Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    My heart was moved from your recent letter as you expressed how vital Herald of His Coming publication is, especially to pastors who have minimal support and encouragement where they live and work. As a pastor I value the Herald articles. As a Christian I want to help others receive this valuable resource. My gift is not large but it is from my heart. My prayer is that our Lord Jesus would bless us to be a blessing and multiply our seed sown.


    Herald of His Coming materials are strong food for anyone who is keen at the Master’s last command – the great commission. We are missionaries here and need such awakening spiritual meat. We have not been receiving for the last few months. We don’t have at the moment any contribution in cash but are in prayers for the provision and sustaining of the Herald…. Thank you for feeding us. Yours in the battle for the lost.


    Thank you for sending us regularly fifteen copies of the Herald of His Coming. My wife and I look forward to receiving the copies every month. It has been a great spiritual blessing to us. We share it with our full-time workers. As we see a great decline in spiritual standards everywhere, it is such a joy to see that the articles in Herald of His Coming have not come down in the spiritual standards. The articles encourage us to pursue a greater degree of holiness and righteousness in our lives….


    Warm greetings in the Name of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. I appreciate you for sending Herald of His Coming as I am greatly blessed. It is my prayer that the Lord provides your needs so that you will continue to reach us with the words I appreciate. If you could, kindly keep on sending the Herald to my new address as I have been transferred a month ago….


    Herald of His Coming has been a blessing to me since I started reading it. I am taught how to pray for churches and countries. Herald also taught me to love my Bible, God’s Word. Since I started this magazine, reading Bible, praying and witnessing became my lifestyle and praying for countries, cities also became my lifestyle. Therefore, I say Herald of His Coming is more than my pastor, because it is with me whenever I need it. I don’t have money to send you. God knows everything, but I pray for you every time. God bless you! Thank you!


    I have been enjoying the books from you in magazine format and Herald literature for quite some time now, and I appreciate the teachings enormously. I cherish and esteem past issues of the Herald, which are kept handy for consultation and reference. Thank you sincerely for the Herald. I look forward to every issue with godly anxiety. Brother Sammy Tippit’s "Praying for Your Family" article published in Herald of His Coming of March 2009, has blessed and transformed me greatly. I had grown cold praying for my family because of apparently no results. God has used him to restore me. Glory be to God!


    Thank you for the Herald. All these years Herald has helped me grow to a closer relationship with the Lord and understanding of the Word more. I find the articles very inspirational and helpful. There was a time I was rather dry and discouraged in life. The messages always speak directly to my heart giving me understanding and peace. Thank you!


    I would be grateful if you would continue sending me a copy of Herald of His Coming as it is the only communication I read apart from my Bible, and it then becomes a most valuable tool to share with other people. As a watchman on the walls I am amazed and so grateful to find that even more so lately, the Herald of His Coming is confirming much of what our Lord is showing and saying to His church. Again and again and again Second Chronicles 7:14 is being spoken to the church, and I have been singing, "If My people, will humble themselves, humble themselves and pray" for about five years now, and it often becomes a powerful prayer that causes me to weep as I sense the heartbeat of our Lord. But sadly, busyness and deafness and sleepiness prevent many from hearing and even the occasional Christian is heard to say, "Oh, not that Scripture again!" Where is our first love?


    I wish to continue to receive the copy of Herald of His Coming for it uplifts my understanding the Word of God as I read and also share the same with others. I am a patron of a Christian Union at a business studies college that offers accounting and business courses. We are about thirty students who make the Christian Union and others that attend during the meetings. The Heralds have been a well of live Word of God and it has really helped us to grow. In all things I thank God for all you at Herald.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming magazine that you always send to me. It has been feeding me, bringing me more close to God. I praise God for the Herald, that it is still standing on the undiluted Word of God, not modernizing it to suit the flesh. The Herald of His Coming magazine has stirred me for mission work, in teaching of evangelism, revival of my prayer life. It has brushed my spiritual life to come to the standard of the Word of God. My prayer and heart desire is that God uphold the Herald of His Coming magazine and let it continue to preach the undiluted Word of God…. I will always pray for this ministry.


    Herald of His Coming is encouraging and nourishing spiritual food to the church of God. I am writing to thank God to provide us such a media that enables us to share and learn more about the Word of God. I have been receiving these copies since the month of August of last year. Herald paper helped me know how to pray for my country and other countries around the world, my family and friends. My faith has been lifted up through reading the Herald paper monthly. I share these messages with my family and friends and distribute other copies to other people….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly. It is a helpful tool for me especially that I am into teaching ministry in Sunday school and makes me aware of Christian movement of the Gospel worldwide. Rest assured that the Herald is in my prayers.


    Sometimes I think too much when my Herald of His Coming doesn’t come to me, and when I get it I feel I’m in heaven because it has enhanced my understanding in the Bible…. The Herald has helped so many people here, especially those in the prisons. They are always happy when I send the papers to them in the prisons. They read and read again, especially in the place, "Steps Toward Salvation," because some of them confess their sins when they read, and come and give testimony when they come out from the prison. May God bless all workers and donators of Herald of His Coming.


    I am a pastor serving in a small church. I need your prayers for God to do His work through us in our community and township this year and lead people to salvation through the Word of our witness. We strongly need the Herald of His Coming. It has helped me in ministry. Spiritually it has changed my ministry. It has made us the Holy Ghost Church. The Spirit is now alive in our midst!


    I appreciate Herald of His Coming. I and the people I preach to are never the same. Even our prayer life has changed. We have put the prayer of Habakkuk in practice. God has revived His work in us, as Habakkuk prayed that "revive Thy work in me, O Lord" (cf. 3:2)….


    Please, yes, update my record! I want to continue receiving my package of Heralds. Please increase. We have not written to you for some time due to the high cost of postage here in Malawi. Please continue to send us materials. We want to be found working, watching and waiting for the Master’s return. Thank you for helping us….


    Thank you so much for the Herald of His Coming which you faithfully send to me each month. I am greatly blessed, encouraged and challenged by the blessed articles printed and mailed out, especially those on revival. Oh, how my country needs revival in these dry times when our churches seem to be shrinking….


    I thank the Lord for the inspiring Herald of His Coming magazine. Many of the articles speak to my heart. Sometimes I am convicted and often motivated to seek the Lord earnestly in prayer. Please continue this important ministry for the Lord Jesus through publishing Herald of His Coming.


    I am a prisoner in a correctional institution, and I am currently receiving Herald of His Coming and Right Choice. Thank you for sending the Herald. It is a great help and encouragement to my faith. The paper you are sending me is also helping other inmates in my dorm. We find the articles inspiring and helpful as we try to live better lives in Christ….