Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I express my heartfelt gratitude to all who are contributing toward the spreading of the piercing messages of Herald of His Coming to different nations. My words cannot fully express my appreciation but may the Almighty God bless you abundantly. The Herald is maintaining the flavour of godliness which has vanished in most of our churches during these last days. I receive ten copies freely every month which I share with my zealous brethren who are witnessing the transformation and nourishment from the anointed Herald. We are experiencing a rapid growth of the church and currently we have eight places with more than 30 people each in our rural region who are using the Herald for Bible studies and sermons. In addition to this we are being invited by different denominations in our region and outside the region to share the impact of the Herald. As a result, both Christians and non-Christians are being uprooted from demonic activities and poisonous doctrines.

    Although we are failing to contribute financially, we are with you in prayer. We are totally dedicated to the ministry. We are sometimes worried about how you are coping with the situation whereby most of us readers of the Herald cannot contribute financially. We are praying for you….


    Every month my supply of 20 copies of Herald of His Coming keeps on coming to me without fail and only God can tell the tremendous blessings these materials are to us. The timely messages, the encouragements, challenges from preachers and persecuted brethren keep us alive and up in doing God’s work even in difficult times as this. Please keep on feeding us with the spiritual manna through the Herald office for my friends and co-workers are always anxious to receive the latest issue. My only regret is that I am not financially sound to support you with cash now, but my God shall always supply you every necessary need every month.


    I have read the Herald of His Coming before and am interested in receiving this godly paper again. I am here in the middle of the wilderness of British Columbia, doing a holy work for our Lord. I have no telephone, TV, computer, internet, etc. The Herald is very informative to me on what and who I need to pray for in my daily intercessions to the Father. Can you please mail me on a regular basis this paper? I sincerely thank you for your help.


    I express my sincere gratitude for the anointed and inspired teachings contained in Herald of His Coming. I have benefited a lot and I also share some of the teachings with my fellow church members. It is a blessing to know that you are willing to send copies even to those who cannot contribute. For this I say may the Almighty God bless you greatly!


    I came across someone who had a copy of RIGHT CHOICE [Salvation herald]. I was so touched and made the decision to come to Christ. Now I am a Christian and I request more teachings from this ministry. I want to grow in Christ. Can I start receiving Herald of His Coming? [His name was immediately added to the mailing list!]


    I thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming continually. The messages are very important for me. Some of it I have translated into Polish…. May I use the translated articles in the magazine of our church? For example, the article from Rich Carmicheal, "He Who Has the Son Has Life" from August 2005 Herald would be a good teaching for the readers in Poland. God bless you…. [Permission was gladly granted.]


    I thank God that I receive a monthly mail of Herald of His Coming. Since I started to read about revival, God moved my heart…. I have started to spread the news of this coming, end-time revival over the radio and elsewhere…. Pastors have started to come together in prayer for revival. We thank God for Herald of His Coming.


    I am thrilled every month to receive the Herald. You seem to put just the right articles in it each month, which encourage me and deal with all my lacks and needs…. I was thrilled, after getting the Herald when I lived in Queensland in 1960s, to find that it is still published. I could not wait to receive it again. I want to help you in a small way with your increasing postage costs, and I will send a gift to the Australian office….


    Herald of His Coming has become a source of spiritual blessing to me since the first day I started reading it. I am challenged, corrected and encouraged to live the Christian life with a steadfast spirit. I have started to experience what revival means in my life. My friend has started receiving and my brother, reading the paper. Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Thanks to you faithful friends of Christ.


    The Herald of His Coming is such a blessing. Each magazine is consistently good, with challenging messages. It feeds us the "meat" we so much need, but often do not get in our churches, because people rather want their ears "tickled." Our prayers are very much with you all….


    Thank you for continuing to send me the Herald. It is food to my soul and every time I receive my copy I put everything aside and read the whole paper right through. Please keep me on the list. I always hold before God in prayer the Herald of His Coming ministry and I strongly believe that this ministry is anointed by the Holy Spirit and God will use it to bring personal revival to brethren throughout the world who read it. It definitely is very helpful to me. Please pray for my country because Germany is everything but Christian. In fact, it has become a great mission field. On the positive side I can say that God is busy to change the situation. Little churches are popping up throughout the country. It needs a lot of prayer support from all four corners of the earth. Maybe God will once again, after 500 years since Luther started the Reformation, bring another mighty revival to this country. Be blessed and keep going because God is on your side and will bring the good work He has begun through you to completion until Christ returns.


    I am still using the Herald material in both ministering and for my devotional life. I serve as a youth pastor in my local church and I can say that I have seen God working in my life through the Herald magazines. The youth ministry has grown and the church at large, and I praise God for that. Thank you and may God continue pouring His life to you so that many will be blessed through this life-changing ministry.


    Thank you for providing articles which continue to equip, encourage, challenge and uplift and give water to many thirsty souls. Not only do I look forward for the articles each month, but as a pastor I use many of the articles to educate and encourage God’s people….


    Thank you because you continue to send Herald of His Coming every month for me very long time. We pray for you each day and in the time our workers in this area gather together in one place for prayer and fasting every month end…. I love you; our friends love you and pray for you. Thank you for every lesson that you write. We love it because you stand on His Word and we understand it perfectly. Praise God, He has blessed our work in our country…. Month ago our church has one more new pastor and ten workers. Pray for us please. We need your prayer.


    We would like to thank you for the regular Herald of His Coming papers that we have received. We have benefited so much from this paper. We would like to continue receiving from you.


    I greatly appreciate Herald of His Coming. As a pastor I find it full of truth and blessings. It has been a wonderful tool for me in sharing with my people.


    I am so blessed to receive Herald of His Coming. A dear friend of mine, a pastor’s wife, sent my name to receive it. It has touched my life in so many ways. I look forward to receiving it each time. I’ve passed some on to a homebound friend. Thank you!


    I so appreciate the ministry of Herald of His Coming. I used to just skim it for articles that "grabbed" me, but this year I began reading every word on every page, and then re-reading it to make sure God’s Word "sank in." I’ve been challenged like never before to seek God and reach out to others with the message of salvation. Thank you for all you do in challenging believers and in bringing spiritual food to the lost.


    I read all of the Herald of His Coming. It is blessed! It gets into the deep things of the Word, and I need that. Thank you.


    In these perilous and incredibly uncertain times, Herald of His Coming is an anchor for our Christian faith….