Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    It’s over ten years now since I have been a regular recipient and reader of the Holy Spirit-inspired Herald of His Coming. I cannot describe in words how much impact these papers have on my spiritual life and ministry. I have been praying for revival at my church and the entire church in my country which will ultimately result in evangelization of my tribe – 95% Muslim. Thanks once more for several copies of revival books in magazine format you have been sending me. I undertake to pray for Herald of His Coming ministry every Wednesday. I am trusting God to bless me financially so that I can contribute my widow’s mite to support Herald of His Coming.


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me the packets of Herald of His Coming papers every month. The messages each month are thought provoking and encouraging. Those who receive the Herald papers that I have been passing to them have been truly excited and they have expressed heartfelt thanks that they have been able to read and receive messages that they seldom receive from the congregations they are in….


    I have been reading the Herald of His Coming for over ten years. In that time I have been fed on the meat of God’s Word. I have grown spiritually because of the Herald. It has given me strength and courage to speak about Jesus to others. I am now able to preach to others about Jesus Christ and His teachings. I am refreshed, replenished in the Spirit. Please do not remove my name from the mailing list.


    Thank God you are all well and still heralding forth the good Word of God. Thanks for all the literature sent. I use them and at times pass on some as well as I can because they are informative and inspiring and very good for instruction, quite easy to understand. Continue to give us the privilege of Herald of His Coming.


    Thank you for the four months’ issues of the Herald of His Coming Gospel. We receive them as the answer to our request and prayers. Please pray for us here as I will distribute the Heralds to the church members for them to read to help them to see their spiritual needs and to seek the Lord. By God’s help we will have a revival in our church this year of 2010 – when the backsliders will be reclaimed, and the sinners will come to be born again by God’s help. Many church members have lost their victory. They need to be revived spiritually, to come back to love and serve the Lord faithfully…. Continue in sending us copies of every issue by God’s help.


    God bless you richly, brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m thankful for your service and love. Herald of His Coming is my sharpener and corrector at this time and the Lord speaks through it to my life. What you are doing is for the love of God and it is helping us in this difficult time. The articles are awesome and it is direct from God to my life. Continue to do the good work. God is faithful in all His ways.


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming since 2002 and words deprive me of how I can say thank you for the ministry that the Herald of His Coming has had, both in my life and in my ministry. The Herald has been a great source of inspiration, spiritual enrichment, blessing, upliftment, challenge, nourishment and encouragement. The Lord called me into the ministry in February 2005 at the age of 19, and as I write this letter, I am establishing a new church, and I am fully convinced that the Herald played a very pivotal role in "the making of me"…a revivalist. My vision for a global revival in our generation and for an Africa that is ablaze for God has been sharpened in a mighty way….


    I am thankful for the service and ministry of Herald of His Coming. I have been receiving the Herald from a friend in Christ. I want to thank God because the Herald has been a constant help and encouragement through a very difficult two-year period. I praise the Lord for His mighty power and purpose in my life. I would like to order the paper for myself so that I can also bless others with it. I will also be sending a gift to assist with the ministry.


    I wrote in December 2008 requesting Herald of His Coming since I knew it is so valuable. Since you started sending me Herald I am more hungry than ever before. It was hunger for the Herald newsletter to help in my day to day life and battles, but now I am hungry for God Himself, to know Him better and have Him as my best friend. Because of this hunger and thirst I am saving some money so that I can go to the Bible school next year. Please keep on the good work. The Herald is helping raise a generation of champions by distributing this paper. Thank you….


    Thank you for mailing of Herald of His Coming. The paper is so good and it is very difficult to put it down when you start reading. In the beginning of every month we do pray and fast for seven days. I used the Herald to teach and it has helped us a lot. Many people are demanding for Herald of His Coming. Thanks a lot for your support to share the Word of God. The spiritual impact is so good and more people want to have some. I am praying for the people working at the Herald….


    I am a young lady who is new in Christianity and willing to know more about serving God. I read a copy of Herald of His Coming from somewhere and I was so encouraged and blessed so please, I want you to send me more information about Christianity!


    I’m so glad to receive a copy every month of Herald of His Coming. It inspires, strengthens me and I grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Be richly blessed in Christ.


    We are so much grateful for the support we are getting from the Herald through donation of Christian literature. We continue thanking God for Herald of His Coming and the work we are doing together through this literature which we distribute to our church members after Sunday services. By this we are experiencing great change in their Christian maturity. We kindly would like to request you to supply us with more of these materials. Thank you.


    How can I ever thank you for the blessed paper, the Herald of His Coming, which you faithfully send. It is like heavenly manna in what is much of a spiritual wilderness and no fresh springs.... There is a form of religion without the power and a happiness in works, and no challenge for personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many grieve over the state of the church and need the anointed preaching that fills us with the food from God. I never fail to be affected by the Herald as I read the real truths of God by those who have heard and still expect to hear from heaven, especially the saints of old. Many thank you’s for this blessing. Just a small donation to help.


    Please send to the nurse working at the apothecary from the hospital…. The patients and clients who come to the apothecary for their medicines and so on, love Herald literature in Dutch and in English. As soon as the papers are placed on the desk, they are taken up and read. The nurse and I love to give and hand out to the Surinamese people. We pray for you and God’s work….Thank you for sending us poor people the Good News freely.


    May the blessing and guidance upon Herald of His Coming and staff continue abundantly. Through the teaching and guidance of the ten years plus that I have read the Herald I have learned so much to grow in Christ. Through the Herald’s teaching today, I’m able to help a small mission church walk step by step in faith with Christ. Praise the Lord and thank you.


    Herald of His Coming has been a blessing to me for several years. Had I followed the advice of the man who led me to the Lord in 1979 and begun to listen to and heed the words of the Lord, I would have made Jesus Lord of my life, and not merely Savior. As an addict I wanted my "get out of hell free" card, and thought that I could play games with sin and God. He showed me otherwise, and in His faithfulness, mercy, kindness and love, He had me incarcerated. It is then that He got my attention. It is while incarcerated that I first discovered the Herald of His Coming in our chaplain’s office. While incarcerated I requested and you sent materials to me free of charge. For that I am grateful. The Herald has been a lifeline of learning the mind and will of God. The presentation is consistently refreshing. The Herald is an anointed ministry.

    I am now in a good, Bible-believing church in the community. My pastor has high regard for the materials you prepare. I thank God for your faithfulness. Please accept this small, long-overdue gift. Although it is my first, it will not be my last (by the grace of God). You are in my thoughts and prayers.