Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Herald of His Coming has helped me and a number of our people in the church, and outside the church who have been privileged to have a touch of the Herald magazine. It has reached in places where it would have been impossible for you to reach if you were to travel or walk, but through this ministry lives are encouraged and revived and we praise God for His work. Our appreciation also goes to those of our dear brothers and sisters who have been supporting in the publication and distribution of the Herald magazine, without whom it would have been impossible.

    I have started a training school for pastors and other leaders who have appreciated what the Herald magazine is doing in shaping and changing their lives. The Herald magazine is always drawing people to the throne of God because of its encouragement on prayers. Now we have got a "morning glory" where people from different churches come every morning to pray. The Herald magazine has been the teacher during all these meetings and the "morning glory" was birthed out of the challenge the Herald magazine had on the hearts of my people. Please continue heralding the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and bringing us closer to the feet of our Lord….


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me the monthly Heralds. They have added so much to my spiritual growth even as a minister of God’s Word since I got saved in 2002, and I have introduced many to the Herald website, who are also feeding on the material. God is using the Herald to reach out to many and bringing transformation…. We have been interceding for the body of Christ in our city and we are crying for a revival in our community. Recently we have noted a few conversions to Christ with an abiding fruit….


    I want to continue receiving the precious Herald of His Coming magazine. It has been a source of teaching materials for our church. Many have spiritually benefited from the nourishing topics contained in this magazine. I dispatch some to pastors in remote areas to study and preach in their churches. You have been a blessing to many through this Herald of His Coming which you send to me. We do pray that God will continue to provide you with the resources so that you may continue to support us by mailing to us.


    I’m thankful to God that you send me a copy of Herald magazine. It inspires me to put myself in the presence of God so that my steps are according to His will and purpose. I love the message that I read. Here in the Philippines there is a scarce supply of magazines like this. I hope you will continue sending a copy for me. I pray it will develop my faith and will help me grow into a spiritually mature person.


I am particularly blessed since I started receiving Herald of His Coming. I have learnt to deal with anger, sin and most especially pride after reading the edition titled "Qualities of Godly Leadership." I am a lay preacher so I prayerfully taught it in church and a good number of Christians confessed that they have been living in pride ignorantly. They asked for forgiveness and took necessary measures to completely repent from pride. Please keep sending me Herald of His Coming.


    I thank the Lord for Herald of His Coming with its clear, Bible-based articles which are very powerful. I think that people who do not have a church they can attend, could survive on the teachings of the Herald. Recently the article "Thirsty for the Living Water" spoke to my heart. Rev. Sammy Tippit said, for instance: "We talk about all these things we have to do and the truth is we are just not thirsty enough…. God has a way of orchestrating events to make you thirsty for Him." This truth applies to me as well, and I have to get rid of the things which push the Lord Jesus out of the way. He must be Lord and possess everything of my life. This article is written with such honesty and humility. If we are thirsty for Him our lives will change, and so will we. This is what spoke to me recently from the Herald.


    Many thanks for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming magazines. The messages have remained timely and have blessed my heart. At this time it has remained hard to get such messages. I cannot afford to live without having constant access to spiritual materials like Herald of His Coming. The material has been a spiritual companion which has been helping me especially during my times of spiritual dryness. Thank you for keeping God’s Word flowing for these end times, especially articles on world revival movement. God bless Herald of His Coming is my daily prayers.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming paper with its challenging messages so desperately needed in this crucial hour. It is telling the truth without compromise, helping us see the needs in our lives. Our country is in a frightful situation (could we say) worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, since we have more light than in times past…. The churches are an unbelievable mixture with lots of activities but not much of God’s Word and prayer. The churches are in deep sleep. We have a few watchmen but need more. If not, our nation will perish. We need prayer!....


    I have been a Herald reader on and off for four years or so. And during the times I read the Herald I get real inspiration, hope and courage from God’s Word through this paper. The issues addressed in Herald of His Coming are real vital issues. One reason I enjoy reading the Herald is that the messages are presented in a clear, practical language that leaves no room for misunderstandings. The topics address the core issues of a Christian life, which in my view are trusting and relying on God for the start, perfection and completion of our faith. The Herald is only concerned with the building of the Church and so is not biased/affiliated with anything besides.

    I live in a country so full of untrue beliefs in guise of Christianity that you lose sight of the meaning and privileges of being a Christian. And on top of this, true Christians are facing various persecutions from the government. So you can guess the role the Herald is playing in our lives in such difficult times….


    I heartily thank you for the extra copies of Herald of His Coming that you sent me. I can now carry several copies to the prison where I minister every last Sunday of the month. I work in a Bible college. One day the principal of the college found a copy of my previous issue at my desk and said, "It’s Herald of His Coming that helped me when I became born again. I had no one to do follow-up but every Herald issue was precious and helped." I think he no longer gets a copy but the testimony of the Herald’s service several years ago is still on his lips….


    My good friend and predecessor in our ministry to seafarers here in Cork, Ireland has asked me to contact you so that instead of sending Herald of His Coming to him you now send them to us for distribution on the ships. Twenty papers per month should be enough for me at present. We are grateful for your help in our ministry to reach out to seafarers. They love to read newspapers, so for them to read a Christian newspaper is very good. Thanks.


    I’m so thankful for the copies of Herald of His Coming. I will be grateful if you can continue to send them to me. The articles are very refreshing and inspiring, which helps me to understand the Gospel more. It tells us much about revival, which we need so much in this world today, and it strengthens my prayer life….


    Thank you for sending us the Herald papers faithfully to The Christian Library Ltd. each month. Our members are so blessed as it is not always that we can get from any other source the good anointed messages that the Herald gives us each month….


    First, I would like to thank those who contribute for me so that I can receive Herald of His Coming monthly. The Lord Jesus Christ reward all your kindness. I wish to continue to receive Herald of His Coming because it always stirs my heart and faith and fires me into prayer and studying the Word of God. I gain a lot of inspiration from the Herald.


    There was a time when I was incarcerated in prison. This is where I first received the Herald of His Coming and for free. That was my wilderness experience, separated from the world, family and friends. Since then I have started my own business and have been blessed by the hand of God. It gives me great joy to be able to give to a heavenly anointed newspaper. Keep encouraging readers to give….


    May God continue to prosper Herald of His Coming. Next to God’s Word, the Bible – the Herald has been my source of spiritual nourishment since 1995. For the past couple of years I put thirty copies out at my church. At the beginning, few were taken. Now, they disappear in a few days.