The Flame

Once you were a flame burning so bright,
Once you were a flame, God’s Holy Light –
You filled the atmosphere with His love and His grace,
bringing souls to Calvary, tears streaming down their face.

Power, yes Power, that was your name,
You burned so brightly and great was the flame –
When people came to visit you they never left the same –
Church, what’s happened to you? God said He doesn’t change!
Your flame began to burn lower as the days went by,
and many who looked upon you often wondered why.

You began to lean to worldly things more and more each day,
Many times condoning sin, and not taking time to pray.
Smaller and smaller your flame became,
till it was just a coal upon the fire –
Programs and socials and plays then began to overrule your desires.

And now as we look around us, the Lord allows our eyes to behold –
Your flame has become just a flickering light,
You have grown so dark and cold.

But Church, there’s still hope in Jesus, you can burn brightly again –
If you will only turn from your wicked ways and repent of all your sin.

But if you don’t, your flame will go out.
Repent, oh Church, repent, cast away all of your doubt.
Rend your hearts and not your garments,
pray and fast and call on His name.
There is hope, Church, yes hope in Jesus,
that once more you will be His flame.

– J. Aston