January 2009 Issue
"O Lord, Revive Thy Work!"
By T. T. Shields
Praying The News
By Dave Butts
You Can Trust God To Meet Your Needs
By Rich Carmicheal
Leading Men In Your Church To Pray
By Sammy Tippit
A New Year’s Covenant For Christians
Originally published by the Great Commission Prayer League
Remember Miriam:  An Example To Follow And A Warning To Heed (Part 2)
By Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Watch And Pray
By Sarah Foulkes Moore
Another Year Is Dawning
By Frances Ridley Havergal
Newness Of Life For A New Year
By Kim Butts
George Müller’s Life Of Trust (Part 3)
God Proves Faithful

Arranged from the book, THE LIFE OF TRUST, by George Müller
Seek GOD For The City 2009
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