Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    By God’s grace I have been a regular distributor of Herald of His Coming publications since early 1970s. Over these several years your bulk mails have been getting to me for free distribution to groups and individuals in Nigeria. I thank God for answering our prayers for you. Yes, it requires God for the Herald of His Coming literature ministry to be on as usual, especially during this serious global economic recession! I do appreciate your support because it requires extra sacrifices on the side of the supporters of this ministry to continue to make finances available for the work of the Herald of His Coming ministries. That is why we will not relent in praying for them, that the divine Owner of the work will continue to provide for their needs out of His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

    Herald of His Coming publications are needed more now than before as it has proved to be one of the fewer sources of getting free Christian literature nowadays, as various other ministries overseas are no longer able to supply free Christian literature to my country. Many other Gospel workers share from the ones you have been sending me. The demands in most cases are so much that at times some people do not get as many as they need. Thank God with us for the lives that are being touched and transformed through reading the Herald publications. My partners in the spreading of the Gospel here in Nigeria are found in schools, hospitals, government service centres and departments, prisons, churches, etc…. Thank you for being faithful co-labourers and partners in the spreading of Christian revival messages in Nigeria by the means of the free Herald publications….


    I received Jesus as my personal Savior in January 2008. Since then God is showing me His way through His words. One of these is Herald of His Coming. Now I moved into Addis Ababa to follow my education. While I was in my born town one of my brothers was giving me each time one copy of the Herald. It was a great keeper to me in the spiritual world and gave me knowledge for serving God. It was encouraging me and initiates me to read the Bible more and more. We were sharing with each other from it. Now that I am in Addis Ababa to study, please send me regularly one copy. I found in school only few Christians. The Herald articles will help me to be fully armed in words of God and reach these lost people....


    Brethren, I got your contact from some of the tracts and Christian magazines that I read, and I read the international edition of Herald of His Coming. The message I got there turned my life. Not only that, it’s also teaching me more things about faith in God and the divine anointing of the Holy Spirit…. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and I pray that God will bless you as you contribute toward developing of my spiritual growth and faith in the Lord Jesus….


    I thank the Lord for using Herald of His Coming ministry because it helps me a lot to grow spiritually, because of the inspiring messages that are written in it. Please send me two pieces each month so that I can share it. Also, I use this material for my ministry "Prayer Intercession." Thank you.


    I thank God the Almighty and the editors of the Herald of His Coming. I started knowing about the Herald early this year and I now receive it on monthly basis. It empowered my spiritual growth so much and also made me understand some of the parabolic Biblical verses. I used to just know that there is God but not knowing exactly how to live for Him. I wish that the message could spread all over the universe, mostly in my country Botswana since it is clear that majority of people down here do not know about the Herald….


    We are more than grateful for the Herald of His Coming for the spiritual enlightenment, nourishment and growth it gives us day by day. Our copies of the Herald of His Coming have also been read by brothers and sisters who are also in the Lord and it is of great help to them. The churches we are supporting in remote villages in the Volta Region of Ghana are also benefiting from the teachings from the Herald of His Coming through their contacts with us. To stop sending us the Herald of His Coming will be like cutting us from our only dependable source of water. Please, we want to continue receiving the Herald for our spiritual growth and strength.


    I am so excited whenever I receive my package of Herald of His Coming! I give them to my Christian family who loves them so much. I am wonderfully blessed when I read them. I am a reader and I love the Word of God very much. I am an intercessor and when I read "Out of Mail Box 279," any one of them and see how they treat Christians in some other countries, deep in my heart burns within me. I have to pray for them. My prayers and my heart is with the Herald ministry. I have been reading these papers from when I got saved in 1977. They are food for thought. This is the paper that taught me how to pray and fast. When we read about those old soldiers in the army of the Lord – Finney, Spurgeon, Torrey, Andrew Murray and many more, we have to feel the fire!


    Many thanks for Herald of His Coming which I have read each month since 1980. What a blessing that has been, a real stream in the desert that I have been able to drink from for many years. Always pointing us to God and His everlasting Word. I would appreciate it if you could send six copies instead of only one each month….


    I appreciate very much the Herald of His Coming. The message in this Christian paper is very spiritually deep – since most of them talk about revival which we need in our lives. Revival begins with prayer through God’s Word. When I begin reading Herald of His Coming I feel touched by the words written in it, so I beg you to continue sending my paper to me.


    Thank you for the Herald ministry, which I believe is playing a vital role in equipping readers with excellent articles to activate and strengthen their faith. The articles, furthermore, present the Gospel in an uncompromising manner, which I greatly appreciate.


    Thank you for sending faithfully Herald of His Coming materials to me every month. It has been a great blessing to me in my spiritual journey. The anointed messages inspired and developed me to know more of God’s Word and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. God bless you!


    I have been regularly accepting copies of Herald of His Coming for free in the past years and I wish to remain in the mailing list for the coming year. Here where the church of Christ is under persecution since 2002, we are worshipping in home cells, and Herald of His Coming has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Although I cannot contribute financially this time, I always pray that Almighty God provide the Herald ministry with every need that you may face. May Jehovah God bless the ministry abundantly in the years to come.


    I have been blessed very much through reading Herald of His Coming. These articles have encouraged and renewed my spiritual life. I praise God for this blessed ministry, and I pray may God supply all your needs through our Lord Jesus Christ.


    Thank you for the monthly articles of the Herald of His Coming that have been a source of great encouragement and inspiration not only to me but also to the other servants of God whom I share the extra copies with. These servants of God never hide their joy when they receive the Herald publications. Thanks for being a blessing to us.


    Thank you for the copies of Herald of His Coming that we receive every month. We are happy and are always uplifted by the messages. I use some of the messages on my radio programme every Sunday. Many people have been helped and others have given their lives to Christ because of these messages.


    In a world ruined by apostasy, immorality and liberal theology, the Herald is one of the solid and uncompromising voices of truth through which God speaks and warns the world. I thank God you are keeping the faith and sacrificing so that people around the world should know the Living Word. For this cause I pray for you daily trusting God to continue to supply your needs to post the precious Herald materials. What you are doing is God’s work and He would see to it that you lack nothing. I am a teacher in a primary school still looking forward to a good job in order to be financially able to supply the Herald ministry. However, I remain steadfast in prayers for you.


    So many articles in Herald of His Coming, actually the whole paper, blesses me so and strengthens my faith. So good to hear from other Christians. We are not alone. Many thanks.