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Pressing Forward With The Gospel In Greece

    Our last interview with Xenia Hidiroglou-Procopiou, editor of the Greek Herald, was printed in the June 2006 English Herald. Recently, she was able to give us an update on the progress of proclaiming the Gospel in Greece.

    Since that time in 2006 can you share how the Lord has helped you overcome any obstacles that might have delayed or stopped the work of ESXATH SALPIGGA, the Greek Herald?

    It has been 4 years since we last spoke to readers about the Greek Herald, and I feel as if only one year has passed by! God was very gracious these past years, showing me that His desire is for the ministry to continue its existence. We have met with some serious obstacles from time to time, but God helped us overcome all of them!

    The most difficult one had to do with a change in the posting system, as a special program had to be applied with bar codes on each packet which was to be mailed. My computer was an old Windows 98 one, incompatible with this new program. So, within a few days I had to buy a brand new laptop having VISTA on it, so the program that the post office gave me could finally run. Then I thought everything would be ok. The CD could run, but applying this new posting system was so extremely complicated that I personally went to the post office to learn how to use it. Thank God, I found a really nice and polite person who explained to me everything in a very clear way. So this big problem with ONLY Godís help had been finally solved. Praise God!

    Have the conditions of the country changed over the past four years? If so, can you tell us how have they changed?

    The current economical crisis has affected us emotionally and practically! The Greek people are the last to be blamed and the first to suffer from this unfortunate situation. Only God knows how long this is going to last, but you see how the fear of tomorrow has nested into peopleís hearts. We do pray for our country because God says so in His Word. "But seek the welfare of the city...and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare" (Jer. 29:7), and of course our prayer is not only for earthly welfare, but above everything for heavenly welfare.

    What do you think the Lord has shown you about Himself and what He wants for the work of the Greek Herald?

    God has shown me very clearly to trust Him with all my heart and to not be afraid of tomorrow. I am 100% sure that everything is in His hands and under His full control. I want to never forget this, as long as I live. I am sure that all things work together for good to those who love Him and since I love Him so much, I expect to see the "good" outcome. In spite of this so difficult recession of Greek economy, I do see His blessings. I praise and thank Him every minute of the day. I see Him protecting the Greek Herald, especially when funds come rather rarely now. I know that as long as He wants the Greek Herald to continue being alive, then He will support this ministry and encourage me in hundreds of ways in order to keep up the good work.

    How many copies of ESXATH currently circulate bi-monthly?

    The Greek Herald, named ESXATH SALPIGGA (that is, "The Last Trumpet") currently circulates bi-monthly 1,700 copies.

    Are most of these copies mailed to individuals? Are any copies mailed to churches?

    Around 1,000 issues are being mailed to individuals. A significant number of packets are also mailed to churches.

    What response do you receive from readers of the Greek Herald?

    Thank God, the response is positive. I see the Greek Herald impacting young and old people as I read from their letters their love for this ministry. Lately I am getting letters from a sweet old lady, 99 years old, thanking me for sending her the Greek Herald which she loves to receive. I always write her back, and in my last letter I told her that since we live far away from each other, we will meet in heaven!! There are also readers who call me and tell me how fruitful the articles are and how much they help them in their daily life.

    You select the articles for each issue and do the layout of the paper. Has the Lord brought others to work alongside you to help?

    Selecting the articles is a blessing for myself first of all, and as I read them over a few times for proofreading this really benefits me so much! I am thankful to God because I was doing all the translating work and lately God sent me a blessed brother who is eagerly helping me out, which is for sure God-sent help!

    Is there anything specific we can be praying for Greece, ESXATH and yourself?

    My prayer, and I would be grateful to have yours as well, is for God to continue being on ESXATHís side and to give me the wisdom and the Holy Spiritís discernment to choose articles that God wants to be used. I pray to God that the chosen articles are what the people of God need to read, in order during these difficult times to find nourishment, encouragement and comfort to their souls. I also pray for His financial support which is a clear sign to me and proof of His desire for ESXATH to continue its existence.

    I would be grateful if you could pray for Greece, as the Greek people are really discouraged and afraid of tomorrow. So this is a very good opportunity for God to open their eyes and help them see that only God can help and redeem them. Only God can restore our countryís reputation and the unstable financial situation. Only God can heal our land!

     Please also pray that my countrymen will turn to Godís Word for help and encouragement during this difficult time. The New Testament has been written in our language and yet most people do not read it. Instead, they believe in a lot of man-made traditions, like praying to saints and icons. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will break through this blindness and bring people to the conviction that only Jesus can save them, and that He is the only mediator between God and mankind!