Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I would like to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for receiving the copies of Herald of His Coming. Every new copy comes with new anointing and new revelations. They have greatly inspired me spiritually and developed me in the Word of God. As we live in the days that many preachings are distorted and little is given for inspiration and spiritual growth, I appreciate God for Herald of His Coming, for it contains that teaching and doctrine of the "old-time religion." Thanks for the service you are doing, brethren, and may God bless you. Many times I’ve been challenged and forced to go to my knees, seeking God in prayer whenever I’m touched with those teachings and do long for revival, not only in my life alone but for my country.

    I love revival and we are forming a group to pray for God’s visitation. I do share these messages with my friends and they have been touched and we are thirsty for more. Please, it is my prayer that you continue sending me much more of this. I would also request Herald newsletter number 73 on the accounts of revival in the ministry of Charles G. Finney, to help keep our faith and prayers for revival alive and to stir up my group….


    Seven years ago my dear American missionary friend introduced me to Herald of His Coming. She would let me read her copy of it when she was finished reading it. Since her death, I have received my own copy each month, which I greatly thank you for. It has and is continuing to help me grow spiritually. I eagerly look forward to receiving the Herald each month. As my friend shared with me, so I have continued to share my Herald with different Christian brothers and sisters at my church. We are a small English-speaking, non-denominational church of about 35 people. We have had people from all over the world attend our small church. I try to introduce them to the Herald, give them the Herald website address, and encourage them to write for their own copy each month.

    Every month our church collects offerings for different ministries around the world. Last month we collected money for Herald of His Coming. Though only a small gift, may the Lord stretch it to help you continue the work of sending the Herald out free to all those who wish to read it around the world. Thank you for your faithful work in continuing this ministry. It is invaluable in helping to strengthen the body of Christ for His return.


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming from when I was in secondary school at age fourteen. My life has taken shape since then. I always borrowed it from a fellowship then in school called Chapel of Revival. Due to my anxiousness in reading the magazine it automatically became my own Bible school. I later became their assistant in that chapel when they saw my life on fire. Herald of His Coming has built my spiritual awareness and it gives me inspiration on my messages in church and public worship. The last edition caused explosion in my life that has really changed my environment and is influencing my community gradually. There was another Pentecost in my church. Everybody wept before God in prayer for revival. I feel like meeting with the writer of this Herald face to face. My prayer is that God will enable this writer and give him more inspiration on what to write to our hungry hearts….


    It is always a pleasure reading the Herald of His Coming. The hearts of believers are constantly refreshed and we get new strength in the faith through this paper. Reading the Herald makes believers to grow and mature in Christ. With maturity comes capacity for blessing so that we in turn will support the ministry. The Lord will continue to supply the funds for you through the prayers of each person who reads the Herald….


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming since April 2005 when I was working in Hong Kong as domestic helper. I’m so grateful for keeping on sending me a copy here in my homeland Philippines. It is such a blessing and a big help in my spiritual nourishment. It is very useful and I’ve been using messages in teaching cell groups. Being an intercessory leader it helps me a lot in preparing prayer concerns. We lifted up to God in prayers the prayer requests written there….


    I write to tell you of an experience I had this afternoon. I felt the Lord urging me to read a copy of Herald of His Coming. The title was "When God Withdraws His Glory." I read it all over again and again, and words can’t describe the joy that filled my heart after reading it. I decided to check the date. I was surprised to see that it was a September 1996 issue. I encourage others not to throw away past copies because you may not know what the Lord may do with that copy sometime in the future. My life has been reignited for the Lord and the determination to seek Him even more has been rekindled.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. The timely articles have been such a blessing – very edifying and encouraging to me. I cannot afford to live without having constant access to spiritual materials like Herald of His Coming. Please continue sending me this precious manna….


    I thank the Lord for the work you are doing for Him in equipping the body of Christ. Your prayers for the saints and the Herald paper are a great source of encouragement to me and other saints. I am getting deeper and deeper in my understanding of the kingdom of God and I am getting my prayer position in life. The Herald has helped me to know what should come first in my life – the kingdom of God!


    Many thanks for sending Herald of His Coming, which really enriches my soul with its God-breathed messages. May the Lord continue His many blessings to all who read.


    I am most delighted to have Herald of His Coming continue on for me. I give copies to others to read after reading them. Thank you for spiritual support to me, a pastor.


    I have been receiving copies of the Herald of His Coming each month and will love to continue reading it. It has been of great help to me as it constantly keeps reminding me of our Lord’s coming and the need to work for Him while we live. I am now preparing to step into new levels of ministry with enormous leadership challenges. I look forward to receiving inspiration and encouragement from God through copies of the Herald….


    Please do not take me out of your readers’ list. I want to say thank you for each Herald you have sent me. They have been a great spiritual blessing in my life as a missionary here.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for about ten years. I am very grateful to you for faithfully sending this magazine to me for such a long time. I have grown much spiritually through the Herald. All the articles are anointed by the Holy Spirit and I am drawn to God every time I read the Herald. Please continue to send it to me.


    I am grateful for the Herald of His Coming. It has been a great blessing in my spiritual life. I look forward for my monthly copy. The topics on revival are so relevant for today. Revival is what is needed in our churches! I share my copies with interested friends….


    I’m so glad that Jesus set me free and now I belong to His family. I’ve seen Him working in a miraculous way through my life, especially after reading Herald of His Coming. It carries with it timely messages which edify, build, direct and strengthen me. I do the Lord’s ministry by reaching unchurched and the churched people in the area by preaching, teaching and counseling. Herald has been a big leap forward in my ministry….


    Thank the Lord I found Herald of His Coming by putting in an internet address and there it was! I read the Herald as a young Christian over forty years ago and always wondered how to get in touch with you since I came to your country almost twenty years ago. Now I can’t wait to receive this blessed paper. I remember Brother Moore – he must have passed away by now. I was fed the Word of God through these great ministers. Thank you. I am now a pastor here in Florida….


    I would like to receive the Herald of His Coming. Someone gave me a copy. I made copies of the article on the godly family and sent them home with the children in our church. I thought the article very good and a real challenge to us as parents and grandparents.


    The article by Oswald J. Smith, "Iron – Divine Fire", was just what I needed. I had thought because I have had a great encounter and experience with God that it would keep me on fire for all time. Now I know to be in daily contact with the fire of God’s presence for the anointing to remain. Thanks.