Ten Days of Constant Prayer – May 21 - 30
Global Day of Prayer – May 31

Millions Of Christians To Unite
In Global Day Of Prayer

    On May 31, from the rising of the sun in the east and across each time zone until it sets, many Christians will be joining in responding to God’s call in 2 Chronicles 7:14: "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways…I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin…."

    Following a clear vision received in July 2000, a call to Christians across Africa and then all across the earth, to a day of repentance and prayer, a remarkable "wave" of united prayer has "rolled out" over Africa and the globe. The Global Day of Prayer has seen millions of Christians unite in praying for their city and their nation. God is again calling the nations from the North, South, East and West to embark on this prayer journey for a world in desperate need for His glory and compassionate love. It is expected that the 2009 Global Day of Prayer, scheduled for May 31, will unite millions of believers, gathered in venues from small village squares to large stadiums, repenting and crying out to God for revival with sincere hearts and united hopes.

Ten Days Preceding May 31

    Sponsors of the Global Day of Prayer write that beginning on Ascension Day, Thursday, May 21, and continuing until Saturday, May 30, believers around the world will be organizing ways to pray together night and day. Inspired by the example of the first followers who "joined together constantly" in prayer (Acts 1:14), it is expected that the ten days between the time of the ascent of Jesus and the descent of His Spirit will be filled with believers praying around the clock and across all time zones. The prayer guide [reproduced below] is being translated into many languages so that millions of people around the world will have the same biblical beginning points to pray through these ten days. No one will be praying alone.

    The great troubles that shake our world compel us to pray. We need to ask our Lord to grant us times of turning from darkness to walk in light as we never have before. But even more, the tremendous promises of God should move us to pray with urgency and desire. But regardless of how we may be stirred to pray – by great needs or by great hopes – there is a universal conviction in these days that Christ Himself is calling His Church to pray. What better way to obey our Lord than to give ourselves to ten days of continual prayer (May 21 – May 30), culminating on the Global Day of Prayer on May 31, the Day of Pentecost?

    With your local church, plan special portions of your Pentecost Sunday morning service to be devoted to prayer. Plan to participate in special gatherings that may be in your area. For more information see www.globaldayofprayer.com.

Ninety Days of Blessing
June 1 – August 29
Becoming the Blessing of Christ

    Anticipating the blessing of cities and communities, the Global Day of Prayer becomes a catalytic moment for the forming or furthering of local alliances among pastors, congregations, mission agencies and business leaders to bring practical, transformational blessing to their cities and communities. You may find out how Christians are fulfilling the promise of the "90 Days of Blessing" at www.globaldayofprayer.com.

DAY ONE – Thursday, May 21


Our Father who is in heaven...

For God to revive and unite His people as one family before Him.
For wayward Christians to repent and return to God as Father, learning to obey and trust Him.
For fresh movements of prayer, seeking the throne of grace with persistence.

"If My people..." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Prepare to encounter God as His people: Present yourself to God as His beloved servant, purchased by Christ’s death. Answer His call to serve Him with others. Pray for many others to gather before Him as families, churches and as one people of all nations.

DAY TWO – Friday, May 22


...sanctify Your name...

For the truth of God’s character to be exalted and honored.
For God to distinguish Himself from every false god and to expose every false thing spoken about Him.
For the Word of God to be proclaimed in every people and place across the earth.
For the Scriptures to be translated and made available in every language.

"...who are called by My name..." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Preparing to live for His glory: Confess ways that we may have brought shame to our God. Renounce foolish jealousies and small ambitions. Yearn afresh for His glory
to be great in our lands.

DAY THREE – Saturday, May 23


...May Your kingdom come...

For many to be drawn by the power of the Gospel to submit their lives to Jesus Christ, in order to love and follow Him as King.
For Christ’s followers to walk in the fullness of God’s Spirit so that they can live in the likeness of Christ.
For the Lordship of Christ to influence every part of our cities and societies.

"...will humble themselves..." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Preparing to meet God in brokenness: Invite God to soften our hardened hearts. Admit your own brokenness. Adore the excellence of Jesus with fresh awe and wonder. Practice humility by seeking for others to be honored.

DAY FOUR – Sunday, May 24


...and may Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven...

For God’s people to bring the influence and blessing of Christ into every aspect of commerce, arts, education and governance in ways that bring lasting transformation.
For God’s wisdom to be upon our government leaders, bringing changes that increase righteousness and justice.
For the righteousness, peace and joy of Christ’s kingdom to be a reality by the power of the Holy Spirit.

"...and pray..." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Preparing to pray beyond ourselves: Pour out your heart before God. Thank Him for what He has already done. Lift the burdens of others, allowing your heart to be moved to cry out for the tremendous needs of your community and country.

DAY FIVE – Monday, May 25


...Give us this day our daily bread...

For the basic needs of food, water and health care for the poor, for the sick, for refugees and for children.
That God’s people would become, by His Spirit’s help, agents of healing and change, bringing forth the abundance, justice and peace that God desires.
For God’s people to break patterns of poverty in their communities, fulfilling God’s promise of blessing amidst all peoples.
For Christians to act with compassion and persistence to eradicate diseases and to serve well in the aftermath of epidemics such as HIV/AIDS.

"...and seek My face..." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Preparing to seek God’s face: Set the desires of your heart beyond your own needs. Come near to God in order to know Him and to be known by Him. Be still before Him. Speak to Him confidently and listen carefully, as if face to face with Jesus.

DAY SIX – Tuesday, May 26


...Forgive us our sins...

For the Spirit of God to move on the hearts of men and women so that they will be able to see how God is grieved and how their lives are being destroyed by sin.
For the Spirit of God to empower people to abandon patterns of sin and find grace to renounce allegiance to powers of darkness.
For recognition of and repentance from sins that bring about war, poverty and injustice.

"...and turn from their wicked ways..." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Preparing to repent: Seek more than mere wordy confessions. Instead, ask God to give you power to turn from any hint of evil and to abandon any hurtful way. Let God lift your heart with hope that He will bring lasting change throughout your community and relationships.

DAY SEVEN – Wednesday, May 27


...as we forgive those who sin against us...

To break the cycles of resentment, revenge and racism so that relationships are restored.
For signs of Christ’s reconciling power in the midst of militarized conflict, revealing God’s desire to end all wars.
To restore relationships between women and men, to bring reconciliation in marriages and to renew relationships of children with their parents.
For those who suffer for the name of Christ to endure persecution in the Spirit and grace of Christ.

"...then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin..." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Preparing to confess: Open your life to Christ. Admit your sin before an open heaven. Confess your wrongdoing to those you may have harmed. Ask God to free you and others from the burden of sin’s guilt and the bondage of sin’s power.

DAY EIGHT – Thursday, May 28


...And lead us not into temptation...

For Christians to be filled with such love and zeal to please God that they are unmoved by enticements of materialism and sexual perversity.
For God’s people to continue walking in the light of His ways and wisdom in order to fulfill His purposes throughout the earth.
That Christ would guide leaders of business, education and government so that the curse of corruption would be overcome throughout cities and entire economies.

"...and will heal their land..." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Preparing to be transformed: Expect God to bring great changes throughout your community and country, some coming slowly and others suddenly. Renew your hope for the earth to be restored, sick societies lifted and relationships healed.

DAY NINE – Friday, May 29


...but deliver us from evil...

That God would restrain Satanic powers, revealing the truth of the Gospel, liberating many people to follow Christ.
That people would be delivered from idolatry, witchcraft, demonic oppression and depression.
For Christ to break powers of darkness which corrupt and dominate businesses, governments and cities.

"...Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive..." – 2 Chronicles 7:15

Preparing to meet God’s gaze: Turn your heart toward God in expectancy. Allow your heart to be moved in awe that He will listen to your every word and gaze upon us all with life-giving love.

DAY TEN – Saturday, May 30


...for Yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

That signs of Christ’s kingdom will so fill the earth that many will be moved to celebrate the hope of His coming.
That Christ’s power will be seen in the humility and compassionate service of His people.
That Jesus would be honored openly, worshiped extravagantly and glorified globally.

"...I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that My Name may be there forever. My eyes and My heart will always be there." – 2 Chronicles 7:16

Preparing to consecrate ourselves as His dwelling: Welcome His Spirit to fill you and your family and friends. Invite Christ to make His dwelling among His people, so that His heart will overflow our hearts with His magnificent love, in order to bring His glory to all the earth.

Pentecost Sunday, May 31
A Global Day of Prayer

A Prayer for the World

    "They lifted their voices to God with one accord..." – Acts 4:24

    The following prayer was prepared by members of the International Prayer Council. It has been translated into many languages and will be read in unison at most Global Day of Prayer gatherings.

    Almighty God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, together with believers all over the world, we gather today to glorify Your Name. You are the Creator of heaven and earth. There is no one like You, holy and righteous in all Your ways. We submit to Your authority as the King of the universe. We pray with one voice to enthrone You in our hearts and to honor You before the world.

    Congregation: Lord God, You alone are worthy of our praise and adoration.

    Our Father in heaven, thank You for loving the world so greatly. You gave Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins so that we could be reconciled to You. We are grateful to call You Father and to be called Your children. Nothing can separate us from Your love.

    Congregation: Thank You, Father, for adopting us into Your family because of Jesus Christ our Savior.

    Lord Jesus Christ, You alone are worthy to open the scrolls of history, for You were slain and have redeemed us to the Father by Your blood. We confess that You are Head of the Church and Lord of all heaven and earth. May people from every tribe and language become Your followers so that Your blessing brings transformation among all peoples. Let Your kingdom be established in every nation of the world so that governments will rule with righteousness and justice. And may Your Name be great, from the rising of the sun to its setting.

    Congregation: Jesus Christ, You are the Savior of the world and the Lord of all.

    Father of mercy and grace, we acknowledge that we have sinned and that our world is gripped by the power of sin. Our hearts are grieved by injustice, hatred and violence. We are shamed by oppression, racism and bloodshed in our land. We mourn all loss of life in murder, war and terrorism. Our homes are broken and our churches are divided by rebellion and pride. Our lives are polluted by selfishness, greed, idolatry and sexual sin. We have grieved Your heart and brought shame to Your Name. Have mercy on us as we repent with all our hearts.

    Congregation: God of mercy, forgive our sins. Pour out Your grace and heal our land.

    Spirit of the living God, apart from You, we can do nothing. Transform Your Church into the image of Jesus Christ. Release Your power to bring healing to the sick, freedom to the oppressed and comfort to those who mourn. Pour Your love into our hearts and fill us with compassion to answer the call of the homeless and the hungry and to enfold orphans, widows and the elderly in Your care. Give us wisdom and insight for the complex problems we face today. Help us to use the resources of the earth for the well-being of all.

    Congregation: Holy Spirit, we need Your comfort and guidance. Transform our hearts.

    Lord Jesus Christ, because You were dead, but are now risen, and the Father has given You a Name above all names, You will defeat all powers of evil. Tear down strongholds and ideologies that resist the knowledge of God. Remove the veil of darkness that covers the peoples. Restrain the evil that promotes violence and death. Bring deliverance from demonic oppression. Break the hold of slavery, tyranny and disease. Fill us with courage to preach Your Word fearlessly; and to intercede for the lost faithfully.

    Congregation: Almighty God, deliver us from evil.

    King of Glory, come and finish Your work in our cities, our peoples and our nations. We lift our voices in unison with believers from Africa and Asia, from the Middle East and Europe, from North and South America, and from Australia and the Pacific Islands – together we cry:

    Congregation: Lift up your heads, O you gates! Be lifted up ancient doors so that the King of glory may come in!

    As Your deeds increase throughout the earth, and as Your blessings abound to all the nations, they will seek You, asking, "Who is this King of glory?" Together we will answer:

    Congregation: He is the Lord Almighty! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

    Come fill the earth with Your glory as the waters cover the sea. The Spirit and the Bride say:

    Congregation: Amen! Come Lord Jesus!

    Published by WayMakers in cooperation with the Global Day of Prayer and the International Prayer Council. Copyright © 2009, all rights reserved. Used by permission of (www.waymakers.org) Waymakers.


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