years now that I have started receiving publication from Herald of His Coming. It has been a wonderful experience and testimonies abound. The ministry has built me up in things of God over the years especially in the areas of prayer and spiritual growth. I pray that God will multiply the Herald ministry more and more until the day of His Coming. I receive the papers in time, but I usually make sure that I do not read them like newspaper. I read them like manuals. After finishing the part six of "The Revival Labors of Charles G. Finney," I will like to order the Herald Newsletter 73 from The Memoirs of Charles G. Finney. This is so that I can always go back to reread it and be more strengthened for expectation from God for revival…. I join in prayers that Almighty King of kings, Lord of lords, the sovereign Father, will bless and rest His hands more on the Herald ministry in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


    Herald of His Coming articles are of great strength and encouragement to me. Please continue to keep me on the Herald mailing list. God bless you.


    I was receiving regularly the Herald of His Coming for the past two or three years and this magazine’s articles supported and encouraged me. But in the last year I was transferred and since then I could not get the magazine which was very enriching and challenging in my ministry as a pastor and missionary. I miss the Herald very much and I want to have it again because the articles strengthen my ministry as well as my personal life as a servant of God. Please continue to send it to my new address.


    I see the Almighty God at work in the Herald of His Coming. The "Seek God for the City 2010" has opened my spiritual eyes to see which areas need prayer. I am glad to join more Christians worldwide in the work of God. There is great joy in it. From the teachings I testify I have seen the Holy Spirit working through the printed page. They are inspiring indeed. I share everything with friends. They are also pleased.


    It is with great pleasure that I write to say "Thank you" for the continued sending of the blessed Herald papers. They never fail to uplift, encourage and challenge. Please accept my appreciation and small gift. I trust that the Lord will multiply it to meet the ever-increasing need. My prayers are with you always.


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for the last ten years. I am grateful to those who participate in this mission. I bless God for His grace to them. The words and the messages I receive are powerful and the messages of the time that God is sending to His people. I am much benefited from the newspaper. Specially, the coverage on revival is very timely that most of churches have ignored the power of the Holy Spirit. I will pray for you so that the plan of God could be accomplished in you. Please continue sending the Herald, which is nutrition for my soul and spirit.


    Thank you for regularly sending me Herald of His Coming. This magazine has just the right message for those of us who are looking for our Lord’s Coming. I continue to help you herald the Lord’s Coming as I read this paper. I distribute them to others, especially pastors. Herald of His Coming fills the hungry and thirsty souls who long for revival and righteousness. God is reviving souls through this paper. Please continue to send them to me. I operate as a rural evangelist and pastor and teacher. I come in contact with people and pastors who need these materials I am requesting. Quality Christian literature in our country is expensive. You cannot even see some to buy. So even secondhand goods freely given are very much welcome….


    Thank you for your tireless efforts to make the Truth known to many so that they are set free…. I have been in the Herald of His Coming mailing list for over two decades now and what the Herald ministry has done in my life can never be explained or expressed by words. I am a pastor and also do some part-time work outside the church in order to make ends meet, hence Herald papers have been my immediate source of spiritual food for myself and the entire congregation that I’m pastoring. Please keep me on the mailing list….


    Thank you for continuously calling our attention to the lateness of the hour. The articles printed are always timely. How wonderful to read about what the Lord did in the past few centuries in regards to revival! We serve the same God. We will see revival if we are willing to pay the price. Thank you for the emphasis you put on prayer and fasting.